This Store Clerk's Reaction To A Stolen Sneaker Prank Should Earn Him Employee Of The Month

Twitter user @HarvinthSkin decided to give a sales associate as his local shoe store a heart attack with a silly prank. All over the internet, people are sharing the prank and sending their well-wishes to the poor worker who experienced a moment of pure panic!

Don't worry too much about the unfortunate sales employee, however—it turns out he was given a raise as a consolation shortly thereafter!

The owner of the shoe store made clear to Skin that his employees were not to be messed with.

On Twitter, people loved the sales clerk's reaction to Skin running out of the store.

Some thought they may have reacted differently in the same situation...

But everyone got a good laugh out of the innocent prank.

The incident also gave us some priceless reactions!

Remember, everyone: it's important to try before you buy!

H/T - Buzzfeed, Twitter

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