People Break Down The Secrets They've Learned That Could Totally Ruin Someone's Life
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Holding someone's secret is one of the deepest levels of trust you can gain.

It's what you do with that trust that matters. If you're able to carry it forever, then congratulations, that puts you somewhere in the top upper echelons of secret keepers. For the rest of us mere mortals, who love to serve the tea, there's always the internet to discuss the things you're not supposed to share.

Reddit user, u/daddydempy, wanted to hear some dark secrets when they asked:

what is a secret you know about someone that could literally ruin their life?

Sticking Your Neck Out For Co-Workers?

Since most of your day is typically spent at work, you want to make sure you gain the trust and respect of the people you work with. That means that, occasionally, you hold on to one of their little secrets. However, what happens when those secrets put your own career at risk?

You're Going To Call Me Out? Me?

One of my coworkers smokes meth at work. In the last three months I've found probably half a dozen pipes she's left behind because she's too f-cked up to remember to hide them. About a month ago she started leaving these passive aggressive notes (usually when the boss shows up) about how she's the only one who does her job. I showed her the folder on my phone and told her if she leaves another bullsh-t note for me to read, I'll call the boss, then I'll call DHR.


Everyone's Into Their Own Thing

One of my buddies is a furry like a massive furry.

I was looking for some old call of duty videos me and my buddy made in like 2009, I was just searching the old Gamertags, trying to figure out where they were and a page for a furry website popped up.

It had all his basic info on it, with an up to date age, I looked around the page and found an IRL pic from his room that I recognised. It had like 8 years of almost daily uploads/interactions on there.

Haven't told anyone, can't really.

Not going to be the guy that just bullies him or tells our other friends, he's not hurting anyone but I'm also not gonna tell him I know, cause that would be mad awkward.

I'm terrified I'm gonna let it slip when I'm drunk.


In The Navy, You Can Cheat On All Your Spouses, In The Navy

I'm in the navy and I know a lot of people who have cheated on their spouses, I'm sure if I spilled the beans at least a few of them would have their lives ruined.


You Don't Rat Out A Friend? Right?

Friendship means you keep all secrets, right? You don't rat out a buddy and you trust them with all of your own personal "stuff," meaning you can tell them all your issues.

Unless, of course, the internet is right nearby.

That's A Way To Start A Marriage

My friend had sex with his wife's sister long before they got married.

She has no idea.

Edit: Let me clarify. Wife is the one who has no idea. When it happened my friend and his wife had just started hooking up. I don't think he ever thought they would get married.


Maintaining The Charade

I know an older guy who claimed disability when filing for social security. Says he's in so much pain because of past injuries, he can't even drive. Has his girlfriend take off work and drive him to his in-person SS appointments just to keep up the charade. Has a walker just for these appointments too.

In the warmer months, he takes day-long motorcycle rides with her every weekend. He's also in a band, and he stands on stage for hours for every set, maybe once or twice a month. Drives himself to the store, or an hour's drive or so away to hang out with friends. So much pain /s.

The irony is, he used to be a PI, and most of his assignments were basically insurance/disability fraud, and he used to brag all the time about staking out and catching the fakers on camera. And he's just as bad, if not worse.


Giving Each Other The Means Of Destruction

I know his kink, he knows mine.

It's basically mutually assured destruction if either of us ever turns into that big an a--hole.


What Do You Do If It's Your Family?

The hardest might be holding secrets for other people in your family. What should be a cohesive unit of relatives can suddenly turn sour if ​you're holding onto something that can tear it asunder.

Oh? A Tattoo? That Doesn't Seem S-WHAT?

My mom is the most straight laced, uptight person you can imagine and she works very high level financial jobs for the government. If you looked up "professional woman" in the dictionary it would probably just be a picture of her.

What no one else knows is that she has a tattoo on the back of her leg of a bear with penises instead of legs- like where it's legs would be there are just massive peens. She wears tights or pants to cover it all the time, as far as I know I'm the only person that knows about it. She was a very wild teenager and met up with an "aspiring tattoo artist" (aka rando with a tattoo gun) in a hotel room to get a tattoo of a bear when she was 16- the guy got a little excessively creative and gave her a bear with largess for legs.

It is so vulgar that if anyone saw it I think there's a good chance she's lose her job, or at least have some serious explaining to do. I once asked her why she doesn't get it removed and she says it's her "symbol to her stupid youth".



My mom told me my step-father is not my step-sister's biological father.

My step-sister has no idea.


It's For Your Own Benefit

I used to know someone who told her daughter her bio dad is dead. He is not and very findable. Crazy

Update - I never said anything because the father in question was violent and she wanted to protect her child.

Also ty for the awards. First ones here, now to figure out what to do w them-oh they just chill there, cool.


Secrets are yours to hold on to or give back. No one says you need to keep them if it's causing you pain.

Just make sure the other person knows that before they tell you, otherwise you're walking around with their self-destruct switch.

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