The benchmark of any relationship is trust. There is very little hope of any relationship succeeding if you can’t trust your partner. And fixing a relationship will pose numerous problems should trust ever be broken. When the fiancé of Redditor ThrowraCase35456 broke her trust, it put not only their relationship in jeopardy, but also her […] More
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We like to think we have more control over the world than we really do.

Not to venture into dime-store super-villain territory, but so much of the world is chance, or luck, or a random simulation of numbers assembling in front of us in a Matrix-like scenario. We can't predict everything that will ever happen to us, nor should we, because how could you ever predict anything like the following stories?

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The relationship between stepparents and stepchildren can be a delicate line. Such was certainly the case for Redditor Username-34654, who’s daughter and wife never bonded like he hoped they would. But a recent incident may have caused irreparable damage not only to the relationship of the Original Poster (OP)’s wife and daughter, but possibly to […] More
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Security guards and first responders keep watch over people or property.

Sometimes their shifts begin when the most workers head home for the night.

Working alone in dead silence and in dark places or responding to emergencies can play mind tricks, but these professionals are trained to remain focused.

What they aren't trained for is how to respond to strange phenomena that can only be described as a paranormal disturbance.
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Breakups are hard. But, some people channel their rage and move on in a healthy way. Others decide to burn it all to the ground. Redditor Suspicious-Post-7690 encountered this very issue with their son’s ex. So they turned to the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit for moral judgment. They asked: “AITA for pressing charges […] More