People Describe The Most Horrific Thing They've Ever Seen

People Describe The Most Horrific Thing They've Ever Seen
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Live a long enough life and you are, unfortunately, bound to encounter one or two deeply unsettling events.

It could happen when you're simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and forced to witness a devastating accident or injury. It could be the very real ramifications of health struggles and medical calamities.

Or it could be the result of very bad people willing to do very bad things.

Whatever the source, these encounters stick with you. It may be a certain image, maybe a sound, or the whole emotional feeling throughout the incident.

Redditor Dankmemes2347 asked:

"What was the most horrific thing you have ever seen?"

Many people discussed the gruesome accidents they've witness over the years. You just never know.

A Smooshed Head

"I was working at a chemical plant years ago and saw a guy take a corner too fast in a fork truck and flip it over. He wasn't wearing his seat belt and was thrown out far enough for the top of the cage to crush his head."

"I can still picture his blood running down a nearby drain."

-- p38-lightning

Ride Like Lightning, Crash Like Thunder

"I saw a dude die after t-boning a minivan on his motorcycle. I didn't actually see the impact but I heard it, and ran to the scene and watched him take his last breaths while his buddy who must have been riding behind him, held him and screamed."

"People that saw it said he was in the wrong and must have been doing 80+ in a 45. The van was pulling into a shopping center and never saw him coming."

-- DustWiener

The Origins if Shoulder Straps

"Dad is a retired police officer. First one to arrive on scene at an amusement park where a guy stuck his head out of a roller coaster car and was decapitated. The ride only had an old across the lap seat belt."

"This was many years ago, before all the ultra-safe coaster cars of today where you can't even move in them."

-- ReganMacNeil1973

A Lucky, Lucky Man

"Once EMS brought in a guy with a fence post running under his trachea diagonally into his his chest via his left collarbone area. Lot's of extremity fractures of course, broken ribs, pneumothorax, face all distorted, etc."

"But, they also brought in his right leg (below the knee) in an orange bucket, and his entire right arm, still inside the sleeve of his leather jacket in another bucket. His arm had literally been yanked off at the shoulder."

"He lived."

-- ADDeviant-again

A Need for Change

"3 people died behind my house last year. I live next to a big road and the exit sogn is covered by a bush. People turn too late and hit the guardrail and flip off a mini hill."

"Never really seen it but i am afraid of intersections."

-- CptBanana123

First On Scene

"When I was in college, the guy who lived two doors down from me in my dorm died from autoerotic asphyxiation. He was dead for three days before we found him. I was there for the discovery."

-- Hysterical_Realist

Other Redditors talked about slower burns. They recalled the tragic demises of loved ones that occurred over long, fraught periods of time.

Slowly Abandoned

"When I was 5 I watched my dad dive in to the swimming pool he built in our backyard and break his neck. He became a quadriplegic."

"Then I had to watch him slowly fade away and die over the next 20 years. I watched everyone of his friends abandon him, and his family members slowly start to resent him, and then openly talk about how they will be relieved when he's gone. Even his mother."

-- Smash-tagg

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The Last Night

"Waking up after yet ANOTHER sleepless sight of giving my terminally ill wife her meds, to find her unresponsive and being there when she took her last breath."

-- stretchpadawan


"This probably isn't what you're looking for but mine would be my grandmother's decline with dementia. She used to dress really well, feisty, bit of a short temper but still family."

"Now I barely recognise her, she's lost a lot of weight, no longer washes or changes her clothes and seems so vacant. It's terrifying seeing her lose more and more of herself. It's such a cruel disease and a slow way to go."

-- Kacklehaus

A Body Run Amok

"I was with a friend when they died of end stage leukemia. The medical team did a horrible job of pain control and body fluid control."

"They were bleeding and secreting bloody foam from their lungs. We had to suction. It was awful."

-- Laughorcryliveordie

A few people talked about the horrific scenes they've witnessed that had to do with animals.

A Gruesome Industry

"Lions that had been poached. The poachers had only taken their heads and paws. Also, watching their bodies burn and making sure there was nothing left because they had been poisoned."

"Couldn't risk ground or water contamination, or scavengers finding even a small piece of flesh."

-- littleliongirless

A Horrible Chorus

"The most horrific was when a dairy barn near my parents' home caught fire one night and went up in flames."

"All those cows, horses, and sheep died - with their screaming in pain for all to hear. It was terrible . . ."

-- Back2Bach

Mug to the Rescue

"Was standing in my balcony and enjoying a cup of coffee when I saw a six teenagers approaching a dog. Four of them grabbed the dog by each of her limbs and one dude supported her torso. The dog was obviously violently trying to break herself free."

"Then one dude took a pair of scissors from his pocket and I was confused, but then I almost froze after realising the dude wanted to cut the dog's nipples off."

"I panicked and just yelled and threw my coffee mug towards them. They got scared and ran away and the dog ran in the opposite direction."

-- bullsemenfordinner

First Impressions

"First time going to Toronto on my own. I think I was 19. Got off the Greyhound and went out on to the sidewalk to begin my independent voyage when a pigeon decided to land just as a city bus drove by and crushed it."

"I was feet away heard the crunch still haunts me."

-- differentiatedpans

Minor, But Lasting

"When I stepped on a frog when I was younger and thinking I could fix it and crying for over an hour. I buried it in my backyard. I may not Seem horrific but to a five year old it left an emotional impact."

"I already knew the concept of death because I had a lot of family die when I was younger so I knew I did something bad and didn't want it to die."

-- Marvel-bisexual

It's clear that many people are out here carrying an image or two that quickens the breath and drops the stomach every time it comes to mind.

Hopefully, with enough time these moments can be let go.

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