Ghost Hunters Share The Scariest Paranormal Experience They've Ever Had

The hunt is over!

Ghost Hunters Share The Scariest Paranormal Experience They've Ever Had
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It is amazing that people can make a bucket load of cash from being in pursuit of things in life. Sure you have bounty hunters who chase the bail jumpers and criminals. And then there are all those nutty weather people who chase tornadoes, and twisters. But chasing ghosts? Now that is special. Ghost hunting isn't just an A&E special; it has become a profession and serious passion. Proving the afterlife is a serious task. So let's hear about the progress.

Redditor u/MaxBuddyRoo wanted to hear why it may not be the best idea to chase the spirits by asking.... Ghosthunters of Reddit, what was your scariest experience yet and why?

Dial tone...

dial tone goodbye GIFGiphy

They ain't gonna reply now. This is prime ghost hunting time.


Red Seeker

Not scary, more funny but my wife is an aspiring (extremely) amateur ghost hunter and she once thought it a great idea to download a thermal camera app on her phone to maybe locate cold spots of a spirit she's convinced inhabits our residence. She was super excited to see how intensely cold our dark closet was and that's where it must reside, no amount of argument could convince her a smart phone, no matter how smart, will not read heat signature. until I told her to turn off the lights and suddenly everything, including us read just as cold as the dark closet.


8 years old living in the hills of Appalachia....

Since there are no true ghost hunter responses, here is my ghost story (if you even call it that).

I was roughly 8 years old living in the hills of Appalachia in Tennessee, near Norris Lake. We had a two story house: the basement with garage, fireplace/wood storage, utility room with laundry. Second story had the kitchen, living room, 3 bedrooms and one bath. My dad was a single parent working at the metal factory. My sister was 3 years older than me and at a different school. We were the only 3 people living in the house. One day near summer time, she had school and I didn't. I unfortunately had to stay home by myself.

I was in the living room. I just made and ate some microwave food and walked into the living room to watch cartoons. As I lay on the couch, I notice this... for lack of better description, formless... semi transparent white thing enter the room from the basement. It moved fast and it noiseless. It did not interact with anything in the room. I froze and couldn't move. It circled around the ceiling 5-6 times before retreating to the back hallway.

I told my sister when she came home but she didn't believe me. I don't remember bringing it up with dad. That was the only time I've had anything close of an encounter with a ghost. Even then, I still blame my alone child mind. It could have been anything. It wasn't enough of an experience to make me believe. I still don't believe. I want to, but nothing has given solid proof that they do. I have even been into some pretty interesting places.

As a police officer, I was called to an abandoned psychiatric facility. Two kids were seen going in and never came out. Went inside. All the equipment had been removed and it was just graffiti and vandalized doorways left. Never found those kids, but also never found a ghost.

Had a 911 call from abandoned house oncd, which happens apparently. No phone line, no power, nothing set up, and the address was correct. Could have been a dispatcher messing with me but I believe it was just a disturbance in the existing taps to the property.



I think they're always fairly scared of everything when it's dark.


A Police Story

The only rationalization I can come with is police officers deal with a lot more than any normal person would: people hyped up on drugs, deaths, murders, car chases, shootouts, and they have access to places that are usually off limits. One day it could be reassuring an old lady that the mail man is not spying on her and the next you could be going to a call where a 16 year old daughter is sitting criss cross applesauce, in the middle of the her bedroom in the dark dressed in her mother's wedding gown where she reaches into her own eye socket and plucks her eye out, putting the dangling orb in her hand and squishing it like Korean popping boba. So it's no doubt always being on edge, always expecting this could be the day you die could easily create a higher experience for the paranormal.


"We are watching you"

My team was investigating the Burlington County Prison in NJ. Unnerving place. Has a huge painted eye over the door into the cells that says "We are watching you" over it. Has mannequins in cells. Very weird vibe. We are science and IT and photography types. I battle myself and everyone, despite having had paranormal experiences personally, that it is impossible to capture evidence of these events. I don't think we have any means to adequately measure these experiences in science and think they're purely personal.

Anyway, we had everything. Sound recorders everywhere. We had full spectrum cameras. We had an X-BOX laser grid that accurately mapped any moving, dense matter in a room in a 3D comp program. We had a ambulance, the Black Betty, that we ran everything into and converted into a home base. Pretty cool stuff. Anyway, we spent hours investigating the location and there was nothing. No experiences. It was dead.

So we decide to pack up. We are split up. I'm on the first floor with another member. Two members are on the middle floor. And another member is going into the basement to turn on the lights. We collect everything before we turn the lights on. Right as I turn off the last audio recorder, my friend gives the okay to switch on the power.

RIGHT as the lights go on, and we no longer have any recording or listening abilities, we hear a massive, earth shaking crash. This place is a museum. Huge cases filled with objects from when the prison was active. This crash shook the floor. It sounded like a huge display case was pushed over and smashed. I could feel it in the ground below me. I could hear glass smashing and scattering across the ground. I could feel the physics of it all. The sound of broken objects filled the whole prison. It came from below us. "F**K. Someone just broke something really expensive.

We are never going to get to come back here." As we went down, the two people in the middle floor were rushing up. "What happened up there?" "Nothing. What did you guys do?" They couldn't understand why we thought it came from the middle floor. But that is where we heard and felt it. They heard and felt it come from our floor. They searched our floor, we searched their floor. The guy in the basement came upstairs in a rush, having heard the massive crash come from the middle like us.

For whatever reason, we all felt this happen on different floors. We all were certain we heard/felt the crash from the floor below/above us. We looked EVERYWHERE. There was nothing. Not a broken case. Glass. Window. Nothing outside. I searched for an additional hour just because I couldn't imagine something that massive sounding, that physical, just not leaving a trace. Really broke my brain. I cannot for the life of me understand how this happened.

And left no evidence. I personally think the Prison was f**king with us. Because right before this happened, when were finalizing the investigation and saying things like "If you have something to say, now is your chance. We are going to leave soon." I joked to everyone and said "Watch. Once we shut everything off something crazy will happen." Well... I was right. It was utterly perplexing. The park rangers came in and looked too. Found nothing. They called a week later to confirm nothing was broken. WTF.


So Vanilla....

One time a few friends and I were camping out overnight in a local campground and started telling scary stories. It was like 3 am and we were pretty tired so as we were about to go to bed but out of nowhere a bunch of crows started cawing like crazy for 10 minutes and we had no idea what was going on. We decided to try moving our tent to a different location but the noise seemed to be everywhere. Eventually, we just said whatever and tried to go to sleep. The noise quieted down but then around 4 am I heard this really strange whisper in my ear.

I assumed it was one of my friends but everyone looked asleep. I saw that our tent entrance was unzipped and when I went to close it I looked out and just saw this slightly glowing figure way out in the distance above the lake. I swear it was like some lady in a wedding dress but I barely got a look. I was so terrified that I just zipped up the tent as fast as possible and went to back bed. It sounds pretty vanilla but I am so scared to look out of a window or something in the middle of the night and just see her again hovering all still like.


Be Seen....

max von sydow priest GIFGiphy

Why on every ghost hunting show are the hosts so hostile like they're gonna whip some ghost butt? "Show yourself! I know you're here!" Like every ghost is some malevolent super force instead of the guy who worked at the deli and just got stuck in this dimension.


Out of the Graveyard.....

I go Ghost hunting with my dad and neighbor, one time we went to my great nan's grave, I had never met her. As soon as we arrived, all 3 of us started to feel pretty weird so we sat down for the investigation by the grave. We set up all the voice recorders and EMF meters and started talking.

Once my dad introduced me I felt like something was touching me. My dad jokingly said "why not give him a hug?" But when he said that I felt arms around my waist, my whole waist went cold and tight but after a few seconds it stopped. We decided to leave after that although we kept hearing someone walking behind us, until we left the graveyard.


Queen Mary


My family and I like to go to haunted places and ghost hunt. We mostly do EVPs and sometimes we'll take pictures.

Mostly the scariest thing is actually catching voices of ghosts answering back. We've gone to places like The Queen Mary in Long Beach, The Cosmopolitan (and all of Old Town in general) in San Diego, and The Menger Hotel in San Antonio and have caught some really interesting things.


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