'Don't You Know Who I Am?' People Share The Biggest 'Dick Move' Moments They've Ever Witnessed.

'Don't You Know Who I Am?' People Share The Biggest 'Dick Move' Moments They've Ever Witnessed.

We've all had moments in our lives that we look back on and cringe at how much of a jerk we were. But not all of us are willing to share those stories online...

Here are some of the worst "dick move" moments people have either seen or done.

Many thanks to the Redditors who posed these questions. You can check out more answers from the sources at the end of this article!

1. Bartending once, I picked up a table so a server could go home early and the guests at the table were super rude to me. They wouldn't call me by my name just kept calling me different racial slurs.

I smiled and gave them great service, but it was clear they were trying to get something free. When they asked for my manager I couldn't hear what they were telling him but the couple seated at the end of the bar near their table spoke up and told my manager they were lying.

We ended up calling the police when they refused to pay their tab which was over a hundred dollars. They ended up paying it then my manager comped $10 off so I could get a tip. I tried to buy the nice couple at the bar a round and my manager comped that too.


2. A friend of mine was having really bad stomach pains around our sophomore year of high school. Like most guys do, we made fun of him and told him to suck it up. He told me he wasn't messing around so I told him to man up and gave him a quick but light punch in the abs. He crippled over in pain and started crying. He left school in an ambulance. His appendix burst because of me, and he spent three weeks in the hospital. We are now 20 and he is my best friend.


3. Whenever my friends brag about the cool stuff their parents bought them I say "I wish I had parents." My parents are dead so it's a downer for everyone.


4. I was at an Apple service provider waiting for an iPod Nano replacement when this guy who was talking to another Apple employee started threatening her.

He was furious because she wouldn't replace his iPad. She was extremely (and unbelievably) patient and repeatedly tried to explain to him that the store was just an authorized service provider and not an Apple store and that they would need approval from Apple's regional office to replace his iPad. (continued...)

He asked for a piece of paper, scrawled his Twitter handle on it and repeatedly told the girl to check it to see how many followers he had. "You'll be surprised," he said.

"I'll be tweeting about this. Show your manager and maybe they'll change their mind."

He also said his number of followers "will put a dent on Apple" and that he'll never buy another Apple product again. He also repeatedly threw down his iPhone onto the counter to demonstrate that he couldn't break it. He was still at it when I left. Nuts.


5. Retail manger here.

My store has a really crappy price match policy. There are a few things we will not match, one of those is when you need to use a loyalty card to get the deal.

I had an older gentleman come in to price match 5 bottles of Pepsi. We sold them for $1.50 and a competitor sold them for $1. Couldn't price match because the competitor deal needed their loyalty card.

This is where it went from zero to ludicrous in 3 seconds. The guy grabbed one of the bottles, starts to open it and says "Well, if you won't match it I guess I have to pour this pop over your register, what are you going to do then?" followed with a smirk. I kept my cool, didn't miss a beat and stated "OK, I am going to have to call the cops then."

He got super upset and couldn't understand why I would call the cops for him and I tried to explain that he just threatened to vandalize the store's property. After he understood, he walked out.

All over $2.50.


6. A friend of mine had his appendix taken out, and couldn't eat solid foods for a week afterwards. He absolutely loves grilled cheese sandwiches, and after a few days of hospital food all he was talking about was eating a grilled cheese sandwich. So, just to be a dick, I made a grilled cheese sandwich for myself every night for dinner. I took detailed pictures of preparing the sandwiches, cooking them, stuffing them in my face, and sent them to him every night just to be a dick. In fact, we refer to grilled cheese sandwiches as 'dick sandwiches' now.

The best part? I'm severely lactose intolerant. The sandwiches tasted awful, and I spent hours in the bathroom after each one. But it was worth it just to be a dick.


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7. When I was 18, I worked at a Toys R Us, and a lot of people thought that it was a fun job because we're surrounded by toys. It wasn't. People get wild about their toys and games for their brat kids. But one guy always stands out.

I was working the customer service desk which entailed returns, check outs, answering phones...One day I was working the desk and there was a long line of people. Everyone was being very patient with me answering phones and helping everyone check out, but this one guy had an attitude right away.

He kept mumbling loudly about how horribly rude I was, and that I wasn't working fast enough. He bought his crap and walked away. I thought it was over, but he quickly came back into the store, and cut the entire line. He started telling me to find him a pair of scissors so he could open his purchase. I calmly explained that I didn't have a pair of scissors (and I really didn't). He then proceeded to come around the desk, physically push me out of the way, and start opening all off the draws. My manager witnessed the whole thing and came over and told him to get out of the store.

The guy then screamed at my manager to call the police and see if he cared. We didn't have to call the police, because there was an off duty one in line, and he quickly explained to the man that he was being detained until police arrived. He quickly shut up, and was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment. Enjoy your toys.


8. I once worked at a little gaming store next to a big retailer. I don't get commission or anything, just helped kids pick out games and whatever. Sell the odd Xbox here and there. Some guy comes in asking me to match the retailers deal on a Nintendo DS, for whatever management reason, I couldn't do it. He starts to get pissed off, and there's nothing I can do, my hands are tied. So he leaves. I think nothing of it, then he walks past about 15 minutes later and screams from the door "I GOT IT FROM (big retail store) FOR (whatever price) AND I'M NEVER COMING BACK, YOU LOSER".

...I was a 15 year old girl.


9. I worked at a local Cold Stone when I was a kid. This shop was owned by a family who had kids in my high school, so I was pretty close with the owners. On a particularly busy afternoon I was whipping up someone's ice cream when I overhear things getting heated at the cash register. (continued...)

One of our owners Lynn was working there and an upset woman was complaining about the price of her order. Lynn broke down each item and how much tax was to which the customer responded that she deserved a discount and if she didn't get one that she would be calling her good friends, who owned this establishment. Lynn calmly said, "I'm Lynn and I own this establishment. Please leave." I've never seen someone turn red so fast.


10. Anytime anybody says "don't you know who I am?!" ...ugh...


11. I was in the gas station waiting behind this woman who just started freaking out because when she asked for "20 on 7" the man replied "premium or regular?".

This woman went berserk. Spouting racial slurs, asking why he needed to know what type of gas she wanted, and all sorts of things. She threatened to tell the manager that the man was harassing her and he would be fired. I stepped up and said "Lady, it's his job to ask. He needs to know so he can activate the pumps. For you."

She just looked at me and then stormed out. I got a free snickers bar from the employee.


12. I spent the past couple of days on a Greyhound that was going across the country (Canada) and we pulled into Quebec. The security guard spoke fluent English (Overheard a cell phone conversation) but seemed to be a massive jerk.

People who asked him if he spoke English usually did so in French, and he responded with yes and helped them out. A little girl who couldn't have been more than 15 came up and asked him if he spoke English. When I chatted with her later I found out her English was pretty raw and she moved to Canada from Taiwan about 3 years ago. (continued...)

The security guard said No English repeatedly and she looked distressed. She had asked a few others but no one had really responded and he looked like the only person working at the terminal at that moment. The ticket counters were closed, and no janitors or anything similar.

She went around asking others but the people who responded didn't know the answers she was looking for. She promptly started crying. I went over and helped her as best I could. When the Security guy walked past he simply laughed at her and called a friend on his phone where he spoke nothing but flawless English.


13. First one was just about a perfectly healthy 65 year old who decided to deprive a mother and her severely mentally handicapped child from parking in a handicap space. He went on to just scoff and walk away when she called him out on it. No justice was done, sadly. :(


14. I was drunk at this dive bar. Everyone was dancing and there was this table full of open beers. I sat on the table and it collapsed.

All the beers crashed to floor as I grabbed mine, a Guinness. The music stopped, everyone stared at me with anger as I took a swig... And said, "I still got mine."

I walked right out.


15. Not sure if this is good guy or dick move. Half half I suppose. The story begins with my best friends girlfriend - later wife. She got pregnant, and they got married because he thought it was his. They latter separated on terrible terms. She won custody, and would not let my mate see "their" son.

We were roommates at this time. I eventually told him the truth, and while he was angry at first, he eventually asked me to sue for custody, as he felt that she was not taking proper care of the child. Long story short, I won the suit and ending up living with my best friend, and what we eventually decided was "our" son.


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16. When I was in grade school, there was a girl in my younger brother's class whose family was quite poor. One winter day while waiting for the bus home, I noticed that she was wearing these old, ugly, hand-me-down mittens and I made fun of her. A lot. In front of other people. I thought I was somehow being cool and funny, but my brother saw it for what it was and told our parents. I ended up getting a big scolding and had to publicly apologize to the girl the next day.

Looking back on my life, I have done some stupid things and some mean things, but this moment is probably one of the things I am most ashamed of in my life. And I'm ashamed that it took my brother and my parents for me to see that I was being a horrible person and needed to apologize.


17. As someone who was a waitress for a long time and also worked in retail, I can't beg people enough to say something when you see a customer acting like a total douche to an employee.

The employee can't do anything without risking his/her job, but you have the power to put jerks like this in their place and the employee will (most likely) be forever grateful.

Also, real life karma!


Sources 1 & 2.

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