People Share The Craziest Concoctions They've Created

Throw in everything but the kitchen sink....

There are no concrete rules when it comes to being a foodie, or just plain eating on the daily. Sure they say it's a sign of good breeding or a refined palette to be able to mix and match food "properly," but we only live once. Eat away in whatever way you see fit. Just don't be surprised if you send a few of us to the toilet to vomit. Somethings being eaten together, or just the mixture of certain ingredients can turn a even the most hardened stomach.

Redditor u/pivamelvin wanted people to tell us about some of their most unique recipes by asking.... What is a food rule that YOU have broken?

Cereal Killer....


I'll eat almost any "hot" food without heating it up, assuming it's properly cooked already. Leftovers are a very quick meal for me... no prep time whatsoever.

My partner eats cereal weird. Drops a couple ice cubes into the bowl, then adds milk. Lets it sit for a minute then adds a thin layer of cereal on top. Slowly adds cereal as the bowl empties and leaves the milk out for the whole process, which takes about an hour.

Savor the Sushi.... 

I do whatever I want with my sushi. GigaCharstoise


(Politely, the exit is over here) thyman3

When /r/sushi abomination is inspiration and not disgust. YerbaMateKudasai

Just Like Dad.... 

I put my cake in a bowl and pour milk over it... my dad taught me this as a kid and I've found it is much less common than i thought but i recommend everyone tries it its golden. Lysergicidic

YES! My granny used to do it if what she baked was a bit dry, but i keep up the tradition moist or not. So tasty. SparklySpunk

Slush Away....

One time I went to sonic and ordered a slushee. For whatever reason I asked for chocolate and vanilla for the flavors and they actually made it and brought it out to me. Worst thing I ever tasted. CakeDOTexe

I can count to 10!


5 second rule will never stop me! sleeksneaks88

5 second rule is bullcrap anyway. Why would germs just wait a sec, to be respectful? If you are going to eat something off the floor (I won't pretend like I haven't) then own it! Fibwick

Suicide Soda.... 

Mixed all the sodas at the soda fountain, have yet to puke because of it. BitterFortuneCookie

We always called that a Swamp-water. We called it a suicide when you take that rubber mat that collects liquids at the bar and pour it into a shot glass. h00ter7


Red wine goes with EVERYTHING. Chicken, seafood, cake, left over pizza, peanut M&Ms..... MonkeyCatDog

I'm a 30-something woman so apparently I'm supposed to love white wine, but f**k that crap. Y'all can have my $8 Costco Malbec when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers. SmoreOfBabylon

The Leftovers....

Leftover meatloaf for breakfast. Scrambled eggs for dinner. Did it. Will do it again. I apologize for nothing. NowYouzeCantLeave

I never understood why leftover dinner can't make a perfectly delicious breakfast. don_cornichon

From side to side... 

Not me but my friend eats subway sandwiches from the side where you would hold it. Taxevasionboy

You almost have to do this with Jimmy John's sandwiches otherwise the fillings slide out the side. I get irrationally angry when they f**k up the bread so there isn't a good hinge to hold it all together. plexnewbie

Dunk Away....


Apparently its considered bad manner to soak your bread in the juices of the food left on your plate. I used to do this all time and its delicious, but got called out on it recently and now feel self conscious about it. eddie09876