People Explain How They Got Their Childhood Scar

Life is full of disasters and disaster can strike almost at first breath. Now many disasters are small and they leave behind scars. Quite often those scars turn into sexy markings that map one's life. It's amazing when we look back and realize how many times we've cheated death. And the only proof we have are the marks that tell the tale.

Redditor u/Forkos34 wanted to hear some tales of the past and the marks left behind by asking.... What and how did you get a "childhood scar" ?

"special class"

When I was a freshman the school decided to put me in a "special class" (for problematic kids) I was a noisy kid, but not a bad one. from a kid with a bunch of friends that loved to go to school it becomes a nightmare, almost every day I fight with those kids, sometimes just verbal and sometimes actually fights. After a few months, I just stop talking and eat all the shit without responding and then I just stop going to school, it was 2 years like that. I think It was the worse times of my lives, I'm 30 now. NinfaMott

face palm....


Have a cross shaped scar under my chin from falling off my tricycle when I was 3. face palm. KingHankXII

The School Years...

I was bullied in my teenage years by just about the entire school for wearing giant glasses and having a massive jewfro. On the last year of high school, I ended up getting contact lenses, a nice haircut and I suddenly gained a lot of courage to stand up to the main bully who replied with setting up a time to fight.

I went with it and we both slapped each other silly but I did it slightly better to the point that people started to say that I whupped his butt. That was enough for me to have a great last year and I became overall popular moving forward from that. ____DEADPOOL_______

Rats Away.....

It involved a rat, some glue, a balloon and a really sharp butter knife. IdleWokerOcean

Rat probably crafted a hot air balloon and dropped a knife on said user from above. liftoffsavage

My Butt Cheek....


Cut my butt cheek open on a nail when sledding down a debris pile from neighborhood construction. I was so numb I didn't feel it. Only when I got home and stripped down in the hallway did my parents see all the blood. snakeoil-huckster

I was 7 i think....

I was 7 i think, but yeah. Took a jacket, ran full speed in a corridor, jumped on the jacket and proceeded to slide across the house. Did that a few times, but my 7 years old self wanted more so i sprinted and jumped, into a wall.

I opened my head on that wall. But i did it again a few months after. Jumped into the SAME wall, and injured my head exactly on the same spot.

To this day, there is still a hole in that wall. Vixnell

Toddler Endurance....

I was about 2 and a half. Fell off my grandma's 2nd story balcony onto my face. Got a gnarly chin/lip combo scar.

Luckily, toddlers can bounce. suicidal_ideation_

On the chin.....

3-4 years old, wanted to watch dad split wood despite being told to step back. Proceeds to take a splitting maul to the face which busted my lip open and resulted in stitches in my lip/below my chin. Now I have a lil scar under my chin. KassidyLowe



I was attacked by a dog when I was 7. It bit me in the face. I got 13 stitches and now I have a scar on my right cheek vaguely resembling cat whiskers. It's not so noticeable now, but every now and again someone asks me about it. Blossomie

You're It....

I have a scar on my forehead. My friends and I were playing tag. I ran round a corner and straight into the mouth of a screaming girl I'd startled. Her tooth went right into my head and I still remember her name. catinaboxofwool



When I was a year old, I climbed out of the crib and fell between it and the wall, straight onto a piping hot baseboard heater. The burn was so severe it melted the diaper to my skin.

Even to this day, I still have a fist sized burn scar on my left side that will never go away. zoebug0617


Mom said don't touch the coat hanger that's holding the window open.

I touched the coat hanger.

My middle fingers don't match. The window crushed the end of my right middle finger. Finger still works fine. Just looks a little different than the other. Oshira_Sama

Kids are stupid. 

My sister has a scar on her hand from breaking a glass when she was like 7. She told us she accidentally fell and it smashed and stuck to that for years. She revealed to me a few months ago (she's 17) that she actually was curious how hard you'd have to hit a glass to make it break and just... tested it out and I guess it wasn't much cause it broke right in her hand. Kids are stupid. amandapandab


Well I was 17... So does that count? Because if it does its the one on the back of my head because of my involuntary breakdancing on the concrete started after having a seizure outside. I've said it quite a number of times in my life once I found out I was epileptic. I don't think I have never gotten a laugh out of it. GeorgeFromManagement

Out of Bed....


Fell out of my bed, on a Lego. This was the night after my mum told me to clean my room, but I didn't. Now I have a scar on my chin :')

Edit: also, when I was a toddler, I threw myself backwards without regards, when I was having a tantrum. Until one day I fell on the glass table, lol. Never did that again. Yumeimusik

Stick It. 

Second degree burn over my whole stomach, ran into a branch and cut down my throat, stick fighting and cut my right arm, flew off the bike while hitting the wrong brake and tore off a lot of my skin on the left leg and left arm. And got a lot of small ones from different things. Falling down from trees, cliffs, etc. Berlin-couple

Not too Deep. 

I have a 4 inch scar (used to be like 8 inches) scar on my leg from when i was walking through some caves in northern cali during summer school. the teacher told us to make sure we are shining our flash lights down to watch out for any holes but i figured since it was bright enough i wouldn't need too. jokes on me, feel in a hole and cut my leg open, luckily wasn't deep enough to need stitches. rocket___goblin

directly into to my face....

When I was 8 years old, my 3 year old brother was in the bathtub, and I was amusing him by tossing cups of water into the air. Well, the last toss of lukewarm bathwater made contact with the hot lightbulb above the tub, and caused it to blast glass shrapnel out of it's fixture like a cannon... directly into to my face. I screamed. My brother screamed. My mom screamed.

There was blood everywhere. My dad came running. He threw a towel on my face and told me to hold it while he drive me to the ER. An X-ray and a few stitches later, I had a beautiful new scar across my nose.

Miraculously my mom and brother were untouched, and only my nose was damaged. Still have the scar to this day. Oshira_Sama


When I was 8 on vacation in Naples Florida I got bit by a shark on the left side of the heel on my left foot. I was in knee high water and the water is very dark and gross on the west coast of florida. I stepped into a hole and that's when it happened. I came running out of the water screaming, the lifeguards cleared everyone out of the water.

A friend of the family was there and saw me, he was a male nurse and stopped the bleeding with a few towels. I slept for probably 24 hours from the blood loss and for some reason my parents didn't take me to a hospital. I convinced myself for years it wasn't a shark but it's hard to ignore the tooth mark scar I have on my foot. Reddit



Got one on my left ear, looks exactly like a really screwed up piercing- because it is.

For context, I was really young, my sister was really young, we got into a physical fight, I kicked her with steel-toed boots, she stabbed me with her earring!

I'm the only one with lasting damage from that fight. Afraid of getting my ears pierced because of it (that crap hurt like hell man!!!) Vulpine-Poltergeist


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