People Break Down Which Products They Used To Love Until There Was A Decline In Quality
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There are few things more disappointing these days than when you figure out that a product you used to love just isn't worth it anymore. I think back to all of the clothes I used to wear as a teen that I would only later realize was of the shoddiest quality. That stuff would fall apart after only a few washes. The experience really ignited a distaste for fast fashion.

People told us all about the products that they hate now after Redditor termyterner asked the online community,

"What's something you really used to like till it declined in quality?"

"Used to only be..."

"Political subreddits.

Used to only be bad during election cycles, now it's just nonstop for bots, trolls, and people that enjoy mainlining disinformation. Get your news from better sources folks."


Well, the internet is terribly toxic, soooo... is this a surprise?

"They used to be..."

"Blundstone Boots. They used to be so well built. Now, the soles are crap and basically disintegrate before the boots even look well-worn. I REPEAT BLUNDSTONE BOOTS. THEY ARE NOW TERRIBLE."


Bad quality shoes will ruin your day (and cost so much more money in the long run).

"And it seems..."

"Oreos. And it seems like nobody else noticed, but Oreos taste like a cheap imitation of the ones I grew up with. Why is nobody talking about how awful Oreos have gotten?"


I don't even bother nowadays. I used to really enjoy them, but all that sugar is gross.

"How I hate..."

"The Walking Dead. How I hate to say that."


I stopped watching around the time Glen and Abraham were killed. I just completely lost interest. Such a shame.

"I challenge anyone..."

"Ritz crackers.

I challenge anyone to try and spread anything on a Ritz cracker without it exploding into dust."


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"After Covid hit..."

"Restaurants. After Covid hit all the restaurants in my area have had noticeably reduced food quality."


Food supply chains have been pretty disrupted. We'll be seeing this for awhile.

"Every place..."

"Every place that has a spicy chicken sandwich or a buffalo sandwich. Always start out nice and hot but a couple of months in they keep backing down the heat level to appease people who think ranch dressing is medium-hot. Eventually, it's just fried chicken with a closed bottle of Franks waved over it."


"They were actually..."

"They were actually rather decent in the early 2000s, but then Quizno's went on a huge expansion and Subway tried to copy them, but without the quality ingredients."


"I used to love..."

"I used to love Chinese buffets. But in the last few years, I've noticed that almost every one I go to is just terrible.

I don't know if the quality has changed, or just my taste."


Well, that was disappointing. Now my brain won't stop going over all the places and things I used to enjoy that absolutely suck now.

I guess I'm better off––and so are you.

Have some thoughts of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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