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There are two types of people at the dinner table. Those who are and aren't picky eaters.

But it's not as simple as that.

Nowadays, there are people with dietary restrictions that need to be addressed before a person goes to a restaurant or confirms a dinner party invitation. It could literally be a matter of life or death.

Preparing a menu has never been so easy. But if diners aren't allergic to a specific food item, and they just don't like it, catering to their palates can be a headache.

We all have that one thing we would like to avoid eating at all costs – even if we don't break out into hives or go into anaphylaxis.

Curious to hear about food others find unpalatable, Redditor Suffeign asked:

"What's one food everyone seems to love but you find repulsive?"

These gummy edibles are not necessarily a delight for everyone.

It's Jiggly

"Jello. I've hated it since i was a kid. My aunt won't let me forget that i once threw her fruity jello concoction out the window when i was 8."


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It's Tapioca Balls

"I'm so sorry but I can't eat boba😬 my friends really like it but I can't seem to bring my self to like it or to tell them I don't like it."


It's Food For Thought

"The mere thought of sucking the brains out of a crayfish makes me want to puke."


They are cultivated for consumption, but these plant-based foods may never grow on some people.

It Stalks


"Never in my life have I been eating something and thought to myself 'what this could really use is crunchy, stringy water.'"


It's Wormy

"Bean sprouts. When I was a teen my mother got on a kick and they were in EVERYTHING for years. She heard they were healthful so we'd find them in omelets, burgers, salads, breads, etc. They tasted like dirt worms. To this day I can't eat them."


It's Tropical



"It smells live vomit to me, and I have no clue why."


Whether it comes in a bottle or oozes from packets, these properties just don't go down easy.

It's Evil

"My husband calls Mayo 'the devil's sperm.'"


"There was a time if I accidentally ate Mayo I'd involuntarily puke."


It's Fermented

"Kombucha. Yes please, I'd like a glass of over fermented vinegar, how refreshing."


It's Infused

"Flavored water(s)- tastes like it's made in the same room as the flavor but nothing else. Plain water is so much better."


"I always think of it like a fruit sneezed in the same room as water and didn't cover it's mouth."


It's For Brunch

"Bloody Marys... who wakes up and thinks, mmm can't wait to have a tall glass of iced ketchup today!?"


So, for the longest time, I was repulsed by the smell of Nattō.

Nattō is a traditional Japanese breakfast dish consisting of fermented soybeans that have been compared to old Brie cheese. It smells awful.

But after reading up on how it is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, I forced myself to acquire a taste for Nattō. It took a while.

But now, I actually enjoy eating it. Two to three times a week, I whip up the slimy beans into a stringy frenzy – as instructed – and empty it from the styrofoam container onto a small bowl of rice and use the spicy mustard packet that comes with it.

And I feel energized and healthy from eating it.

I never thought I would call Nattō "delicious" but here we are.

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