You blink your eyes a couple extra times to make sure you saw what you just saw. It was really there, that shadow at the edge of the hall, drifting down the walls, stopping right at your feet......and vanishes. Paranormal stories are hard to get behind unless you were present, but the following paint a very vivid picture of the terror you might experience.

Reddit user, FameuxLumiere, wanted to hear about your journey to the paranormal side when they asked:

In the spirit of October what's the creepiest or most paranormal experience that has happened to you?

Footsteps From No One


Night shift in a hospital.

Went to the toilet, both cubicles empty, sat down to do the business and someone started crying in the next cubicle, bolted out of there, the other toilet was empty.

different night, soon after I started working on this particular ward. Sat at the bottom of the ward so me and another nurse could get a good view of everyone. Without looking up from her notes she said "footsteps are back again"

I said "what footsteps", she just said to listen.

Heard footsteps come from the top of the ward to where we were, then go back to the top end. She didn't even flinch, just said "you get used to it"

There were some other issues with that particular unit, eventually a priest came to bless it, and crashed his car on the way home. It has been decommissioned now.


This Replaces The Haunted Telephone

This isn't necessarily paranormal, but just severely odd - nonetheless unsolved to this day.

I owned this cheap, $100-$200 tablet. I forget the brand or whatever, but I'll link/provide that if I figure it out later. Anywho, I didn't really have anything else, so I used that tablet for everything. That also includes Spotify. Sometimes when I'd listen to Spotify using either my headphones or my Bluetooth speaker, the music would stop and I would seriously hear someone on the other side of something.

It literally sounded like I was in a call with someone, when I hadn't touched anything at all. It sounded like the kind of audio you'd get with a Skype call. Sometimes I'd hear breathing or talking, and one or two times it was someone singing to a song in the background that I didn't even own on my playlist. It was weird, and it wouldn't stop playing those weird noises until I unplugged my headphones/unlinked the speaker and exited Spotify.

This happened years ago, but my boyfriend at the time (and am still with today) may have a video of it somewhere, as I remember once sending him a video of the noises coming from my headphones. If I get my hands on the video, I'll for sure link it. That being said, I don't remember much at all due to a faulty memory/mental state, but that's easily one of the creepiest things to ever happen to me.


Proof On The Cameras

Used to work midnight shift as a corrections officer in a low security detention center that only houses woman now, but years before it was an actual prison with men. This is a facility with twelve pods, each housing 40 individuals. There are two posts whenever you were assigned to the pods: rover (you have to move around three pods that are at one end of a hallway) and picket (center of three pods where you can see through barred out windows and cameras on a computer monitor.)

One night as the rover officer was doing their hourly rounds to make sure the inmates were asleep and in their rooms the picket officer saw through the monitor what seemed to be the silhouette of a man following the rover. This black shadow would follow the officer to the end of the room and when they had to go up the stairs to second floor it crawled up the wall and went to the second floor. The picket officer told the captain on shift what they saw and when they reviewed it on the tape they saw everything that had happened.

This black silhouette has been spotted several times by different officers and it only appears in this one specific pod. It was way before my time working here, but apparently it's supposed to be the ghost or whatever of some guy that hung himself from the second floor railing.


There And Gone

Back in 3rd grade, I used to be part of my friends basketball team. We weren't official, so we did practices at his house. One day though, it was dark, and we found something that looked like blood. Then, we saw a person standing in the street. A car passed by, and he was gone. All of us were freaking out so we just stayed inside until our parents came.

Not sure if it was reality or our imagination, either way was creepy.


Pearls And Flowers

It happened a lot when I was a very small kid like 5 - 10, and I hardly remember any of this but, my mom would always tell me I used to talk to an imaginary friend called Pearl.

Like I would full on converse and my mom would tell me I always whined that Pearl was muttering to herself and wouldn't talk to me.

My mom said she asked me one time when I was 7 what pearl looked like and I said, "She looks like a flower person!" When I said this my mom told me she was relieved that it "Wasn't no white family demon sh-t" bc she didn't want a literal demon in her house.

Turns out a florist died there a year before we moved in there.

My mom told me that Pearl would make me happy a lot.


"Noped out of there real fast."

Once woke up to classical music playing (it was a large detached house so no neighbours) at 5am, assumed someone had left the tv playing film credits or something, went into the living room to switch it off, and everything was already off but could still hear the music. Noped out of there real fast.

Also heard a little girl singing in the bathroom while I was in the shower in that house, and we'd often hear people walking around in the night, or wake up to all the drawers in the kitchen wide open. It was all really creepy, but honestly, the worst thing was just the oppressive feeling in the house. Used to do my makeup in the morning sat in a chair pressed up against the wall, because it always felt like someone was watching/standing behind you. Horrid, wouldn't live there again if someone paid me.


Never Clean Alone

I used to work for a cleaning company and one of the places they had me go to was a restaurant/church. It was surrounded by a graveyard..though to be fair I live 5 minutes away from that graveyard walking. Most of the time I'm cleaning in the very early morning, we're talking around 4am-7am, I'm cleaning all by my self and no one who works there comes in until 9am.

For the first three months it was fine and I wasn't feeling spooked or anything though one day in early august I'm just going downstairs to put some supplies away when I'm hit with this sudden and intense feeling of danger as if something was telling me I wasn't welcomed there.

It took every fiber of my being to not abandon my supplies and get the hell out of there. I completed my work but I was very close to tears the whole time since the unexplained fear just wouldn't leave until I was out of that building.

From that point on I would get random attacks of fear and eventually I started seeing a shadowy figure that would cause the motion detecting doors to open and close randomly and turn on the stereo in the kitchen at random hours for random intervals. I was able to find a better job and peace out as quick as I could only training my replacement for one day and refused to step foot in that place again.


The Wrong Child Walking Into The Room

The most amazing was a full body, clear as day apparition of a little girl walking into my parents' room through the closed door. The thing that creeps me out is the fact that it didn't. My family has experienced a little girl spirit in this house since before I was born. It had been quite a few years since anyone experienced her (usually disembodied voice as well as pulling sheets or clothes), and when I saw her, it was just a, "Oh, there she is. That's nice."


A Sleepover To Remember

When I was about 13, I slept over at my friend's house. I slept on the floor facing the doorway, which was left open. At around 3 am, I woke up and swear I saw a ghastly apparition of a sobbing woman in a wedding dress floating down the hallway towards me, disappearing just before she reached the doorway. I eventually got back to sleep and chalked it up to a weird dream.

A few days later, this same friend casually mentions seeing the same ghost or spirit or whatever. I had never told him about my experience. I slept at his house innumerable times over the next few years, but never in that same room, and I never saw her again.


From The Ashes Spring Nightmares

Several years ago I was staying at my uncles house in a room next to their garage. My uncle and I were supposed to go fishing early the next morning. I woke up and it was pretty dark out but I saw the silhouette of a guy leaning on the wall looking at me. I assumed it was my uncle and started talking to him. "Yeah, im getting up let's go" I said. I walked right passed him to turn the lights on. Turned around and there was no one there. Wtf, "I might be dreaming" I thought. Turned the lights back off and went back to sleep.

I didn't think about this again for a couple months. I was over at my uncles house again for dinner when his wife says, "I gotta take uncle Bennys ashes to the mountain and spread them. He's been here for a while." I was like who's uncle Benny and what are you talking about.

Apparently uncle Benny is my aunts uncle who had died several months before I went to my uncles house. His ashes were in the garage next to where I was sleeping. I wonder if he was looking at me thinking who is this guy.


Same Name, Same Corner

I don't remember this happening but my mom told me when i was small I used to talk to an imaginary friend in the corner of the bathroom. I apparently also gave them a name. Sure imaginary friends are creepy but most children have them. What's creepy though, is a few years later when my younger brother was able to talk, he stood in that EXACT corner and had a conversation with an imaginary friend he called "butterfly boy" it might be a coincidence, not sure. I'm happy i have no recollection of this.


A Swirling Vortex Of Energy

I'm a firm believer in "bad energy" because of the summer I spent at my grandma's house.

My brother and I loved our grandparents and had no notion that there was anything wrong with them. We thought they loved us even more than our own parents. However, I could never shake the uneasy feeling I always had in that house. I just chalked it up to being away from home and in a new place.

One summer, the feeling of dread became more intense. The best way I could describe it was that the house was somehow placed in a surreal nightmare, it didn't feel real and I could swear there was this heavy sort of "darkness" looming over us at all times. I'd constantly look behind me because I was certain someone was there. I couldn't take showers and lost sleep that whole time.

And somehow my grandparents didn't seem normal to me anymore. They were the sweetest and still very loving but in the weirdest way seemed so sinister.

I later found out that my grandmother practiced santeria, used a ouji board to call upon the dead and would routinely curse people she didn't like. More than that, my mom finally told me that her parents abused her her whole life and that grandpa was a horrible drunk.


Eyes In The Dark


So anyone who rides horses regularly will know being the last one at the barn SUCKS. So I was the last person, so I had to shut off the lights. I had to take my horse back to the barn but where he was kept was not in the main barn. so I shut off the lights and started walking down the path to the other barn. I didn't have my phone on me so I just used the moonlight

mind you, this horse is BOMBPROOF, he never spooks

I'm walking down a path when he suddenly stops and throws his head back and rears. he has whites in his eyes. I look at what he could possibly be spooking at (I assumed it was an oddly placed shadow) but I couldn't see much

except eyes

I saw human eyes in the shadows

I'm about to scream when my vision goes blank for a second and I come to. I'm still standing and my horse has calmed down. I shake it off and continue to the barn and put him away with no problem



I was scheduled for a medical procedure that was in another city. I made reservations at a hotel that was close to the hospital for the night before. The hotel sent me an email detailing the stay with a google map. From the email I googled the location of the hotel and driving directions. I was heading to the hotel and began to notice that the area looked familiar. It was where my father lived, but he had passed 4 years before and it had been years since I had been to his house. The directions on my phone lead me directly to his house, not to the hotel. I didn't even have his phone number or address in my phone.

Still not sure how I ended up there. It definitely gave me the chills.

Fan Submission, V. Clegg

Well, we certainly won't be playing with any Ouija boards anytime soon!

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