People Share The Exact Moment They Thought A Child Might Grow Up To Be A Serial Killer

This kid is off....

People Share The Exact Moment They Thought A Child Might Grow Up To Be A Serial Killer
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Kids can be creepy. That is just a plain fact. We are all obsessed over chubby cheeks and kids who say the darndest things but a handful of all of those children are tomorrow's psychos. The red flags are there. And its important to not ignore them, because early signs can help these children before its too late. But make no mistake, that little demon girl from "The Ring" movie series is based on a real girl. I'd bet money on it. They walk among us.

Redditor u/Froidinslip wanted to know who else has crossed paths with children who we may need a close eye kept on them before adulthood by asking...
What did a child say or do that made you think, "this kid might be a future serial killer?"

yelled hulk smash....

My sort of friend's older brother yelled hulk smash and threw a few week old kitten at a wall. He was 9 at the time, I think. Fortunately, the kitten survived and had no more injuries than mild concussion, but they say animal cruelty at a young age is a sign of psychopaths and serial killers.


 I never knew where Chris ended up.....

I knew a kid around that age 7-9 that found some baby chipmunks in the woods (summer campsite). He brought them back home (trailer) and laid them on some rocks and proceeded to smash them to death with a large rock. Everyone at the campsite were like wtf. This kid has some issues. I never knew where Chris ended up. But I wouldn't be surprised if he was in jail.


Fast forward 28 years....

When I was growing up another kid looked at a praying mantis and said "why are you praying, nobody is going to help you" in a very scratchy whisper. He proceeded to kill it, which made me cry. Fast forward 28 years -- he is in jail. He murdered his father as an adult over money. He was one of those really affluent kids, grew up and did drugs. His father was cutting him off.


When he was about 8...

One of my mom's friend's had a son. When he was about 8, he choked a kitten so bad her larynx got screwed up. My mom ended up "stealing" her and gave her to my great aunt. Her and her friend had a falling out about it, her friend just brushed off what he did. Annie couldn't meow and was the sweetest girl. She just died last year and was 19 years old. He's a heroin addict. I don't think he's killed anyone but I haven't seen him in years.


one by one to a kiddie pool.....

My nephew took a litter of kittens one by one to a kiddie pool and drowned them, he was laughing while outside playing so my sister (his mother) didn't think he was doing anything wrong. He was 6 at the time, he is 8 now and I still feel uneasy around him.


I love tree-houses.

I went over to this kids house to babysit and he asked if we could go up to his tree-house. I love tree-houses. so of course, i say yes. we get up there, and there's a wall full of clear, glass mason jars with supposedly nothing inside them. okay, weird, but i'm getting paid, so it doesn't really matter. his eyes light up when he sees the jars and he drags me over to the shelves.

"This is my bug collection!" he says. That makes more sense. but... there wasn't any sticks and leaves and dirt or anything. huh.

"That's so cool!" (Always encourage kids to keep on showing people what they like) "How about we go get some sticks and things to help them feel more comfortable?"

"Yeah!" the kid says. we go out into the yard and pick up some sticks and leaves, and climb back up again. i give him one of the jars and tell him how to do it carefully. "But... that would let the air in... and give them food..." he says.

"U-uh, yeah, if they don't have food and air they'll die..." i point out. he looks up at me, calmly and coolly, and just says in the most monotone, serial killer voice ever.

"I know. that's the point." this kid was watching insects slowly suffocate and starve to death. knowingly. no, no, nope. called the mom, went home without pay. demon child i tell you.


"I'd like to see you try." 

I was 16 or 17 babysitting a four year old who was helping me make dinner. I told him he couldn't touch the boiling pot of water and he balled up his fists, looked me in the eye, and proceeded to describe how he would use a fork to twist my eyeball out of socket.

I simply told him, "I'd like to see you try."



"It was just a kitten."

I was 14, caring for two kids, four and six during summer break. I had no idea what he meant. His parents called me later and asked if I knew where the cat went.


Until you die....

My nephew, at 4, after I corrected him for hitting my son:

"I'm going to beat you with a baseball bat until you bleed to death and die."

Another time I was told that he was going to stab my in the face with a knife till I died.

Another time he actually yelled that he wished my daughter (who was a baby) was dead.

Sooooo.....needless to say we don't visit them very often.


his aim was low....

My roommate's kid was in the yard with me, holding a feather. He's silent, staring at me, smiling. Then he tries to stab me in the eye with the pointy end. Thank god children need to develop their hand eye coordination - his aim was low.


"Ms, I love you."

I used to teach preschool and one kid would encourage the others to break the rules, then watch the aftermath. For example, one of the sweetest kids in the class hit another student and when I asked why he did that, he said "because X told me to." And X was just sitting at a table watching the whole thing. Whenever X misbehaved himself, he would grab onto my legs, flash doe eyes and say "Ms, I love you." It was really creepy, and it's unusual for a kid to be that manipulative at 3!


"3 second memory"

Met a kid at a mental hospital who openly told the class that he dealt with anger by buying goldfish from Walmart, putting one in a glass cup by itself, cussing at it so it knew what was coming, then stabbing it with a fork in front of the others.


Their memory is actually fairly good. They can remember stuff that happened up to 5 months ago. People just started spreading the "3 second memory" myth because it was popular to get them in small glasses, where they would swim round and round all day. Of course that's cruel to any fish, especially an intelligent and social one, so they spread the myth that the fish forgets everything immediately anyway and therefore never gets bored.



  1. Found out he Killed kittens, grotesquely, and was bragging. I told his mom and they moved to Venezuela.
  2. Brought a knife to school in kindergarten. Got locked in an office, climbed through the ceiling tiles to escape. 20 years later, broke into someone's home, when the cops asked him what he was doing he said he was going to assault her.

These were 2 different kids from my elementary school in a town of <20k people.


Who are you?

When I was little some kid in my swimming class almost drowned me, when I finally got out I asked him why he tried to kill me and he said he thought I was someone else.


Same thing happened to me at a day camp, when he told me he mistook me for someone else I was thinking 'Wtf man, that doesn't make it all good.'


being 3....

In nursery school a boy tried to strangle me with a shoe lace... he also decapitated our class hamster. I never heard anything about him after that, but he must be in prison now. I don't remember exactly, cuz I was like 3, but think he stole a knife from the kitchen.


'make chick noises'

My mother bought 10 young chicks for us to have as pets, my cousin wanted to hear them all 'make chick noises' so he grabbed every single one of them and kept bashing them on the table until all of them got squashed by the young murderer

He was 4. I tried to stop him, his father kept telling me to leave him alone, the weird thing is that his father is one of the most religious people I know.


Oh Mikey....

When I was very young, my imaginary friend was Michael Myers. Watched Halloween and instead of being horrified, I wanted him to be my buddy. I'm sure the teachers at school thought I was on my way to become a serial killer.

In reality, I just thought that maybe if he had a friend, he wouldn't hurt people.


"Take your face off."

I was sitting next to a cute little boy at circle time at the preschool where I worked. The lead teacher was reading a story and the little boy leaned over and whispered,

"Take your face off."


"Take your face off."

"That's silly, faces don't come off!"

"I take my face off, and you take your face off, and then I rub my skull on you!"

He also once claimed he was making "brunch for his ghost" while playing with cooking equipment, but honestly, that was cute.

He was actually a really sweet kid and just loved spooky Halloween stuff. He was wearing a skeleton t-shirt at the time, which I think gave him the idea. He also loved cutesy Christmas stuff. Just an all-around festive child. But this was one of my first days in his class and it definitely took me by surprise!



My brother, aged around 10, told my mother very matter-of-factly that he was going to join the army just so he could steal a tank and shoot our mother in the face with it. Wasn't joking or anything. He meant it.

Luckily for everyone my brother got better and is now halfway alright.



It was not the child that did anything, it was the parenting I saw. There was this girl I knew who had a little boy. Girl had a strange man at her house everyday. She'd make the kid call the guy "Daddy", she'd walk around topless or half nude, meanwhile, paying the male all the attention, dismissing the kid any time he tried to speak to her or ask him something. Sounded a lot like the childhood of several serial killers I'd read about.

How do you tell someone that their parenting style was optimal for producing one of these maniacs? What was this kid going to have to do to get her attention? Couldn't call social services because the kid was well fed, attended school and was never physically punished. Bu the psychological damage I saw occurring was awful.


Wrong in the Head

A loner in my primary school did just disturbing things.... like he killed his hamster by chucking it against a wall he used to dissect alive insects with a tooth pick. In the school playing fields and used to have random outbursts. If you were just talking to him he would just start screaming and try and beat you up out the blue. They just labelled it with just in a phase but thinking about something was definitely wrong with his head.


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