Parents Of Toddlers Reveal What Their Kid's Last Emotional Meltdown Was About

Kids will be kids...

Kids are a mess. They just are, no matter how much you love them. And it's okay for parents to admit their babies can be a handful.

Redditor u/Dooz420 wanted parents out there to share and discuss by asking.... Parents with Toddlers, what was Today's irrational meltdown moment?

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I captured a spider so I can set it outside.

Cried when he saw it. Cried when I captured it in a glass. Cried when I showed him the spider was okay. Cried when I set the spider outside. Cried that there was no more spider. fearofimpendingdoom

Spidey Sense....

He asked me if Spider-Man was Lightning McQueen, and I said no. MattHawkeye

I mean we have never seen them in the same room together. meowctaz339

We Need Pants! 

Cried because his shorts couldn't be pants. baby-momma-drama

I was going to say "they are pants but with legs cut off" but that would've opened a whole new can of worms. mkerv5


Our house is too square. He doesn't want to live in this square house. It needs to be a triangle. Triangles are the best shape. lefroyd

He's not wrong .

Best solution is to teach him that all squares are made of two triangles. So his house is really twice as cool. ItsMeTK

No Touch!


The rice and the beans in his bowl of beans and rice were touching. We were at a restaurant that we frequent and this has literally never been a problem before. He'll survive if his beans and rice touch. 9600_PONIES


He was already crying and got more upset because his "tears kept falling off his face and wouldn't stay on." ok_soda_


Asked for mashed potato for dinner.

Didn't want mashed potato for dinner.

Threw mashed potato at Dad.

Cried because Dad had mashed potato on his face.

Ate Dad's mashed potato.

Cried because Dad had no mashed potato left.

Pooped in the bath. TalkingBeard88

The Puke. 

A couple of days ago my three year old daughter cried because I cleaned up some cat puke before she could look at it. It's like, relax kiddo, they'll surely be more cat puke in our future. mndee8

No Aid. 

My daughter scraped her knees and even though it's not bleeding anymore, and I tricked her into running to prove it didn't hurt, she can't go on living without band aids on both knees. alrod420

My parents always gave us a piece of candy and put it on the sore spot, saying we can't eat it until the pain was gone. It was always gone very quickly! moppestein



I had stashed an extra sippy in my purse in case we got lunch while we were out. She found it and threw a fit that it was empty so I went out of my way to fill it and when i gave it to her she threw it on the ground. reginageorges_mom

She's Mine! 

His grandma is his cousin's grandma too. That was not acceptable for him lol. LilithHell

Better make sure he doesn't smother his cousin. The whole grandma thing gets pretty serious. Dooz420

I'm Awful.


Crying because the puppy was sleeping and didn't want to play. That and me not letting her have 5 straws for her chocolate milk. I know! I'm horrible. I shall give myself a time out. coffeedripmama

Muddy Waters....

He wanted to "swim in the deep end without his floaties" he doesn't know how to swim? TraumaGuy40

This is where the saying "sink or swim" becomes literal. lets go lead feet into the deep end we go. Dooz420

I'm not Safe. 

I just realized it's 4PM and it hasn't happened yet. Going to be a doozy tonight!

Edit: It happened around 7! I came into the living room to him having precariously perched his ride on train onto the coffee table and bouncing up and down on it while laughing manically. When I gently suggested this was not a safe activity all hell broke loose. crlarkin

Easter is Rough. 

He skinned his knees. At Easter. He asks for bandaids where he had knee wounds over a month ago. I went to get the bandaids...."I don't want any band aids."

Also, the garbage man stole our trash. Desperatelyvintage

Why are you so Difficult?

"The tomato sauce in McDonalds tastes funny"

"The pear is too soft"

"I only wanted half a sandwich"

"It's raining in June and June is supposed to be hot"

"The hoover is too loud"

"The cat is sitting in the wrong place" SausageOnToast

31 Flavors....

I gave her an ice cream cone and instead of eating it she offered it to the cat. When he wasn't interested she proceeds to chase him around screaming eat my ice cream. turtletastic7

Not the FLY!


A fly landed on his forehead.

Update-Another tantrum. This time because I wouldn't let him eat yesterday's hotdog that he stashed in his play BBQ. Bby217

I mean have you seen where flies spend most of their day? I wouldn't want poop feet on my forehead either. Dooz420

Seriously Dude?

I thought I was gonna die when I caught my toddler chewing gum. And I'm like 'Dude, where did you get gum?' He leans in tells me someone left if for him under the table. Yeah, he found pre-chewed gum stuck to the bottom of a table and ate it. Sadly, he did this a few more times before he caught on that it was gross and 'NOT OK!' imalwaysinpain

Oh Uncle Jay. 

I'm the SAHD. My wife came home after a 10hr Monday. It's been a great toddler day, a nap, good eating, no insanity. He's VERY excited to see Aunt Jessie. Great bonding time between the two of them.

Aunt Jessie needs to use the potty. We allow privacy with the potty. Toddler was convinced she was leaving again FOREVER. On the floor, screaming, then up pounding on the bathroom door, screaming. That toddler Nazgul scream.

Uncle Jay is into the rum. GTdeSade


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