Food is a funny thing. We all need it to live. We eat to live.

But when it's not about survival, many people take food to a level of obsession.

There are just some items that don't belong on a menu.

Be creative as you want to be as a chef, but certain things, like poisonous fish and reptiles?

Maybe just let them keep roaming their habitats.

Why would I pay $150 a plate to maybe die?

What happened to an adventurous fettuccini alfredo?

Redditor trajopwanted hear about which items on the menu are not acceptable, by asking:

"Non-picky eaters, what’s a food you just cannot do?"

Snails. Liver. No. No to all of that. Why would you eat a snail? Don't tell me!

Grape Only!

happy bread GIF by ThreadlessGiphy

"Non-Fussy Slav here : Aspic or any other form of Meat-tasting Jelly... just... no, thank you." ~ BlimeyChaps


"Silkworm pupae that is boiled or steamed. I tried it once and that’s it. I don’t like the taste, how it looks, and the smell! I get nauseous whenever I smell it. And they also sell it in a can!! 😭" ~ Casmekju20

"If I ever get a whiff of a street Beondaegi seller, I have to cross the street to the other side. Or just turn back. Forget it, wherever I was going, it was not as important as avoiding that smell. Tried the canned one once, since it had little smell and it was basically a dare. It tastes like it smells." ~ heliumneon

Cut through the Piss...

"Fermented fish." ~ LangMildInteressant

"My mom buys it every time she’s in Sweden on her monthly food shopping trip, and will text me when she has some so I know not to come by on visit for 2-3 days until that horrible smell is 100% gone!" ~ RowAcceptable4715

"I'm not Swedish but I once had a tiny tiny amount with some onions and sour cream on a piece of bread and it was honestly great. It kind of tasted like sauerkraut soaked in thai fish sauce with a hint of pee. The onions really cut out the pee taste though." ~ Colonel_Fart-Face

No, just no!!

"For me it's brains. I don't care if they're from a cow, a pig, a sheep or some other unfortunate creature. Doesn't matter if they're baked, poached, breaded then deep-fried. No, just no!! Not to mention that if the animal that supplied them was infected with the kind of prions that causes Mad Cow Disease."

"And other related ailments, brains would probably give a person a super-sized dose of the stuff. Eating brains is an item that I'd never put on my bucket list and if I die without ever having taken a bite of some, I won't have any regrets." ~ NoodlesrTuff1256

Only Deviled or Boiled...

Egg GIFGiphy

"Balut. Just something about a partially developed chicken egg that I just... can't... do." ~ adamchid

"How nice it is to learn that my egg eating nightmare scenario is an actual food people intentionally make in some parts of the world." ~ Hotshot2k4

I love eggs. I've tried them many ways. First rule no matter what... COOKED!

Look Away

bbc one fish GIF by BBCGiphy

"I draw the line at fish eyes... one and done thank you." ~ hats4bats22


"Imitation coconut is the one thing I just can't seem to like." ~ Setsuna85

"Somewhat the opposite for me. I’m not super bothered by real coconut, but I’m not a huge fan of the texture (the little strings). I love the flavor though! So if something has coconut flavoring but without the strings, it’s a plus for me." ~ MonsiuerGeneral

"Imitation mango. It's the worst." ~ getthatbreadmyfriend


"I had Natto once. Once. Maybe it's 'healthy' but if your Wikipedia page describes it as an 'acquired taste' due to the odor and texture ... yeah it looks, smells, and tastes like snot goblins. Different culinary history, but also, if you need to ferment seafood in lye, I believe the appropriate words are 'failure to plan for winter' rather than 'delicacy.' ~ InannasPocket

Fishy Issues

"Tuna. When I was pregnant with my twins, I had horrible morning sickness the entire time. But my body just craaaaved Tuna Helper one night. Made a box, ate it all myself. Pretty easy to know where this goes. I threw up so hard and so long that I was throwing up just burning stomach acid when I stopped. I also peed my pants. I can't even look at a can of tuna at the store without feeling sour." ~ orangestar17

Run Away

poop GIFGiphy

"That fake crab that tastes like plastic, and tangerines cause they give me the runs." ~ Hwil33

I thought I might be picky but I see I'm more normal than most. Don't die for food.

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