Why are humans so stupid? Why weren't we created with automatic genius? Or at the very least, our own how-to manual.

Can you imagine? A how-to use manual for each individual. Lord, the amount of wasted time saved.

I can openly admit I should come with a manual. And I am also someone who often doesn't understand manuals, so I thank designers for fool proofing some necessities for me. Though I'm not as bad as some.

Redditor u/SugarCookieBear wanted to know what things we use that were designed to bypass our basic abilities to be... idiots, by asking:

Engineers of Reddit, what's the most ridiculous idiot-proofing you've had to add in your never-ending quest to combat stupid people?

I'm intrigued to discover how and when designers and engineers realize that what they are crafting needs to come with extra detail, for the lame crowd. And by the crowd, I mean society as a whole. Let's face it, we need help.

No Eat!

GIF by VH1 Giphy

"A paragraph in an owners' manual on not eating the broken glass from binoculars."

- pskye

Don't Drink Up

"Wife is a civil engineer. The one that came to mind for her was that she had to add to the specification of a construction contract that stated that workers would not drink the water that accumulated at the bottom of an excavation."

- taebek1

"Everyone knows that water is for Dasani. Can't have the workers dipping into their profit."

- LittleBoiFound

Between Bridges

"We had a pedestrian bridge next to a bridge for vehicles, separated by about a 3ft gap. The bridges were about 20ft high over the water. So many drunk pedestrians climbed over the rails and tried to jump between bridges and didn't make it that I was directed to design a safety net to hang between the two bridges."

- rex8499

The Plug-In

"I work in facilities maintenance. Someone put in a ticket for a malfunctioned computer on wheels and I found the power cord was frayed. Not my gear so all I can really do is set it aside and have the biomed techs fix it."

"I put a zip-tie through the holes in the prongs of the plug, put 2 nitrile glove on the plug, zip tied the gloves in place, and wrapped up the gloves with duct tape. I got a sheet of printer paper and wrote "inoperative. do not use. do not plug in" and taped it to the monitor."

"Couple hours later I get a ticket for another COW with frayed power cord sparking. It turned out to be the same cart and one of the nurses cut the end of the gloves off, cut the zip tie in the end of the plug, and plugged it in and it arced and tripped a breaker because of the frayed power cord."

- pedroah

Best Excuses For Late Assignments That Were Actually True | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

Can't Resist!

canadian wtf GIF by CBC Giphy

"I was asked to make a hydraulic oil pump nozzle 'drink proof'."

- TSH3819

"That's a fools errand, the best you can hope for is "drink resistant".

- Sir-Ironshield

Ok. Some of those items make me concerned for surviving life. Who eats glass? I've seen some things in the world, but that would definitely be a first and hopefully last. I shudder to continue.


water satisfying GIF Giphy

"Civil engineer here. While laying asphalt usually we close the road and cover using barricade tapes. But no matter his hard we try people always find ways to go through and ruin the whole process. Ultimately we had to use security to block the roads."

- Mean_Bet8952

Don't go THERE!!!

"Chemical engineer. Please do not poop in the test room. I wish I was joking, but it happened!"

- encoding314

"My cousin is a chemical engineer. For weeks they had contaminants in their product. I forget exactly what fixes they tried, but they eventually found out via security cams that one of the night shift maintenance workers was peeing into one of the chemical vats."

- nota3lephant


"I work on cars, so almost everything is designed around protecting people. My favorite is that we have to make the Hvac system louder and engine noise insulation worse because people will complain if they can't hear the systems running. We could make almost silent air ducts, but our warranty spend would go up."

- flyingcircusdog

Not a Hammer

"I'm a mech E intern, I walked in on my manager discussing a design with another engineer, all I heard was "so the guys will probably use that as a hammer so I made it out of this stronger material" "when they're working they will probably be throwing this small door open so I used stronger hinges and added a stop"

"It's things like this that I really appreciate about my internship, I likely wouldn't have thought about that myself."

- zhdx54

On the 5th...

Big Boi Smh GIF by Outkast Giphy

"Application Engineer here: When handling a 3D Laserscanner, it has to be placed and fixed on a stable tripod."

"A flat rail of a balcony is not a suitable substitute for it. And no, the insurance has not covered the total loss of the device after it felt from the 5th floor to the concrete pavement."

- Arkon_Meyer

Y'all, does common sense no longer exist. Thankfully these people have the forethought to plan ahead. They are saving us, one idea at a time.

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