People Share Their Craziest 'If I Go Down Then I'm Taking You With Me' Experience

I worked in fast food years ago. I actually look back on that time rather fondly. My coworkers, for the most part, were good people. We felt like a bit of a quirky little family at times. But there was one coworker who appeared to engage in malicious compliance on a regular basis. Whether she had an issue with management or some specific people who worked the line wasn't clear (at least to me).

One day, she decided to take her sweet time making burgers for the drive-thru cashier, a decision that resulted in the cashier being rather nastily berated by a couple of hungry customers. This incident then prompted our very angry manager to yell at the cashier after the order was finally rendered.

The cashier's attempts to explain what was going on fell entirely on deaf ears and she was fired on the spot. On her way out, she took the filthy mop from the bucket in the back of the kitchen and proceeded to drag it along the entire drive-thru sandwich station. The entire drive-thru was chaos for the rest of the day as a result of it needing to be shut down and sanitized. There was also no one to work the drive-thru now that the cashier had walked out. You could say that cashier got her revenge.

Where was I? Working the cash register in the dining room. To say I was also inconvenienced is an understatement. But trust me when I say that I was happier dealing with a full dining room than drive-thru any day of the week! I look back on the incident and laugh.

After Redditor StickyHoneyDude asked the online community, "What's your best 'If I go down, then I'm taking you with me' moment?" people shared stories of their own.

"I've baited people into clusters..."

Pretty much every game where I can nuke myself. I've baited people into clusters and called airstrikes on my position, I've held the line until overrun and dropped grenades at my feet, I've kamikaze'd my smoking flaming wreck of a plane into the triple A that shot me down.


"Hate is a big word..."

In our last year of high school our class celebrated Christmas with a secret Santa celebration. Through some friends, I knew that this boy in my class had me and what a coincidence: I got him.

Hate is a big word so I'm not going to say we hated each other but we constantly got into arguments and fought and mocked each other the whole time.

Well we had this tradition that on the day of gift exchanging our teacher would call out your name you had to go in front of the class pick up your present and unpack it in front of the whole class.

Through the same people I knew he wanted to give me a vibrator to embarrass me in front of the class so I took a picture frame put a condom in it and wrote "In case of a miracle break the glass" on it. Then I wrapped it with a tiny plastic hammer.

Long story short we both got into detention for it.

5 years after graduation I met him at a reunion party and we could both laugh about the incident we are now together for about 4 years.


"The leadership on county level..."

A friend of mine and I were trying to build and grow a local chapter of our political party and were heavily involved in the youth segment of the county level of said party as well.

The leadership on county level (like, still a laughably miniscule position in the party) was an influence-obssessed, twisted petty middle-aged couple who basically kept sabotaging us and cutting funds once they saw we actually wanted to change sh!t and not just be numbers in a statistic they could use to show ofd their "growth" to the state level of the party. I guess they felt threatened in their control over the party chapter or something.

So, long story short, once this conflict escelated and we saw we're just wasting our time, the youth section conspired against the county-level leadership and collectively left the party.

This led to the disbanding of the entire youth section, two local party chapters, the county-level lost about 30% of all their members and the whole thing was the solitary hot topic for a week in the local press, publically humiliating the county leadership for being the absolute garbage human beings that they were, as they provoked this damage to the party with their leadership style.


"I worked for a hotel..."

I worked for a hotel at a resort and I had been there for 2 years and never had a holiday off. I was supposed to be helping the wait staff instead of my usual front desk duties on Easter Sunday. But dammit, I wanted to go to Easter lunch with my family.

So, they had me working waiting tables the night before and I was helping shut down the kitchen for the night. One of the kitchen crew guys mopped and left a decent sized puddle on the floor and I knew right where to walk as me, the host, and the night manager went to walk out. "Slipped" right in it and twisted my ankle.. I knew the night manager wouldn't do any of the required reports so when I called out the next morning and my boss starts bitching about how I should have reported the incident and I was getting a write up and i was lucky i wasn't being fired on the spot, I can confidently tell her that I fell in front of the night manager so he was aware. She shut it after that because that meant they were liable and had no documentation.

I got my Easter holiday off and one more to go to the doctor and get a note.


"I told my little brother..."

I told my little brother I was procrastinating instead of doing homework one time while sitting in the car waiting for my mom, and he opened the door, and knowing that he was about to snitch, I told him that if he did I would tell my mom that he watched porn. He closed the door silently.


"Barged into a meeting..."

Barged into a meeting my boss was holding with some Very Important People, and very loudly quit my job, knowing that she has a hatred of being embarrassed.


"She refuses to help..."

Was in class when I got partnered with the popular girl. She refuses to help and keeps talking to her besties, then asks me if she can copy me. I say sure and hand her my paper, but not before putting the wrong answers. We both fail but I didn't really mind, she was pissed though.


"Just about every manager..."

Worked for a franchised McDonald's. Just about every manager there was engaging in some sort of illegal or immoral act. So one day, I had a wake up call when I had to clean up blood from a knife fight that took place in the lobby. I no call/no showed to my following shift and told the supervisor for the store (who's an old family friend) about all the bullsh!t going on. Within a week, 3 managers and 5 crew members were axed.


"I had a very bad manager..."

I had a very bad manager at one company I worked, she was terrible, knew nothing and we honestly didn't know how she got the job.

It was her, then 3 team managers, then us team leaders then 100+ staff members. She came in, within 2 month the team managers left and the lad that bluffed his way in to replace them disappeared after 2 weeks due to the stress so I took over.

I was doing her job + 3 managers + my own for 3 months with no issues, then just before Christmas I got attacked by 2 lads. I had a knife wound to my abdomen and 2 bruised kidneys + other minor injuries. Signed off for 2 weeks bed rest.

She was phoning me after 4 days off asking if I was going to be working over Christmas, it fell within my 2 weeks signed off, I said no and hung up. I then got nearly a dozen texts threatening my job, emails saying she was pissed off as she's had to cancel her plans etc and was going to get me fired.

So, upon returning to the office I promptly told her to stick the secondment up her backside and she told me I was going to be in front of HR within the week. I went back to my desk, did a little tinkering and within released her work Lync messages on to a public drive which detailed the affair she was having with someone in our London office, changed her flatshare request on some website to utter filth and fired it all off in an anonymous email to HR and the directors. She was gone in 3 days.


"We had to turn in a coding assignment..."

We had to turn in a coding assignment in college to this one website that was hosted by the teacher and I was falling behind and couldn't get the program to run so I ran a big DDOS attack on his server so the website went down and the assignment had to be pushed back.


"I had this guy approach me..."

I had this guy approach me after a 16 hour shift. It was around 1100pm central time. He explained to me his friends told him to rob me and basically was in a no win predicament. His suggestion was for me to give him my wallet so he wouldn't have to be violent. I explained to him out of everyone there he picked the wrong person. I mean, there were also seniors and unsuspecting adults. I just told him, if your ready for the fight of your life let's dance. I think he noticed to craziness in my eyes and just walked away.


"Served them right."

A previous Chinese company illegally terminated me and several months later they got broke and closed the company.

Served them right.


"One time I bought a muffin..."

One time I bought a muffin that tasted weird from my one of the cafes at my university. Didn't start eating it till I sat down for class with a couple friends. I made them taste it. When asked why I would do this I responded "because if I'm gonna die because of this muffin then so are you!' and we all laughed.


"God I hate her."

Forced to leave a good job at reputable finance company due to a boss who essentially bullied me. I'd already expressed dissatisfaction at the role and asked for a transfer (which they offered at $10K lower salary) so I quit. Upon leaving I had to do a 'leaving interview' so I let loose about the boss. Turns out two other people had made similar complaints. Fast forward two months and she was asked to leave the company (and then she f***** off out of the country). Questions were posed as to why my initial complaint wasn't taken seriously, but by that point I had a better job with nicer people, so I didn't really care. Just glad the people in that dept didn't have to put up with her anymore. God I hate her.


"It basically collapsed..."

Employer wanted rid of me.

Audited my entire work, via their friend (who did the same job in a nearby similar company). Paid him £6000 to do it.

Their friend wrote a HUGE report on my work. They tried to hide it from me. They would only show me a one-page A4 bullet-list summary of what I needed to do for my employer and what they needed to do for me.

Later that afternoon, all my bullet-list points were complete. Now in a winning position, I told employer exactly what I expected - them to follow the summary for what THEY needed to do.

Months later, on the deadline that we had both agreed to do everything that was on the list, I called an urgent meeting with the boss. Nothing. I got fobbed off. Did the same next day. Fobbed off again. Third time, I already had booked into the calendar because I'm not an idiot and had booked it in on day one under other pretence.

Sat in the meeting, which they really didn't want to have. Asked if I'd fulfilled everything they wanted, and been proven to have been doing my job. Absolutely. Then they introduced some random member of staff who whined about problems they had with my work. I asked them where their complaints had been notified to me, where they were recorded, what their evidence was, who else was present or suffering the same issues. Nothing. They tried to fob off.

So I asked the critical question: Have the company done the items that their own audit, by their own friend, said they should do? No. Not even one. One of them was literally "decide who should be in a new committee of staff who can help advise/steer my work". All they had to do was write a name or two on a piece of paper. Nothing.

It was at this point that I said I quit. They said I couldn't, I had notice to serve out. I presented evidence from their own HR person (subtly obtained weeks before) that they owed me more holiday than I had notice period remaining. I'm leaving TODAY. Now, in fact. They said I can't. I said my employment-lawyer wife would be interested in hearing their argument.

I walked out. And promptly reported them to a government body that governed their work, with evidence that they were misrepresenting funds, abusing staff, failing to abide by legally-required criminal checks, that they'd had no less than six lawsuits about unfair dismissal in recent months (considered incredibly excessive), appointing unqualified staff to manage critical documentation after the qualified staff had left, etc. etc..

They were inspected THE NEXT DAY.

The top boss was sacked, permanently, never to work in the industry again.

The senior management were all sacked or demoted. Literally not one remained. They brought in new staff for everything important.

The entire governance of the place was audited and inspected.

The entire HR records were audited and inspected. Many staff were found to have not had the required checks made.

The entire finance and allocation of funds - including £6000 to a friend for an audit! - were audited and inspected.

The unqualified staff were found not to be doing their job, but also not to be blamed for that as they were under unreasonable demands and the bosses should have ensured they were qualified, or to have taken on the responsibilities themselves. You can't just put a gullible untrained chump in charge and then immediately blame them days later when it all goes wrong and you haven't been doing what you're supposed to be doing for MONTHS if not YEARS.

I know, through suppliers that I reused at my new workplace, that they had to pay thousands to replace my systems because they had nobody qualified enough to understand them or use them.

I got a job, same day, through word-of-mouth from my former boss there who was one of the guys they sacked unfairly. Earned more. Closer to home. Better job. Still in it 6 years later.

Oh... and they don't try to mess with me when it comes to HR stuff.

It basically collapsed the entire organisation to the floor and it had to be rebuilt from the ground up by entirely new people.

Or, you know, they could have just said "The committee representing this part of the organisation will be Fred and John" at some point in those six months. Or even "I don't think it's working out, but I'm happy to help you find somewhere to move on". I'd have considered either of those quite seriously and sensibly and probably not made a fuss.


"Working in the Middle East..."

Working in the Middle East. I didn't get paid since February. Opened a court case. The whole company closed down because of it.


"So I let slip..."

Former boss had me in tears for something that wasn't my fault but hers. Ripped me a new one in front of everyone. Next day she got her bosses to write me up because she felt "threatened" by me. So I let slip that she and other employees had been smoking and drinking in the call center the day previous.

Oops, was I not supposed to say that?


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