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When miracles or dèjá vu happen to others on just an ordinary day why are we so keen to dismiss it? When we tell people we came in contact with someone famous or describe how we single handedly saved a school bus chuck full of nun's from a fall off a cliff it seems impossible to believe. Strange and fantastical things happen every so often. They are rare moments witnessed by few. We can't all be everywhere at once to solidify a story. Soon in the future we'll all live in state controlled surveillance so it'll get easier to prove one's wild tales.

Redditor u/fourtaco wanted to hear some personal tea spillage and we'll see what's real by asking..... What is something about yourself that is completely true but that nobody would believe?


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I was parked in a space and left ten minutes before a car with a bomb parked there and blew up.


What's in a Name?

Both of my parents have a twin sister named Jenny.


My mom has 4 sisters and 3 brothers-in-law named Jeffrey. (My "Uncle Jeffrey", "Uncle Jeff", and "Uncle Skip".)

The fourth sister was dating a guy called "Ben" for a while until she got a good look at his license... Geoffrey Benjamin! Probably the dumbest reason to end a relationship, but I can't say that I blame her.


Liking your Sound

Peter Gabriel complimented me on my guitar playing when I was 5.


Art Garfunkle told me I have a lovely way about me. I did just get him a big glass full of vodka though. I was about 14 and first got him a big glass of water but guess I was wrong bout that one.


Good Company

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When I (24M) was 7 my parents were housing some young film makers and they had Steve Buscemi over for dinner. Really really nice guy, just as everyone says.



I jumped out from a moving bus to escape kidnapping.


I asked a dazed and scared looking young woman at a fast food restaurant if she needed help and she said yes, she wanted to know where she was. She'd just been dumped in the parking lot by some guy who'd kept her against her will for the past day.

Luckily my teenage daughters were with me. They helped make her feel safe going with us to the police station (offered hospital, too, but she refused).

I did not doubt her but any question of her story was erased when we got to the station, which was closed. I called 911 and before I could even explain the situation to dispatch, several police cars pulled up, surrounding my car.

Turns out she had been reported missing and in danger so the cops had been trying to triangulate where her phone was. The phone was dead, so while we were driving to the station, I let the young woman borrow my car charger. She kept trying to turn it on, but the charger was so slow her phone kept shutting off again. The cops were following the pings each time the phone turned on.


Steve and Mindy

I never forget names or faces. Like ever. I realized this nearly two decades ago working at a telemarketing company. I never forgot a name and to this day can think of several names I encountered that stood out. Later I worked at a nightclub and one day this couple came in - we'll call them Steve and Mindy. We chatted for about a minute or two, three years later Mindy runs into the bar hollering that someone assaulted her boyfriend. I said "O no! Is Steve okay?" She looked at me like she's seen a ghost and I did think O, she's probably surprised I remember them.

Later she asked how I could remember them and I just said that I never forget anyone I meet and have any substantial interaction with. I just don't forget names or faces ever. Almost 100% of the time they are permanently etched into my memory. Don't remember birthday or what day of the week it is and after six years still don't have my plates memorized but forget it, if we met one time for five minutes twenty years ago, I still remember you. Weird but true.


The Middle

All my family has pretty cool middle names and when people are like what's your full I get to my middle name which is thunderstorm and they just don't believe me until I get someone in my family to back me up.

Edit 1: since a lot of you want the other middle names are: Morningstar, firefly, honeybee, and still water.

Edit 2: I forgot to mention I actually have two middle names the other one is Liam.

Edit 3: thank you for my first awards kind strangers.


I'm Up

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I can wake myself up if I don't like the dream I'm in.


Live and in Person

In 1982 I met and had a long conversation with Joe Perry the guitarist for Aerosmith in a bar. I told him what kind of guitar I was playing at the time. He said he had one somewhere up north at a girlfriends house but never played it. I told him he should find it. A few months later his new album came out and he was holding the guitar. In 1996 I jammed onstage with Tommy Chong.


Finding Sight

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When I was younger I was river tubing with some family. Stupid me forgot to bring eye drops for my contacts, and one popped out into the water.

Later we come to a shallow end, and this little girl FINDS MY CONTACT!!! Like, what are the odds?!

In case you're wondering, yes I popped it back in.

Looking back I don't know what the bigger miracle is,

Losing a contact in a river, and finding it again.


Not getting my eye infected when I put it back in.


"We should be friends!"

I have been dreaming of a girl since I was a small child. She would appear in any dream I was having at the time and talk to me/play games. This happened almost daily for years until I was 12. I thought maybe she had been my wife in another life.

One day I told her that we couldn't see each other anymore and that I needed to move on with my life. She cried and I felt horrible as I said goodbye. I stopped dreaming of her after that and regretted it badly for the next 23 years.

3 years ago a woman that looks just like her walked up to me and said "We should be friends!" I don't think I have ever had anyone just tell me to be their friend out of the blue like this.

She is now currently my best friend and I look forward to every conversation we have. I have never met anyone that has mentally changed my outlook on life as much as her and I am so grateful to have met her.


Old Al


My family ended up on the West coast because Al Capone was rubbed the wrong way by my grand uncle. He was murdered while visiting my great grandpa's farm.


Beach Days

A whale hit me with her tail and broke my rib while i was trying to save her and her pod. (50+ pilot whales beached themselves on a beach i lifeguarded). I doubt anyone would believe me had there not been witnesses (the beach patrons helping with the whales with the lifeguards).


13 Years Later

I've died once, I was hit by a car and was left in the street for 20+ minutes, my pancreas liver and small intestines were ruptured, I broke my left elbow, left shoulder, left collar bone, right wrist, pelvis in 6-8 places and my skull. They declared me legally dead for about 10 minutes in the ambulance but were able to resuscitate me. I had Amnesia for a month, and lost the majority of my memories before the age of 13. This year was my 13 year anniversary of it happening. I'm mostly fine now but I have a limp when I get tired most people believe I did in fact get hit they just believe the part of me dying.

Edit: I was also in a coma for a month.


Running from Evil

I married really young and my ex husband ended up killing several people during our marriage. I had to separate from my daughter for our protection because he was still at large. After nine years, I finally reconnected with her. People think I abandoned her but as long as she knows differently, that's all that matters. We're safe and out of his reach now, and I couldn't be happier.

Edit to add: He was finally apprehended two years ago, and immediately after I was reunited with my daughter. I didn't abandon her, we were forced to separate for our protection and had to move far away from our little house.

I didn't know where she was and she couldn't know where I went. I honestly never thought I'd get to see her again, so just having her in my life again is a miracle. I don't know why he did the things he's done, but I take comfort in the fact he is now in prison and his appeals have been denied. May he rot in there for every single life he's destroyed, including the childhood my daughter should've had.


Early Bird

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I had a house with an indoor pool at age 25. Made 15k on the weekends playing blackjack in Vegas. I was retired at 26, and then homeless and bankrupt from divorce at 28.


Once on this Island

I grew up on a tiny island, unrelated to Africa.

Nelson Mandela held my hand and walked me to school as his plane refueled there.

** Edit **

Lots of questions on where this island was. It was cocos islands in the Indian Ocean back in the 90's

Lots of people calling fake. I wouldn't believe a stranger on the internet either, but I do have photos of me as an oblivious little kid trotting next to him like it's no big deal. Kid me had no idea that my life had peaked at that moment.


You're Cool

Gang members tried to rob me and I told them no.

I was alone in downtown Minneapolis and two Bloods tried to rob me but I laughed and said "I don't have money on me because so many people see a skinny white guy and try to rob me." (I was lying and I don't know why I reacted that way).

One of them stared at me for like 5 seconds then said "Ok, you're cool" and they walked away. Minneapolis doesn't have (nearly as much of) a gang problem now, but definitely did then.

This happened when there was a parking lot across 7th St from First Ave (the club where Purple Rain was partly filmed).

More detail if you want it: the first one asked for money and I said I didn't have cash. The 2nd appeared out of nowhere, like suddenly his face was right next to mine and he said "I don't think you heard him. He said he wants your money."



Broke my neck, didn't know until a nurse was helping me with physio after surgery for a punctured lung.

More info in the small chance people see this. Punctured the lung spontaneously, they call it a spontaneous pneumothorax. I have no idea how I screwed up a vertebrae in my neck, had a hairline fracture.

Edit: Huh, I guess some people did notice this. The worst part for me now is not the neck which they fixed promptly, it's the fact that in the back of mind I am still aware the other lung could go at any time. It's been a decade and I am still all to well of that fact. The comments below will explain how possible that is because both lungs are often susceptible, these blebs are a ticking time bomb.


I can't Recall

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I can barely remember details past a few months ago, I have essentially no recollection of what things look like. Big events and things like that work fine, but details are gone and half the time I cant tell if I actually remember something or I remember someone telling me about something.


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