People Reveal What Features Their Dreamhouse Would Have

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I want it all! A big bank account overflowing with Benjamins, 2 Porsches, a plane, a plush vacation island but most importantly... an opulent home where I can hide comfortably from the World and it's inhabitants. We all have that dream of acquiring the greatest of life's accomplishments, a home of our own and by our own design.

Redditor **__MyRandomSideAccount _was dying to know... _Assuming money was not an issue, what feature would you want your dream house to have? _Without financial worry the opportunities are boundless! Let the dreams begin! **


I just want a bathtub that's long enough that I can fit my whole body underwater.


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100% sound proof in a downtown area, So I can walk to everything but inside I get total silence.


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Hidden room behind a bookshelf and/or fireman's pole from one level down to another.


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A pool house. Always that was so cool in shows like the OC and Gilmore Girls. Plus it would make awesome side money for Airbnb.


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Heated driveway and sidewalks. No scooping snow or slipping on ice.


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I want a bedroom overlooking the ocean, where the walls and ceiling are glass. When there's a thunderstorm outside, or a blizzard, I can pull back the curtains and be part of the storm while still safe and warm.


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Huge shower. Waterfall shower head from the ceiling, sprayers in the wall, and removable shower heads. A setting to where only one comes on, or all of them, or a jet massage setting.

Plus a dry corner that can hold my drink and keep it from being flooded with water.


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Secret rooms and passages.


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Full professional cinema with 30 x recliners.


30 recliners? why do you need that?

One is enough, not like we have any friends.


Just in case you want different angles.



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A moat and a draw bridge but the moat isn't for protection, it's for housing penguins.

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