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People Break Down The Most Disgusting Flavors Of Ice Cream Ever
Mieke Campbell/Unsplash

Ice cream has gotten pretty inventive over the years. Especially when it's beautiful to look at and made "Instagram worthy."

Trends from the past year have been incorporating savory flavors into the traditionally sweet treat.

However, not all flavors should be made into an ice cream dish. We went to Reddit to find out which ones were the absolute worst.

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People Recall The Worst Ice Cream Flavor They've Ever Tried

There is just no reason to inflict that sort of pain to my pallet....

Ice cream is one of life's greatest gifts. They say it's a dessert, but that is only for those who are ice cream amateurs. Ice cream is perfect any moment of the day and for any occasion. It's there for you when you want to celebrate and when you want to cry. So one would think that it would be impossible to ruin ice cream, and if you think that... you be shockingly wrong. It takes a special kind of crazy, but yes, ice cream can be destroyed.

Redditor u/Middleman86 wanted to hear about the times ice cream became the enemy by asking....

What's the worst flavor of ice cream you've ever had?

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We'd all be lying if we said we'd never taken even a little bit of joy in messing with someone. You may have to lie to the people who know you in person, but c'mon. This is the internet, we're all friends in our mutual horribleness here.

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