The Most Overrated Tourist Destinations People Have Ever Visited

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The world may feel a lot smaller these days because of our connections on the internet and social media, but the world is still really big when it comes to places to travel to.

But there are some places that are more worth it than others. Some tourist destinations have been incredibly overhyped.

Redditor Nailhead asked:

"What's the most overrated tourist destination?"

The Empire State Building

"Empire State Building."

"Go to the top of Rockefeller Center (aka 'The Rock') instead. Way better view, and cheaper too."

- Kryodamus

Mall of America

"As a Minnesotan, Mall of America is just a really big and really busy mall. It's kind of fun for locals but just crazy to me that people come from around the world to visit."

- Burninator85

M&M World in London

"The London M&M store is where symbolism and dimensionality go to die. Everything is a flat, one-dimensional representation. Floors upon floors of a party, but nothing to celebrate."

"It is almost as though the design team understood the soullessness of Nestle so profoundly that they designed the store to be a representation of that. And because Nestle is, in fact, soulless they went along without a hitch. This is what the executives WANTED."

"I went in expecting a h**lscape, and they managed to outperform even my most cynical expectation. Truly an achievement. Grandiose levels of eye-watering branding dedicated to crunchy chocolate pellets."

- TokenFemaleLadyWoman

Not-So-Spooky Salem

"I thought Salem, Massachusetts was terrible. Complete waste of time."

"The Gettysburg battlefield is awesome though. Highly recommend it."

- Clurence24


"As an Angeleno, Hollywood is not even kitschy fun like Vegas. It’s just ugly storefronts, dirty streets, and cracked sidewalk stars."

"Maybe the Chinese Theater is cool-looking if a bit racist?"

- ObtuseSage

Myrtle Beach

"Myrtle Beach, South Carolina."

"I was shocked to find out how many people travel there every year from outside of the Carolinas. It’s dirty as s**t, there’s a good chance some redneck is going to want to fight you at some point, and the beach isn’t that nice."

- Purple1829

Corn Palace

"Corn Palace, 100%… It’s a gymnasium in the middle of nowhere with corn art on the outside, way off the highway."

"Certainly breaks up the highway monotony though."

- Zork4343

Golden Gate Bridge to What?

"San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge is cool, but the rest is overrated, and not worth stepping over the homeless people and hoping you don't get robbed."

- UnfortunatelyAvacado

Mount Rushmore

"Mt. Rushmore."

"Rush more, see less."

- android_cook

More to San Francisco

"I lived in San Francisco… the fisherman’s wharf. PLEASE. Peoples. Go experience the city! There is so much more to SF than chain seafood restaurants and toy shops. You’re missing out."

- southwest_southwest

Side-Effects of Tourism

"Miami. Please stop coming here. I want to be able to park on my street."

- pspisy

The Mona Lisa

"The Mona Lisa room in the Louvre. Some could argue the entire Louvre is overrated, but the Mona Lisa was the epicenter of underwhelming while being packed to the brim with tourists."

- zangelbertbingledack


"Bali. The beaches and even the waves are just covered in trash and plastic. The sand is just a minefield of stray dog poop holes. The smell of not really having a water drainage system and again the trash that collects. Ubud is alright but that's about it."

- Content_Ad3604

Paris and the Eiffel Tower

"Paris. It’s expensive, grey, dark and cold. Fun fact: it’s not ‘the city of lights’ because it has a lot of light, but because it was one of the first cities to have gas lamps. It doesn’t have a lot of light. At all."

- Gloomy_Commercial_97


"Yosemite. Used to be nice, now it’s overrun, and if you can’t find a parking spot you have to go on a big loop one-way road that takes an hour just to look for parking again."

- 2515chris

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