It's somewhat comforting to know that airlines mistreat customers regardless of how famous those customers may be; everyone is equal when it comes to commercial airline's endless outrages. America's Got Talent season 10 winner, Paul Zerdin, recently posted a video to YouTube where he expresses his outrage that he may be unable to perform because, for the third time, British Airways has lost his bag.

Zerdin rants (justifiably):

Here I am at Lisbon airport having just got off a British Airways flight from London's Heathrow and my Peli case with all my gear didn't make it onto it . . . This is the third time British Airways has lost my luggage. Not a connecting flight. A direct flight.

Zerdin, a 46-year-old ventriloquist, needs his bags to perform. Without his "dummies," his ventriloquism act would leave a lot to be desired.

The plot will continue to thicken as Zerdin boards a cruise, which will take him to an island, where he will be performing the following day. If his luggage doesn't meet him there, the island will shortly be filled with many unhappy people. Zerdin noted:

If [the luggage] doesn't make it to Cadiz, then there's going to be no show. Frankly, I despair. I need my luggage. Please British Airways, please get it to me tomorrow in Cadiz. Please, I beg you.

Paul's fans shared his outrage.

Once on board his cruise, Zerdin seemed to brighten up a bit:

Fortunately, on Friday, PEOPLE received confirmation from British Airways that "We have apologized to our customer and returned his bag to him."


H/T - People, Meaww

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