We love imagining what we would name our future children.

But sometimes that name...isn't the best thing we could have given them.

And they have to live with those consequences...not us.

u/137free asked:

What's a terrible name for a child?

Here were some of those answers.

These Are Certainly All Names

Adolf (It's actually illegal in some places)


That line of code that Elon named his kid.


You Can't Even Type This Name Without Googling How

X Æ A-12


They think they are soo cool and edgy and we all just here like wtf


Getting Ahead Of Ourselves

Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela, Petal Blossom Rainbow, Buddy Bear Maurice, River Rocket

If you think I'm making these up. Allow me to deliver the bombshell that these are the actual names of Jamie Oliver's (British TV chef) kids


Thanks Terry

"The Carter parents were a quiet and respectable Lancre family who got into a bit of a mix-up when it came to naming their children. First, they had four daughters, who were christened Hope, Chastity, Prudence, and Charity, because naming girls after virtues is an ancient and unremarkable tradition. Then their first son was born and out of some misplaced idea about how this naming business was done he was called Anger Carter, followed later by Jealousy Carter, and Covetousness Carter. Life being what it is, Hope turned out to be a depressive, Chastity was enjoying life as a lady of negotiable affection in Ankh-Morpork, Prudence had thirteen children, and Charity expected to get a dollar's change out of seventy-five pence–whereas the boys had grown into amiable, well-tempered men. -Terry Pratchett


One Letter To Disaster

One of my coworkers read the most chosen child names in 2019 for my country out loud the other day and one of the most popular girl names was ‚Dilda'. Wild guess why that's a bad idea.


Meow Meow


My friend teaches a child who's probably below 10 years old and her name is "Kitty". Like damn why didn't they just name her "nice southern lady with a thick cigarette voice who is a bit of a hard a** but a damn good waitress at the 24-hour diner".


Loser Lane


Robert Lane named his 2 sons loser and winner, winner became a small time crook and constantly lands himself in jail. Loser was a star athlete and student. Loser went onto work for the Nypd. Loser is referred to as Lou by friends and family.

Do not name your kid loser even if Loser Lane was successful


Why Stop At One

Thaliam, Fanlia, Evalater, Rainleigh, Aimeigh Leigh (Amy Lee), Brexet (pronounced Bridget), Brudjet, Manughelle (Manuel), Pimpley, Thalium, Prairie, Dudeson, Karke Kristian Kale, Parsley, Bona Petite, Glutane.


Poor Desi

Yes, there should be a lot to think about when choosing a name for your baby coz it's not just the name itself, it's also the meaning of the name. Thus, a terrible name for a baby girl is, for instance,


And not coz the Shakespearean character with the same name was murdered by her husband, Otello, but coz this Greek name means 'of the devil', 'ill-fated one' and 'misery'.


Looking Kinda Dumb With Her Finder And Her Thumb

Any name where the parent thinks they're being clever or original with initials. One of my college profs named his kid to have all L's as their initials like everyone else in the family and I was just thinking "Wow, most of the time people just kinda trust that they're children will gain a personality rather than just making them the 'kid with all Ls like the rest of the family'".

One of my students has all A's as his initials and he kinda hates it.


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