Humanity is a complete upheaval. This is the time for everyone to band together and fight for the greater good... or at least a few simple daily rewards, like kindness. Sometimes, when you're at your lowest it's in the eyes of a stranger that you find hope.

Redditor u/DC9Fancap wanted everyone to share some much needed faith in humanity stories, asking.... What is the nicest thing you've ever done for a complete stranger and vice versa?

The Fall....


Had a patient who was an older gentleman who fell and hurt his arm. Patient was crying at the scene because we had to cut the sleeve off of his shirt to get to his arm, and patient stated that he couldn't afford to replace the shirt. Came back to work two days later and my crew and I went to WalMart, bought him some new shirts, and went back to his house to deliver them. He was so surprised and so happy. And his X-rays were negative on his arm, which was even better. MyStacheHasAStache

The Save....

A homeless guy camped out in front of a Dunkin' Donuts ran inside to tell me the meter maid was coming. Saved me $45 and he wouldn't even let me buy him breakfast. raymond17funches


Maybe not the nicest, but this has had the greatest impact on me. An elderly Asian woman was walking past my home when a sudden down burst of rain started with no end in sight. She took shelter in our entry under the canopy at the front door while it poured. I looked out the window to see the rain and noticed the woman. I walked to the closet and took out a large umbrella, opened the door, and offered her the umbrella. She spoke no English and was confused. I gestured that she could have the umbrella. She smiled and walked off into the rain. A week later, a woman dropped off a note and a package at our door. It was written in Chinese. I took it to a friend to read.

The woman had been in the states to attend the death of a child and had a terrible trip. The rain and lack of communication had her very upset. The simple act of offering an umbrella was an act of kindness she had never experienced. No one had ever simply given her something for no reason and she had no good experiences here except that simple act of kindness while in the states. She has sent me letters, pictures and gifts for years since that day. I replied with a letter written by my friend thanking her for the gift. We now share photos from major life events. Kindness has no boundaries and makes the world a wonderful place! NotJustAnyDNA

The Bike Ride....

Saw an old man riding his bike while trying to hold a large bucket and felt obligated to ask if he needs a ride. He said yes. We loaded his stuff up and off we went. He said he was heading to dollar general. I said no problem, anywhere else you need to go? He was going to ride his bike 15 miles to the Human Resources office to get his food stamps. I said I got you man. Asked him his favorite music. I put on "sitting on the dock of the bay." He just sat there eating his chips from dollar general and bobbing his head to the music. On the way back we got some McDonalds. He said it was the best day of his life. It was the best day of mine. beefcase2

We all need Store Moms....


In high school I worked at a grocery store next door to a subway. It's where I would eat during my lunch everyday cause I knew the people who worked there and they were really nice (occasionally get a free cookie or chips for no reason) and the places were partnered so we got a discount.

We also got punch cards that said every 6th or 7th sandwich was free. I had a free sandwich that day I was looking forward to, however I overheard a coworker I didn't know yet (we were both 17) talking to another coworker (the "store mom" who everyone loved and knew) about how hungry she was. Apparently her family was really poor and she hasn't been paid yet so she wasn't gonna get to eat today. I waited till the girl went to go do something in the back and gave my free meal card to the "store mom" and told her to say a customer left this or something and give it to the girl so she wouldn't be embarrassed.

She did and the girl cried and then got a FAT sandwich. It apparently made her whole week. I never tell this story cause it makes me sound like I'm stroking my own ego. refertothecalendar

Keep Smiling....

I was driving a truck (18 wheeler) in an urban residential area of Houston TX. I had taken the wrong exit looking for the place I was supposed to deliver and evidently my paperwork also had the wrong address. Traffic was bad and I was somewhere trucks were most definitely not supposed to be. I pulled over onto a sidewalk and set my flashers to try and figure out where to go before I really screwed anything up. I was blocking several driveways and this family in a minivan. I got out and and the man (I'm assuming Dad) driving the mini van got out too. I was asking him for directions but he didn't speak English.

So he got his 10 year old daughter and she translated for us. When he didn't know where I was trying to go he got on the phone and called one of his friends. They drive up in another mini van with a family. At this point there are two separate random families helping me figure out where I'm supposed to go while my truck is blocking their road during Houston rush hour. They never stopped smiling. Eventually we figured out the best way for me to get back to the interstate without causing problems. Never learned any of their names but I still think about them whenever I'm sitting in bad traffic. They were beautiful families who really saved my ass in a bad situation. Limorides

Save the Cookies....

Recently, I was in line at a grocery store and the lady before me had two items. One was essential (can't remember what) and the other was a box of cookies.

The cashier told her they don't accept visa there. The woman was pretty upset about not being able to get what she needed before having to bus pick her children up. I told the cashier to throw it on my bill. The woman was so grateful and wanted to put the cookies back but I bought her the cookies too. I could tell I really made her day. I offered her a ride as well but she declined and ran off to catch the bus. Affinity-Charms

Teachers Rule!

I was struggling keeping up in college, trying to learn Arabic, so my teacher, a very sweet 70 year old lady, gave me 2 hours of private tutoring per week for free for a year and a half. She retired after that, but I'm still very grateful. Best teacher ever. RtotheStotheD

Insurance for All! 

I have some pretty severe chronic health issues. So I've been saving money ever since I got my first job to have a cushion just in case I was unable to work/without insurance.

I just found out a little girl has the same type of cancer I had a few years ago (pretty rare). She and her family are immigrants without health insurance and have apparently been trying to raise the money for her treatment for a bit. I'm in a good place financially and have great health insurance and am working in a field that is flexible and understanding of my health issues, so I did something arguably irresponsible and donated my health savings account to this girl anonymously.

My vice versa is that I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket for my treatment. What wasn't covered by my insurance was covered by charity that I never even asked for. That treatment was horrible but it saved my life and I was so grateful that I was given that opportunity and didn't have to worry about the money. I felt like this little girl deserved the same. VDaineSarassri

Pokemon brings us together....


Maybe not a complete stranger, but we definitely didn't know each other beyond being in the same classes.

In 6th grade, I had 2 copies of Pokémon Silver. I had lost my copy, and my cousin who was given a copy by a friend gave me his since he already had Gold version. I end up finding my old copy a couple months later, and around that time I hear this guy saying how much he wished he could play a Pokémon game on his gameboy that his older cousin had given to him (it was an old Gameboy pocket). The next day, I bring my second copy to school, and give it to him at lunch.

That guy became my best friend, and we still keep in contact today, 17 years later. Anteres


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