Famous Products That Are Actually A Complete Scam

Proteing powder and a shake
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Consumers these days are required to do some research before making a purchase on something they don't necessarily need.

But advertisers have upped their marketing strategies to persuade customers that they need certain products and that they are being offered them at a competitive rate.

Don't be fooled. There's a reason why the Latin phrase "caveat emptor" –Let the buyer beware– is commonly thrown around.

Not every product out there is life-changing.

Instead, they are nothing but a tactic to manipulate consumers to fork over their hard-earned cash willingly.

Curious to hear examples of this, Redditor Leather-College2557 asked:

"What's a famous product that is a complete scam?"

There is no shortcut to losing weight. But you'll never hear that from companies trying to sell you snake oil.

Fat Zapper

"Anything that claims to target the loss of fat from a specific area of your body."

– DarthDregan

They Just Promote Waste

"All of those weight loss teas influencers promoted a few years ago. They’re just laxatives."

– the-cosmic-kraken

Ad-dress-ing The Solution

"They pretty much have exactly one good use, emergency weight loss. Need to fit into your bridesmaid dress this weekend and the zipper won't close? Sh*t your brains out until it does. You're going to feel like sh*t and that weight is coming straight back as soon as you eat something, but hey at least you didn't have to get emergency dress alterations I guess?"


Instruction materials for college have always been a rip-off.

Text Book Example

"Single-use access codes for college textbooks is pretty much racketeering."

– colonelsmoothie


"I stopped buying books. Anyone that says to buy them early is lying to you. No the store never runs out of books. If it’s one with a code you can literally just buy it online whenever you want and get full access with the code if those are needed."

"If it’s a class without a code I wouldn’t get the book till absolutely necessary and when I did it was an Amazon online rental. I’m not spending $200 on a book when I can spend $15 for 5 months of access to the book through the kindle app."

"Some classes you can get buy without even buying the book."

– micheal213

Exorbitant Prices

"Years ago, when I was in college, I spent like some insane amount of money on my books. Like over $1000 or something nuts. I had to walk to my car on the entire other side of campus. So I asked for a bag. Then they tried to charge me 10 dollars for a bag. I was so annoyed."

– BeerNcheesePlz

Online security can cost you. Is it worth it? These Redditors didn't think so.

No Protection For Being Fooled

"McAffee and Norton antivirus software."

– FriendlyFloyd7

Preying On The Elderly

"It didn't used to be, but now windows has built in software that is just as good."

"The real crime is Norton, scamming old folks into paying a yearly fee smh"

– Superb_Extension1751

They say these products are beneficial to your life. Don't fall for it.

Spill The Tea

"Herbalife... the shakes and 'teas' which aren't actually teas at all.. It's processed garbage that just so happens to have vitamins and protein added to it. Fake sweeteners, artificial dyes, yeah no thanks."

– cardinalcandy

Hear This

"Ear wax candles. Burn one not in an ear, and it still fills up with wax."

– JustSoHappy

I always thought nature was the biggest scammer of all.

Those huge bags of spinach leaves at the grocery store gives the illusion that you're set for your intake of vegetables if good for at least a couple of weeks.

But as soon as those spinach leaves–which actually retain lots of water–hit the pan when cooking, you'll find that the portion has dramatically reduced to a hundredth of its size.

I see you, spinach, and I don't like you for pulling a fast one on me.

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