IT Workers Reveal The Strangest Things They've Found On An Employees Laptop

IT Workers Reveal The Strangest Things They've Found On An Employees Laptop

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Today we use computers throughout our personal and professional lives. When they aren't working properly, we call for technical support.

But then the folks from IT? They get full access to our digital lives. And as it turns out, some people should be really worried about that.

Reddit user kevinternet asked "IT people, what is the weirdest/strangest thing you have seen?"

Here are their best stories.

Deliberate Deception

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Desktop folder titled "Adult Films".

It wasn't; it was just work docs.

Up Close and Too Personal

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Fixing a woman's computer. She could no longer log into it for some reason. We removed her password protection and when we logged in, the desktop was full of her pregnancy photos and apparently she was looking at photos of giving birth to her child since that was the first thing we saw when we logged in.

Father Knows Best

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I did a Teamviewer session to my 75 year old father's PC and when I launched Chrome some adult video site was in the frequently visited section.

Only strange because DAD!

More Work Than It's Worth

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Every site this guys ever visited wasn't bookmarked but he kept a shortcut of them on his desktop... I failed to get through to him on the concept of bookmarks. He didn't even understand what a browser was. Now that he has retired I am tasked with going through the two user profiles he used (dont ask how he managed that) and organize anything that was important to his job... I think I might just put in my two weeks before I get to it.

Family Not Fun

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My sister asked me to look at the hard drive she'd salvaged from her old computer after it fried. There were sentimental pictures on there that she and my brother in law wanted. So I set to work, undoing the security on the thing and, as it ran through the files, giving me permissions, my brother in law is sitting next to me, watching what I do and eventually he blurts out nervously "Just to warn you, there are photos on there you don't wanna see."

Wait, what?

Turns out that along with my nieces and nephews baby pictures there are some... eh..... bedroom shots. I have never stepped back so fast from my own computer once I'd gotten through the security. I let my brother in law pick and choose the photos he wanted and then wiped the drive, fast. One quick copy/paste later and it was done.

Spyware Not as Cool as It Sounds

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An age ago, I was a systems admin for a small company. <50 employees, manufacturing company for industrial equipment of a specific nature.

The CEO was a cool dude, really experienced and learned engineer, but he was a total buffoon when it came to computers. One weekend, I get an emergency call from him - he can't open any spreadsheets in Excel, Office is throwing a fatal error every time he tries. OK, so I remote in and start fixing it.

That's when I notice the computer is laggy. Spyware, duh, he had admin rights because when a CEO asks for them, they get them, and he'd installed a ton of online poker games.

I tell him this is gonna take a bit, if he needs to go get a beer or something, it's fine, he can walk away for a bit. He does. I clean his laptop of a bajillion spyware/malware apps, then work on repairing his Office install.

And Thangs

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The only thing on their desktop was a single folder called "stuff."

Unlucky in Love

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Tons of photos from his Russian mail order bride.

Talked to someone turns out it's his THIRD Russian mail order bride.

Not a Secret Now

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For some reason someone thought it was appropriate to shop online at Victoria's Secret at work. In a hospital.

It Was a Great Mower

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Was working on a guy's PC and we had to break for lunch but he said go ahead and keep the Webex open (was waiting for a restore to complete). I was eating lunch at my desk and keeping an eye on the restore. He spent his entire lunch carefully writing an absolutely gushingly positive review about the mower he just bought. He stopped short of saying he wanted to marry whoever built it but I could read between the lines.

After lunch "So, you like gardening?". "Oh... haha yeah..."


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A pirated copy of Voyage of The Dawntreader, the kind that's filmed on someone's phone in a cinema. This was when I worked for a major Visual Effects (VFX) company which had done most of the VFX for that film, in fact the dude's name is probably on the credits. After fixing his IT problem I gave him a few pointers on how to not get fired and likely black balled from the industry.


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A half naked anthropomorphic fox lady for the background.

I mean, furries are gonna be furries.

Frozen Screen

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I'm a tech person at a popular department store. Someone came it claiming the phone they purchased from me the day before was frozen and didn't work.

They had screen-shot the home screen of the phone and set it as the wallpaper, by accident.

The Next 50 Shades

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The laptop had been sent back to repair. I found literally hundreds of thousands of words of Twilight in written by the user, not downloaded.

Guy was a 65 year old engineer.

Picture Perfect

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2 folders with 70,000 copies of the same photo of their boss.

Life Imitates TV

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Not weird, but had someone complain how slow their internet was and they had about 15 streaming episodes of The Office open at the same time.

This strangely sounds like something that would happen on The Office.

Not So Hidden Message

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They had a ton of word documents and moved them around on the desktop to spell "I'm bored."

I Didn't Ask for the Pug Life

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The user was a relatively high level nursing director at a hospital. He was a portly, hairy kind of dude with a giant beard. There was a clearly professional photo of him as his desktop background where he was wearing pink leggings and a tutu and posing with his Pug who was wearing a matching costume.

I laughed for a good minute because this guy was awesome to work with, and the background was just perfect.

Dead Dove, Don't Eat

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A folder titled "Not porn" and it genuinely was just a folder filled with pictures of the guys family, and some work related files as well. Was genuinely not porn. Best part, there was a .txt file that was titled "Read.txt" and upon opening it said "Well what did you expect from a folder labeled not porn". Not sure if it was set there for me as a trap to find personally, or if it was something he just actually had on there in case someone random was just browsing his work computer.