People Break Down 'The Incident' That Happened At Their High School

A deleted Reddit user asked: 'What was “the incident” at your high school?'

High school student carrying text books.
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Nothing has more impact on our lives than the moments of adolescence.

Everything seems to be high stakes–especially in high school–where short-term goals like being popular and voted best-looking are the coveted status.

And when teens fall short of expectations, struggle with academics, and feel like breakups are the end of the world, they don't have the wisdom yet to know things eventually get better.

It's no wonder many successful TV series like 90210 feature teens. There's plenty of drama to entertain audiences who've either been there or are going through it themselves and find many of the plotlines are relatable.

But sometimes, there are plenty of unimaginable and horrific incidents that take place and are forever ingrained as part of the high school experience.

Curious to hear from strangers online about their teenage years, an anonymous Redditor asked:

"What was 'the incident' at your high school?"

Major school incidences ranged from the bizarre to tragedy.

Prank Gone Wrong

"Senior prank, someone dumped a few hundred pounds of flour and yeast into the school indoor pool, in hopes of turning it into a giant glob of dough (I guess). It didn’t work, just caused about 100K damage to plumbing, pumps, filters, etc. Prankster never caught."

– Sea_Ganache620

Cruel Morning

"In high school Two kids both named Logan. Both last names were very similar. One was popular and the other was not. Unpopular Logan was drunk and ran across a road in the middle of the night and was killed by a semi-truck."

"The next day the principal announced that popular Logan had died. Popular Logan was late for school."

"Everyone was very sad. Then popular Logan showed up and all school rejoiced that unpopular Logan was the one who died. Was f'ked up."

– AggressiveSmoke4054

Sudden Death

"A sophomore (my classmate) dropped unconscious in gym class and was rushed to the hospital. 3 days later they took him off life support and he died from a brain aneurysm."

"Edit to add: his funeral was held in the high school gym and damn near everyone went. Never in my life did I think I’d attend a funeral AT school."

– DisappointmentToMost

In The Nick Of Time

"A friend of mine in high school had a brain aneurysm, also as a sophomore. He'd been complaining for a few days about sudden, brief, very intense headaches. He was on the JV football team and went to play a game. Took a hard tackle and the aneurysm ruptured."

"That actually turned out to be the luckiest possible time for it to happen, because the school always had an ambulance on call at the side of the field during football games, so he was in the hands of EMTs within a minute of people realizing something was wrong. He was rushed to the hospital, they removed part of his skull to reduce the pressure on his brain and he spent a week or two in an induced coma. But in an absolute damn miracle, he made about as complete of a recovery as one can from that kind of injury; the only long-term effect was some very minor loss of muscle control in the left side of his face, so his smile was a little crooked."

"That was back in 2000."

"He just died three weeks ago from an accidental drug overdose."

– Lachwen


"A kid came to school with a machete and tree saw and slashed 7 students the day before Thanksgiving break."

"And a girl fell through the gym’s acoustic ceiling tiles and had to wear a halo."

– usfgirl1020

Incidences were not limited to just the students.


"A science teacher was beaten, chased and fatally set on fire by her husband who then shot himself."

– Fracture_98

Domestic Violence

"A teacher at the school I attended was being chased by her abusive husband. She drove to a police station with him following and tried to go inside but the doors were locked (it was some holiday). He shot her dead there and drove off. After that they made a rule to always have someone on staff and the doors unlocked."

– TheW83

There's no avoiding the brutal shaming that accompanies the high school experience.

Special Gym Class

"We had so many pregnant teen girls that they had their own gym class."

"A friend of mine who had a fake leg— he had a solid metal rod from mid thigh to mid calf from childhood leukemia so he couldn’t bend at the knee, was in the same class. Just this one poor guy and 30 pregnant 16 year olds."

"I was a teenager in the late 90s and grew up in the southeastern United States. It was a suburban area where a ton of people (still) identify as Evangelical Christians, it’s also called the Bible Belt. The required sex education classes didn’t teach anything but 'Just Say No' so there were girls who thought jumping up and down would prevent pregnancy. Not kidding. These were really sheltered girls who would attend Purity Dances, so it was quite a scandal that so many were pregnant at the same time. Most of the baby daddies were just dumb teenage boys who didn’t know the facts of life."

"Remember that there was no internet at this point so it’s not like teens could get information on their own especially if they were from a super religious background. A girl on my street was 'sent away' to live with an aunt when she got pregnant."

"Also, the pregnant girl gym class was technically for the physically disabled kids, hence why my friend was the lone guy in the class."

"His leg, from what he explained to me, had cancer in the bones of his knee. They didn’t want to amputate his whole leg so they removed the knee and grafted a rod in place— this would have been back in the late 80s so I’m sure they do stuff differently now."

– Malicious_Tacos

Students Can Be So Mean

"a girl had an epilepsy attack and she lost control of her bowels. Not a pretty sight."

"Mean girls type made fun of her, and she transferred to another high school."

– StuntCockofGilead

Teenagers deserve more credit than they're given.

These days, they are forced to grow up fast and learn important life lessons earlier than their parents like for them to experience due to various circumstances unfolding on campus.

If they can survive high school, they can survive almost anything in life past graduation.

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