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There's something about pineapple on pizza that sends people over the edge. I suppose this makes me a philistine, but I think it's a delicious combination: I don't understand why people get so up in arms over it. It's not that serious, people! Let others enjoy things! Let them like what they like!

Believe it or not, there are other food debates that are similarly spirited, as we found out once Redditor smackjackass asked the online community, "What other food argument is as heated as pineapple on pizza?"

"In Mexico..."

In Mexico we have the super heated argument about whether or not a quesadilla should have cheese in it. The issue arises from the fact that the name quesadilla implies cheese is in it (quesa being a prefix that comes from queso, which means cheese) but in certain places in Mexico, when you order a quesadilla they would ask you if you want cheese in it (in those places, the quesadilla usually has other food inside, like chicken of beef, the cheese is extra), which comes in contradiction with the name of the dish.


"There are folks..."

How to cook steak.

There are folks who insist that anything other than minimal spice and a quick flip of the pan is sacrilege. There are other folks who have elaborate 24h marinade sessions to get their steak ready for the barbeque and top it with clarified garlic butter. Some people like their steak well done. Some people like barbeque sauce. Some people can't afford an expensive cut, so they end up slow cooking a cheap one (*gasp*). All of these people will find someone online who thinks that they are wrong.


"If you stack..."

If you stack one lasagna on top of another lasagna do you have one big lasagna or two stacked ones?


"I have a friend..."

Is cheese a topping on a pizza? I have a friend who argues the literal side that someone has to physically put cheese on the pizza, therefore it is a topping. I argue it is not a topping, that it comes default on the pizza. If I ordered a pizza and asked for no toppings, it would still come with cheese. It gets pretty intense. I'm sure Reddit could settle it once and for all.


"Mild or spicy..."

Mild or spicy at Popeye's is practically a proxy war.


"A grilled cheese..."

A grilled cheese with anything besides cheese inside is a melt, and NOT a grilled cheese.


"This one got heated..."

Is chili a soup???? This one got heated when I asked my friends.


"I'm already getting really mad..."

Raisins do NOT belong in cookies. I don't know if this is heated for others but I definitely will judge an entire bakery on whether they'll put those cockroach look-a-likes in an oatmeal cookie. I'm already getting really mad just thinking about it.


"I don't know about other people..."

I don't know about other people, but I am of the opinion that you should NEVER put onions in your guacamole. To do so is straight up heresy.




People go insane about steak. And get offended at others not liking steak at their preferred doneness. Up to and easily including supporting chefs giving them bad food for not agreeing.

Like straight up, not joking, not playing around like people do about pineapple, literally saying that a person should get a lower quality of food because they don't agree with how they want that food cooked. And will justify it a hundred ways, saying that by their preferences what they enjoy about the steak is lost with that level of doneness.

Seriously, as long as a person has had a good quality rare steak before, and decided their preference was well done, let them f****** eat the food they pay for.

The internet needs to get over policing other people preferences for food/texture. Trying various things is good, and I could definitely agree that somebody who is only had a well done steak is missing out and really needs to try one made differently. But if they have? Respect their preferences like a functioning adult.


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