It's that time of year again. Halloween and summer are in our rearview mirrors and we are barreling towards the greatest time of our lives.

You know what I'm talking about... it's Mariah Carey time. And time for presents. Oh yeah, and the blessed arrival of Jesus and all of that.

My list seems to get shorter every year. This means I'm focusing more on my needs and not just wants.

Not that I don't appreciate a ton of frivolous holiday loot.

So let's start gathering up ideas on how to make this Christmas the best one yet. How are we gonna fill those stockings?

A secretRedditorwanted to hear all about our Christmas wishes this year. They asked:

What do you want for Christmas?

After they asked, they deleted their Reddit name. Santa... is that you?

I want money. Is that bad? I don't care if you think so. Just give me the cash and I'll do the shopping myself. Oh, and Adele tickets.

Oh yeah... and of course, world peace.

Sing Out

adele hello GIFGiphy

"I want concert tickets for a New Year's Eve event and to meet a friend." ~ esquiteconchile

What is Necessary?

"I can't think of anything. I'm good." ~ Trapped_In_A_Blur

"You just made my day. I really do wish people didn't "need" anything for a holiday-made-silly by gift-giving… we all need a lot of things, regardless of what season it is. These are (often) things that aren't tangible objects to begin with… so, thanks for commenting. Love and light, y'all." ~ YoureACloudAirry

Essential Tools

"A new spatula and a nap." ~ indecisive_ly

"Go to Spatula City." ~ new-username-2017

"Before investing in a spatula, consider this one and their other accessories. Cut down my stuff draw by about 80%." ~ StabbyInc

Upgrading Crafts

"I want a PC upgrade, but I'd rather my wife get all the yarn she wants for all her projects." ~ nyle2

"Literally this. Last year I want to buy a new motor but wife wants to save for our dream house. And now we are focusing on building it. I guess a good choice to make." ~ Shot-Investigator-90

"Okay. You sell your PC to buy her a bunch of yarn, and she can sell her knitting needles to buy you that upgrade she knows you really want." ~ SoullessDad

Pain Relief

Massage GIF by CompexGiphy

"One of those back massager guns." ~ Ultra_Maxwell

"I would want one of those except I don't have anyone to use it on or to use it on me. I just want the world to be free of addiction tbh." ~ MummaGoose

I love those massage guns. I HAVE to get one, thanks for reminding me. And I always want another nap, they are definitely a gift. Spatulas? Meh.


Teddy Bear Hug GIFGiphy

"A hug." ~ Correct-Revenue2900

"I need one too. So lets hug 8 times, apparently its the no of hugs one needs to get thru the day. But it would be weird 2 strangers hugging each other 8 times in a row so I guess it's off the table. I guess I'm just refused myself lol." ~ ChutkiJoTuneMariHai

Easy on Me

"My mom died in April, it will be very different for all of us this year. My wish is that it won't be too hard on the kids, or my wife. She has really struggled with her loss." ~ mustang-and-a-truck

"The first anniversaries, birthdays and holidays are the worst by far. I'm not going to tell you it gets easier with time because doesn't. Ten years from now you'll still remember that day like it was yesterday because to your heart it was yesterday."

"What does get easier are the days and moving forward with your life without them. Remembering them won't hurt as much and one day you'll find that it makes you happy to remember and not shed a tear. The memory of them keeps them alive so long as someone is around to remember them. So long as you're around, they're never really gone." ~ 19GamerGhost95

Happy Feet

"Socks. Literally I love socks. Simple." ~ TheVines2002EVOLVED

"You know growing up I used to get pissed when I opened a gift and it was socks. Now as an adult I actually add it to my Christmas list every year." ~ throwawaymeplease45

"Exactly my evolution as well. Anything that separates you from the ground is a blessing not to be taken lightly. Shoes, socks, a good mattress, etc." ~ TheVines2002EVOLVED

the end

"I want the pandemic to end." ~ Lildebeest

"I also wish for this. I'm getting REALLY sick of not living life normally just for the cases in my city to continuously go up and up. People. Are. Idiots." ~ xnightwolflivesx

"Same, it's my wife's 30th in January and I have booked us an epic holiday months ago, it's really getting my anxieties going as the cases stay high here :( 😞." ~ T0ddBarker

Happy Holidays!

All I Want For Christmas Is You GIF by Mariah CareyGiphy

"I want all the wishes of the people commenting to come true. It's been a rough year for everybody, so I wish you all have a nice Christmas." ~ improbablynotahuman

Get those credit cards ready, and get those lists together. But start shopping now because this supply chain issue could leave us all empty-handed on Christmas morning.

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