Fendi Is Selling A Scarf That Is Turning Heads For All The Wrong Reasons 😳


Fendi recently debuted a new scarf titled A Touch of Fur; it's part of this season's women's collection. It costs Β£750, is made of silk and wool with real fox fur trim, and (this is very important) looks just like a giant vulva.

Twitter was in hysterics over the scarf:

Could this be the best Christmas present of 2018?

Some Twitter users even had ideas to improve on perfection.

Others were simply shocked.

Surely someone at Fendi must have seen the scarf before it went on sale?

But, no matter what it looks like, the scarf still has its ardent fans!

Want to look great as the air gets chilly? Go grab A Touch of Fur from a Fendi retailer near you!

H/T - Jezebel, The Guardian

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