People Describe The Times Their Gut Feeling Was Completely Spot On

People Describe The Times Their Gut Feeling Was Completely Spot On

Our gut feeling is really there as a means of survival. Sense of danger is one of our few evolutionary holdovers from when we were just surviving as animals in the wild, and it serves us well to this day.

If we heed its advice it will generally keep us safe. That's the whole point of a gut feeling, and sometimes, the accuracy with which gut feelings come to us is insane.

When u/No-Hovercraft-1788 asked:

When was your "gut feeling" actually right?

Plenty of people had stories to share.

Just A Psychic Stroke Of Good Luck

"It was 1995, I was 18, still living with my parents, and I was walking home from a friends house at about 2:00 am in the middle of the summer. He only lived 5 or 6 blocks away, and we often hung out watching movies after I got off work."

"Usually I would drive to his house because we'd been out with other friends, but this night I had parked at home and we walked to his place."

"There's not usually a lot of traffic between our houses, but this night I was about halfway home when a pickup truck drives by with 2 guys in the cab and 2 in the bed."

"I immediately felt like I was in danger. I saw the truck turn the corner, and I dove over some hedges in the closest yard I could find. I hid under them."

"I saw the truck come back around the corner and slowly drive down the street. When it got to where I was hiding, I heard one of the guys say, 'Where did he go?'"

"And another respond that he didn't know. They kept driving, and I didn't see them again. I stayed hidden for a good 15 minutes before getting up and running the rest of the way home."

"I'm certain they would have jumped me if they found me."-rhyza99

Final Destination 2 Eat Your Heart Out

"Driving in Pittsburgh. I stop at a red light. Hill goes up on my left, downhill on my right. Poor visibility to the left. The light turns green, but my brain tells me 'Hey bud wait a sec.'"

"I think this is a little weird, but I don't go yet. A millisecond later, a massive navy blue F-350 comes barreling downhill through the intersection from my left, blowing past the red light at about 45, then trundles down the hill."

"If I'd have gone, I would have been destroyed by 3 tons of Ford truck, for sure. Instead I trusted the spider-sense."-Cutter9792

It's best to listen to our gut feeling because it very well may keep us alive.

Why We Don't Envy Women

"I stopped at Home Depot to pick up an item so I knew it was going to be a quick trip. I'm in the store and notice I'm pretty much the only girl in there besides employees."

"I couldn't find what I was looking for and had to ask multiple employees before I found it."

"I check out and as I'm heading out to my car I notice a shady dude standing against a tree on one side of my car. On the other side of my car is another shady guy sticking his arm outside of his car window."

"When I walked out they both turned and stared at me. My heart dropped, I started to feel queasy, and my mind instantly knew to turn around and go inside."

"I stood there shaking at the front of the store until I could get the courage to ask an employee to walk me to my car."

"As soon as they saw me walking out with an employee, the guy standing by the tree walked around my car and into the drivers side of the car parked next to me. To this day I swear I was a short walk away from being kidnapped."-gracious-bodacious

The Worst Kind Of Gut Feeling

"Used to work in the ER. Had a man come in with ripping chest pain that started not but 30 minutes prior after he moved something heavy at his office."

"I knew he was going to die just by looking at him. Massive overwhelming dread just seemed to engulf me."

"I did his EKG and I hoped something would be wrong with it so we could get him a bed. His EKG was perfect. Not 5 minutes later he went into cardiac arrest on our waiting room floor."

"After running the code for 45 minutes, he didn't make it. He had a massive aortic dissection. There wasn't much hope."

"This was almost 3 years ago and I've seen more sh*t since then, but the memory is still burned in my mind, and it hurts knowing I was the last person to speak to him."-hannahatl

Made All The Difference

"Back when I was about 10 or 11 I asked my mother if we could take my grandmother out to lunch. She was kind of against it, but I kept insisting that I really wanted to see my grandmother and that she would want to go to lunch that day."

"While we were out at the mall after getting lunch with my grandmother, she started slurring her speech and became extremely confused. She was having a stroke."

"Luckily, my mom noticed what was going on and got her to the hospital within 20 or 30 minutes. Doctors said they were able to stop the stroke and she came out of it basically the same as she was before."

"Couple days after the fact, my mom told me I had basically saved my grandmother's life by making sure we went out to lunch with her that day."-DargoSun92

Creepfest Alert

"I had been living and working in Korea, and one day I was coming up out of a subway station and saw a man talking to another foreign woman."

"She had that polite, frozen smile on her face - the why-is-this-guy-talking-to-me smile. I walked up to her, linked my arm with hers, and said 'Hey, Sarah! There you are! Are you ready to go?' And just started walking."

"The guy followed us, but I sped up, and made an abrupt turn into a coffee shop. We hid, and I saw him walk past, still looking for her."

"We ended up getting coffee and chatting for a bit, and I found out that he had followed her off the train, and had been getting increasingly aggressive for the last ten minutes. I don't know what might have happened, but I'm really glad I interfered!!"-Alma_knack

Reddit Users Share Their Best 'It's A Small World After All' Experience

Saving The Day Again, Medical Heroes

"Helped a victim of human trafficking get to a shelter."

"Context: I was a medical student at the time (now a resident) and the city my school was in is a hub for human trafficking. I noticed a patient in the ER who had a pretty bad injury to her face was with a sketchy looking guy who was not related to her."

"She wasn't my patient, but I brought my gut feeling up to her doctor who then made up some excuse to talk to the patient alone and got her to help. I never talked to her myself, but I couldn't shake the vibe I got from looking at her and the man she was with."-PMME_ur_lovely_boobs

A Beautiful Coincidence

"When I was a kid, I was doing my first ever deep clean of my bedroom getting rid of old clothes and toys and such. While cleaning out my closet, I found an old picture cut out from the local newspaper of Lyndon Johnson visiting my parent's home town."

"The picture was taken outside with some locals in the background. I was going to throw the picture away, but suddenly got the strongest feeling not to do it, so I set it aside."

"Later I showed it to my mom and asked her about it. She freaked out and showed my grandma, who also freaked out."

"Turns out one of the locals in the background of the picture was my grandpa. He died when my mom was 12. That picture was one of only a handful we had of him."

"I had never seen a picture of him before this. I was so glad I didn't throw that clipping away."-Affectionate-Rush893

Bear In Mind

"Was with my mom in the woods in eastern Quebec. I heard something break a rather large branch just over the hill maybe 50m away."

"I told her we have to leave right away because I think it's a bear. She tells me how no bears been in area for 20 years."

"She listens to me anyways and we go back down the mountain and home. Next day a bear was hit by a car just on other side of mountain."-throwmeinthecanal

A Crash Course

"There was one day I panicked really hard about going to university. Not sure for what reason, nothing special happened. But it was correct, the bus did crash into another car, right before the station."

"Unfortunately I had been forced to go anyway by Mother. Hit my head in the bus' windshield, went to my Statistics Course with blood everywhere in my hair (and some poorly cleaned glass shards) because no one told me, until the Statistics teacher herself called the University's medical team on me (was sitting first rank because I don't see well from far away)."-Isotheis

Beware Of Men

"Two times with older guys when I was a teenager. Friend and I were with my family camping. There was this really cute older guy camping by himself."

"He invited us over to his campfire and we talked for a bit. Then he invited my friend and I into his camper. We were probably about 12 or 13 at the time. She wanted to go in but I started shaking uncontrollably and refused."

"I wouldn't leave until she came with me. I have no confirmation that he had bad intentions but looking back I can't imagine they were good."

"Then when I was 15 this cute older waiter asked me for my number. First time it ever happened to me so I was super geeked."

"He called and we talked a few times but he only wanted to see me again if he could come to my house with no one else home."

"I ended up going back up to the restaurant to see him again and I had another one of those uncontrollable shaking moments. Got so bad I just left."

"Turned out he was in my state working as a waiter because he fled his state due to legal troubles. Not to mention he clearly only wanted one thing and I was 15."-craponapoopstick

Working Conditions Matter

"Last time I was hired for a job. Had it during the final interview with my soon-to-be boss. My gut told me to gtfo even though everything about that job seemed great."

"To be fair, in the first few days is was, but then the reality of how poorly organized everything is came crashing down on me and my enthusiasm for working in a toxic environment that was being fueled by boss's incompetence was gone. Ended up quitting after two months."-papajohnny13

"Just A Friend"

"A few years back I was dating a girl who went camping with 'a friend' for a couple weeks, I didn't mind cause I trusted her. But I started to get a gut feeling she was cheating on me while she was gone."

"Shortly before she was supposed to come back into town she called and dumped me over the phone. (Bonus points since I had literally just had brain surgery that she didn't bother to come back into town for.) Edit: Should say dumped me for him."-scipio0421

The Worst Gut Feeling TO Be Right

"I was 11 and was in my primary school's after school care (it's a program kids would do after school when their parents couldn't pick them up straight after school finished)."

"We had been playing and I had suddenly gotten a sick feeling in my stomach that I had never experienced before in that way. Asked the workers to call my mum to pick me up earlier than usual."

"As she arrived at the door i remember looking at her as she received a phone call. It was a phone call to say my father had died."-kcalexx

So now you know-your gut always has good ideas. If you follow it, you will figure out what you need to do.

You may very well change the course of your live or someone else's life, as well.

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