People Describe The Worst Thing They've Ever Eaten

Our stomachs don't agree with everything.

There are foods that make many of us sick... and not because of an allergy.

There is always going to be a meal that leaves a traumatic memory or three.

Not every ingredient is meant for everybody, afterall.

Redditor Ed_Paq wanted to hear about all the foods we can't consume, so they asked:

"What's the worst thing you ever ate?"

Liver. I just can't get onboard with liver.


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"Was at a backyard concert. There was a bowl of jawbreakers. Grabbed one, chomped down, realized they were smoke bombs. Terrible. Vile. Spit and hacked and nearly threw up."



"A stinkbug crawled into my straw and I took a sip. Stunkbug in the mouth. It took forever to get that taste out of my mouth."


"Oh that's disgusting. I freaking HATE those things. That smell is VILE. My bf bought a camper one fall and we were cleaning it out and it was INFESTED with stink bugs. That smell, walking into that - awful."

"I get them in my house occasionally. My cats love bugs. One cat saw a stink bug and tried to eat it. He freaked out because of the taste, he left a big drool mark on the floor and was rubbing his mouth with his paw. I gave him some food to try to help him. And his face smelled like a stink bug. 🤮 I had to use baby wipes on him."


Nailed It

"My roommate's nails, he had clipped them and put them into my coke can that he thought I was done with."


"When I was young my dad was clipping his toenails into a bowl, and my mother came and started eating them thinking it was rice. She got her revenge though, she got a sinus infection and put her tissues into a Mcdonald's cup. My dad drank it all."


Just awful meat...

"I attended a wild game feed/sports banquet (WI in US for those curious). The usual staples were served: elk, fish, bear, etc. Someone decided to braise a coyote. I tried a small bite and it was so gamey. Just awful meat. I don't think there is cooking method known to mankind that could make it palatable. Could taste it for days after."



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"Once drank a sip of chew spit from a red solo cup that was sitting next to my beer. Not my spit."


Spit is never ok.

Shots Up

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"Cured shark meat in Iceland. It's so nasty they give you a shot of vodka to wash it down."



"I've had a few periods of homelessness, I once lived for a couple of months on nothing but a carrier bag full of sample 2 packs of dry rivita."

"A couple of pieces of rivita, twice a day for weeks on end. It was like living on cardboard. Never want to see another piece,"


The Smell

"I received a leather briefcase case as a gift. And used it sparingly. Didn’t have that kind of job. But still I kept some documents and basic crap. The thing smelled of leather as did everything that went in it. At some point a candy bar made its way into it and forgotten."

"Months go by, closer to a year and I was on the road. Opened that case from the back seat and see the bar. Took a big bite. It truly was the worst thing I had and have ever tasted. It had absorbed the leather and cheap tanning chemicals. 30 years later and I feel nauseous thinking of it."



"The cafeteria at my work served cordon bleu. I love cordon bleu. I opened up the covered container, and saw a microwaved chicken patty with a Kraft slice and a chunk of ham on top. It was soggy and tasted like what a gym sock+dead carcass would smell like because it was just laying on top soggy microwaved Brussels sprouts, soaking up all the liquid. I think there were carrots too, but I could barely stomach that chicken patty. Felt sick the rest of the shift, and had a foul taste in the back of my throat. I try not to eat their 'fancy' meals anymore."


Don't Bite

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"When I was 14/15, I went to the fridge for some leftover pizza. Grabbed a slice, took a big bite. It tasted a little funky and when I looked at it, it was FULL of ants. Parents must have left it out overnight and the ants got into it... it was black inside."


We may never eat again. Okay, that's probably an exaggeration but we will be very careful about the cups we use at parties and triple-checking things we take out of the fridge going forward.

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