People Confess Which Things They Own An Obscene Amount Of

Am I a hoarder?

People Confess Which Things They Own An Obscene Amount Of
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Anyone who has watched A & E's Hoarders suffers from a distant PTSD. How could we not? That show could make you rethink every life choice. Then along comes Marie Kondo. Remember her? These programs have made us confront the possibility that we may hold onto things we never needed or collect in an access that is at the very least... unhealthy. So let's all discuss what could get us on these shows.

Redditor u/MitaJoey20 wanted everyone to fess up about what they basically hoard by asking... What do you own an obscene amount of?

Clothes. I have way too many articles of clothing. I was poor as a kid. I was obese as a teen so I over compensate now. I want options of nice things to wear. There. I said it. And now I have to go pay my storage unit of clothes. Who understands?


angry peter sarsgaard GIFGiphy

Stuffed animals. But I'd be a damn liar if I said that I'm not cozy at night in my stuffed animal kingdom.



Useless cables from up to 25 years ago. I have phone chargers older than lots of Redditors. IDE extensions. I don't know why.


I have quite a few of them too! A small box full of IDE and floppy drive cables.

Because my hobby is... Owning an obscene amount of old late 90's, early 2000's computers, and just messing around with the hardware!


By a Hair

Dog hair. That crap in all my belongings.


When our mutt died our vet came in to ask if we would like a pawprint as a keepsake. We said yes. Then she wanted to know if we wanted a lock of his hair as well.

And then in the middle of us bawling our eyes out, we stopped, and laughed for about 10 seconds. Because that dog's hair was all over our house. He, our carpet, and our couch were all the same color, so a lot of it was hidden, but just everywhere. We declined the lock of hair.



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Exactly how obscene an amount of money were you talking about? Just… profane, or really offensive?




Currently have about... 800?

To be fair, most of it is inventory for my business.


All of this is making sense. And there is never an amount of money that is too obscene to have. I don't get the plants, but I hate plants. Sorry green thumbers.

Love is in the Heel

Shoes because when I was a broke child, my parents never bought me shoes I wanted. Now I am broke adult after buying tons of shoes that never see outside their boxes.


Shoes will always love you. Shoes will never leave you. You can gain 50 pounds and your pants and tops may have to be donated, but your feet will stay the same size. I'm here for shoes because they are here for me.


Cover Up

Make up.


glances at her make up collection yup. I have a 10 drawer craft storage thing. I need another. I have 2 drawers alone just for lipsticks and glosses.


Hey Neo!


Pictures of Keanu Reeves wearing a bra.


I'm afraid to ask, but how many do you have?


And now shoes...

Socks without a match.


Lol in my family we have a generational bin of socks that keeps getting passed down. My mom had one, and when my sister moved she took it with her. My sister has now moved four times and that bin keeps going with her.

I think the odds on finding those lost mates are pretty low at this point.


Gimme Quarters...

heads or tails spinning GIFGiphy

Penny stocks.


Penny stocks are fun. I've made a decent bit off of them over the past several years. Still, I generally try and steer people away from them, since the general public is pretty terrible with basic financial tools like checking accounts and credit cards.


There is never enough of Keanu Reeves in our lives. And I still collect pennies. Money is money. But... we really should examine some collection choices. There is such a thing as too many shoes.

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