Ice cream is one of life's greatest gifts. They say it's a dessert, but that is only for those who are ice cream amateurs. Ice cream is perfect any moment of the day and for any occasion. It's there for you when you want to celebrate and when you want to cry. So one would think that it would be impossible to ruin ice cream, and if you think that... you be shockingly wrong. It takes a special kind of crazy, but yes, ice cream can be destroyed.

Redditor u/Middleman86 wanted to hear about the times ice cream became the enemy by asking....

What's the worst flavor of ice cream you've ever had?

Generic is a NO!


I had some really cheap peach flavored ice cream one time. It was awful. It was all grainy and ice-crystal-y and clearly flavored with fake ester chemicals, rather than any kind of real fruit. It was like artificially sweetened milk with sidewalk chalk dumped into it. That's the impression it gave.

Also, I kinda mislike fruit-based ice cream flavors other than strawberry, to begin with. So it started in the basement of the ice cream world and dug a hole downward from there. datreddditguy

Stay in the Sea...

Lobster. They sell it as a novelty in Bar Harbor, Maine. It truly is horrific. moonprismpower

I just posted about this. I tried it at the Big E once. It literally made me gag when I was chewing on the pieces of cooked lobster inside the ice cream. _Cyanide_Christ_

The Stinking Rose.....

Place called The Stinking Rose in San Francisco. Home of the worlds largest garlic braid. Everything on the menu has garlic in it. Ice cream was, as expected, terrible. Everything else was amazing though. Two thumbs up, ten stars, love the place, would go again. AngrySmapdi

A Fine Line.

I've have 2 that come to mind. The first was a lemon sorbet that tasted like it was made with the pith not the juice. The 2nd was vegemite gelato. As an Aussie, I love vegemite but there's a line that shouldn't be crossed. ero_senin05

Jarring and unpleasant.


Teaberry- I'm just really not a fan.

Chicken n' Waffle- was ok until the you tasted the protein-y chicken piece in it. Jarring and unpleasant. Kimbee13

Mom's Fav....

My mom's favorite is chocolate with peanut butter swirl. Only, I hated it, because it was a cheap brand, so the peanut butter was subpar and froze into the consistency of plastic. She used to get it all the time, and I never touched it despite loving ice cream. trans_soul_rebel

Why God Why?

My dad once went to an ice cream place and saw they had a wasabi flavor. He asked how it was and the employee replies "It's awful, do you want to try it?"

Apparently it was, in fact, awful. KitchenSwillForPigs

I definitely remember selling wasabi ice cream when I worked at a Cold Stone. Nobody touched it, not the customers or the employees. We didn't get any mix-in recipes to go with it either, which is good because I can't imagine anybody figuring out what toppings would pair well with wasabi. The flavor pretty much existed solely so that people could make bets with each other on who could stand to try it. redmage311

Agent Orange. 

It was a sorbet (idk if this would count). Was supposed to be "orange" flavoured but actually tasted like boiled baby carrots. Turned me off from Carrots and Orange Sorbet ever since. If I have to have a cooked carrot (i.e. in rice), I will just swallow it instead of chewing it. CUHACS

No Hints....


Durian ice cream... I definitely played myself with that one. It tasted like garlic and mango together with a hint of vanilla. l0v3l0v3


I used to regularly go to a sort of nerd camping event each summer where we would make ice cream from liquid nitrogen out in the woods. Great fun. Each year people would pre-mix ice cream ready to be frozen, and the challenge was to come up with something interesting or different.

I've had ice cream in these flavors:

  • Oyster
  • Limburger Cheese
  • Shrimp
  • Celery

Unquestionably the limburger cheese was the most vile. But I guess I can say I've had it. penkster

A PNW What?


A PNW special: lemon geoduck ice cream.

We were road tripping on the coast, stopped in a tiny ice cream parlor, and decided we had to try it, because when the heck else are you going to try GEODUCK ICE CREAM?

Yes, geoduck is ~that one clam~. It tasted like lemon ice cream with chunks of rubber band in it and a hint of something deeply unsettling. Not recommended. wisebird24

Shut it Down! 

Cicada Ice Cream. Living in the middle of the US we tend to get a lot of cicadas every 7 years or so. A small shop in town decided they would bag the cicadas, dry them out and add them as a crunchy element to some ice cream.

Local health department must have thought it tasted like poop too because they shut them down in a fast hurry. dr_camp

Call the Police! 

My grocery store has a brand of ice cream that's meant to be a cheap alternative to Ben 'n Jerry's style ice cream. This flavor was lemon cheesecake, and it tasted okay, but after one spoonful, it felt like it left a residue of wax in my mouth. I tried another spoonful and afterwards I could scrape my spoon across the roof of my mouth and it came away with a waxy white substance.

It was so horrible. I tried to call to report it but this whole pandemic thing happened. darsynia


Blue cheese and chocolate.

We were on a tour of our local ice cream factory with school and we had an ice cream tasting.

Some were great, some were blue cheese. Wertical21



I had a fish flavored ice cream once in Japan. It's called shirasu (baby sardines), on Enoshima Island. AoiRenga

Without Chunks Please!

So someone I knew attempted to make beer ice cream once. Apparently it needed to be heated and cooled and have egg added in. I guess they didn't wait long enough for it to cool before they added the egg in so it ended up cooking the egg. So they ended up with beer ice cream with chunks of cooked egg in it. scarletnightingale

The Bite is Ruined. 

Jalapeño Pineapple... In retrospect still sounds pretty good but when I tried it in person it was like syrup and hot sauce. I still think that with proper execution it would have worked. ZucchiniFace44

That does legitimately sound like it would be good. Don't make it TOO sweet, and you gotta pickle the jalapeños to pull that bite out of them first. PolloMagnifico

No cows yet. 

Pine tree. Not the worst taste but weirdest, it tasted exactly like a pine tree smells like. Pikkususi

Amusingly, pine tree also happens to be one of the few modern ice cream flavors that also would have been possible to make back when dinosaurs were alive. You'd have to use some primitive early mammal's milk to make the cream, though. No cows yet. havron

"The Baconalia"

I worked at a Denny's when they did their "Baconalia" menu with a maple bacon sundae. It didn't take anyone long to realize the maple syrup on vanilla ice cream was way better without the bacon, because they just became ice hard chunks of meat that really don't add to the flavor, just an odd texture to your dessert. BongRipsForNips

Le Pew....


Brussel sprout or spinach. Both are equally terrible. An ice cream parlor in France called l'igloo. They have like 1k different flavors, many good but some weird. RagePandazXD


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