Parents Share Their Worst Case Of Not Screening A Show Before Showing Their Kids
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You can't tell what a show or movie will be like based on title alone. Sure, "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 15: The New Blood" probably won't make it through your parent filters, but what about those shows with confusing names? You know, the ones you hear in the back of your mind and don't even give a second thought to the mind-melting it's about to inflict on your child? Well, it happens, and we're all here for it.

Reddit user, u/Sylvizard, wanted to hear the saddest screenings you've had when they asked:

Parents of Reddit, when was your worst case of not checking a show before showing it to your kids?

Maybe Skip The First 15 Minutes For Younger Viewers...


Shazam. For my 11 year old autistic son who is a big fan of superheroes. Everyone kept talk about how heartwarming and family oriented it was. I thought I was in the clear... until... a woman was incinerated and her flesh melted off and turned to charcoal dust... and then we were introduced to 7 demons which represented the 7 deadly sins. One of the demons bit the head off a man in a boardroom.

My son freaked the ever loving freak out.


You Grow And You Learn. Hopefully.

My Dad to me and my brother to see Wayne's World in the theater. I was 10, my brother was maybe 14.

Upon rewatch as an adult I actually understood the jokes. Not really appropriate for a 10 year old, IMO.

Edited to add: My husband totally thought it was fine to let the 5 year old and 3 year old watch Raiders of the Lost Ark, because "it's not that scary!" I then had to remind him of the part where THE NAZI DUDE'S FACE MELTS OFF.


And Then They Remade It!?

When I was a kid, it was Watership Down. I still remember the horror. Cute bunnies on the cover, but an absolute bloodbath filled with disturbing imagery awaits.

As a parent myself, YouTube! You really never know what you're getting on YouTube. There's plenty of great content for kids, but they're always just a few clicks away from a Holocaust documentary or true crime footage.


When You Can't Trust Anyone

I checked, but the response was misleading. A South American friend highly recommended this art film; the title was "Black God, White Devil". I asked if it were suitable for young children. She said that it was totally suitable; no problem. So I took my wife and kids, aged 5 and 6.

Just as they were preparing to hack a baby to death with a machete on screen, I yelled at my wife and kids and we ran out.

"How did anyone think that was appropriate for young kids?" I wondered. Still wondering.


Come On Now, It's Just...The Devil...

I have a much younger sister and let her watch "Rosemary's Baby" with me when she was five and I was old enough that I should have known to read the plot summary beforehand.



I played the Mighty Ducks to a group of first graders I was subbing for.

There's quite a few bad words I had forgotten about.


Freddy's Gonna Get You...

When I was about 6 or so my mom and dad had company over and were all sitting around the kitchen table drinking coffee and talking.

My sister and I kept running around and being loud and interrupting the adults, and after many repeated warnings to be quieter my dad escorted us into the living room, assigned us each a seat, and told us to be quiet and not to get up, and that the next time we interrupted them we'd get spanked. Then he turned on the TV and left.

We preceded to see some sort of sex scene where a woman pulled out a guy's tongue and used it to tie him to his bed. Then the BBEG appeared.... It was Freddy Krueger!

NSFW: The Scene.

We cried for him and he came in mad, but then saw what was on TV and apologized lol.


But, Chimichangas?


My kids insisted I take them to Deadpool because their friends saw it.

Being the nice why not you're only a kid once kind of dad I am, I sat through too many awkward gratuitous sex scenes and made them promise we wouldn't say anything to mom but they were cool about the whole thing.


Watching Someone Else Goof Up

I worked at a movie theatre once upon a time. I was working as an usher this particular night, so once the run of showings started, things got quiet for me.

Until some dad came storming out of a theatre with his wife and kids in tow, ranting about how he thought they were seeing a cowboy movie.

Brokeback Mountain ain't for everyone.


You REALLY Messed Up There....

Happy Tree Friends


Was hoping for this comment, thank you for traumatising your children for our entertainment.


Oh this ain't SO bad...

Blazing Saddles.


Anything by Mel Brooks! Spaceballs is also not appropriate for children. Woops.


I adored spaceballs growing up but as a little kid i just would say "I wanna see balls". Lot of embaressment on my moms part


Roger is the best.

Well My friend told me once that his parents didn't know what American Dad was and they let him watch it downstairs while they were upstairs one time (He was About 7 years old at the time )and then about 3 days later his mom told him she was doing the dishes and he said: "Yeah you do that bitch." He didn't know what curse words were until he watched American Dad. His mom got pisssssed.


Oh God

Sausage Party.


That's the worst one possible in this situation.





My parents let me watch Robocop when I was about 6.

Funny enough, it wasn't the massive gun fights, or the dude turning into toxic waste when hit by a car, or the blood, but when Robocop took off his mask thing. That freaked me out horribly and gave me nightmares.


I didn't know Robocop wasn't a family-friendly movie until about 2 years ago. I still haven't seen it, but when I was a toddler my slightly older cousins were obsessed with it.


Frank n beans, hair gel

When I was a kid, we were taken to watch Something about Mary. HAHA then quickly left to watch cats vs dogs.


I first saw parts of that movie (Something about Mary) when I was younger (around 10 y/o) and always wondered why her hair was standing up like that... only just realized a few years ago after re watching it as an adult what it was (0.0)


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