Non-Picky Eaters Divulge The One Food They Just Can't Stomach
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I love food.

But there are some menus I just can't get with.

My stomach is delicate.

And my taste buds are boring.

But I'll try most foods once.

Some ingredients or foods though are just simply too disgusting to explain.

How in the world some of you devour certain foods is beyond my comprehension.

I just can't do it. And I'm not picky, just precise in my diet.

Somethings were never meant to leave the plate.

Redditor corkscream wanted to hear about the foods that have been consumed by many and left people ill.

They asked:

"Non-picky eaters, what’s one food you absolutely can’t get behind?"

Certain Oreo cookie flavors are out of control. I mean... just why?


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"Bugs. I don't know if it's all just a mental block or if it's the crunch of a lot of them, but I just can't do it. I've tried various bugs boiled, dipped in chocolate, deep fried, stir fried... etc. and I just can't."



"Fermented shark from Iceland."


"When I was in Iceland I tried Hakarl. The initial taste was bad but I was expecting that. What I wasn't prepared for was how the flavor and smell permeated everything else."

"Immediately after I ate the shark I drank from my stainless steel water bottle and that flavor stayed on the water bottle for a day, even after multiple times washing it. 6 hours after I ate the Hakarl I blew up my camping mattress and the next night, 30 hours later I could still taste that putrid shark as I blew up the mattress again."



"Lutefisk. It is a terrible idea someone had here in Norway some centuries ago. You take a perfectly edible cod and dry it. So far, so good; You can still rescue the fish by making Bacalao. Then, you follow up by soaking the fish, the very fish you just dried, in water for a few days."

"Finally, when the fish no longer thinks its remains can be further mistreated you put it into a bath of lye dissolved in water. The end process sees you with a swollen mess of a fish that's got a ph of 11-12, which is lethal. To make the damn thing edible you need to soak it in water for over a week."

"This is, incredibly enough, considered a delicacy and is something many try to foist upon poor, unsuspecting, tourists. Me? I think the fish has been through enough, no need to make it a participant in crimes against humanity as well."



"Tarantulas. As an arachnophobe, I cannot eat that. Also there is some kind of Filipino food that is literally just an underdeveloped duck fetus/embryo thing straight out the egg, which is another I will never eat."


"I tried a tarantula and have to say that it wasn't worth it. It was just kind of crispy, I'd compare it to finger nails in taste and texture. I later discovered that the harvesting process isn't great either. They go in and destroy tarantula colonies which take years to recover. So don't bother and tell others it's not worth it."


In Cambodia

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"Boiled silk worms. Tried them in Cambodia and from the name you'd expect them to be not great, but I was unprepared for how incredibly awful it was."


Worms? Bugs? Oh Lord have mercy. Why would you do that?


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"Brains of any kind. Not today prions!


Half of Yuck

"Those half developed birds in the egg."


"In Vietnam they are common. And they say that when you eat one your luck switch’s, like a light switch. So if you eat one and you have bad luck now it will be good luck. I told my wife that the sellers of Hot Vit Lon (the name here) made that up so they can increase the chances of selling more than one, because no one likes them enough to eat 2 otherwise."


Let Babe run!!

"Pickled pigs feet. There's only a tiny bit of actual meat in there. No way."


"You don't eat it for the meat, it's meant to eat the tendons and colegen. You have get used to the texture but it's basically an un cooked pork rind."



"Stinky tofu. It actually doesn’t taste that bad but dear lord, the smell is horrendous."


"First time I went to Beijing I bragged to my travel companions that I would eat anything and everything locals ate. Street vendor's stinky tofu shut me up so fast - my stomach was in knots just from the smell."


"I legit thought someone tracked dog sh*t into the house the first time I had it. I NEVER speak badly of foods because I know how much someone might care about it. I find it really rude to say a food is 'gross;' but, stinky tofu was my limit. Absolutely vile."


Bad Feelings

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"I just don't like organs. The texture of most organ meat is terrible."



"Balut, Durian, Century Eggs, fried spiders etc... have tried the first three and hated them, refuse to try spiders. Nope."


"Honest to God, century eggs aren't bad, especially in a dish. I totally thought it would just taste like ammonia, but the egg 'whites' taste the same and have a similar texture to aspic, while the yolk taste a bit earthy and fatty while having more of a custard consistency. Once I tried them I had no issues eating them."


can't do it...

"Olives. I retry them every so often to make sure. I nearly vomit every time. I've eaten various bugs, organs, fermented things, and beyond... but freaking olives man, can't do it."


"I hated olives until one very drunk night 3 or 4 years ago. I was craving something salty and olives were just about the only thing in the fridge of the house I was partying at. I'd unscrew the lid, eat one olive, complain about how gross it was while screwing the lid back on, then do it again about a minute later. This went on for about an hour apparently, and I love olives now."


Bad Taste

"Venison. I think it tastes great, and I’m totally not opposed to eating meat— but I got the worst food poisoning of my life from venison in Dec 2018. Never again."


"Aww man, that sucks! If it makes you feel any better, my mom can't eat enchiladas anymore for the same reason. If you were take away enchiladas from me forever, I might just off myself."


"Yeah, you've gotta be careful with game meat. Huge potential for parasites and disease if not handled and cooked appropriately."


Gross Males


"Shirako. It's basically caviar, but from a male fish. Consistency of cottage cheese."


Too Much

"Overly sweet desserts."


"Fondant is just mean. It sits there and looks like delicious sugary goodness and just freaking wants you to eat its smooth, creamy deliciousness. Then you take a bite and it’s like 'haha! F**k you, I’m 50% glycerin and about as sweet as your diabetic Memaws candy dish!'"





"My dad loves durian and I’ve always hated it — until he bought some pieces of a Malaysian durian, and I actually ended up loving it. It was sweet and curstardy."

"The strong smell was there, but it just smelled sweeter than other durian I’d tried before. Or maybe my tastebuds are just changing as I’m growing older lol Anyway, if you want to give durian another shot, def look into different varieties to try! There’s such a spectrum of flavors and textures."



"Uncooked snails. Too dangerous. I feel the same way about things like medium rare chicken, or other things that will likely kill you if not actually prepared."


"People eat uncooked snails? That seems unwise. Properly prepared escargot are nice though."

"Where I'm at a classic dish is 'steak tartare' which is raw chopped beef (from cow or horse) seasoned, with a raw egg on top. (also eggs are never washed and go straight from the chicken's butt into the box). This is not a problem when food is fresh and proper cleanliness is observed in the kitchen and supply chain. Chicken and snails are always fully cooked though!"


No No

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"Natto. It’s the soapy, sticky texture. Or anything with harissa. I just... can’t."


My point is, I get you...

"I'm basically a garbage disposal, but just the smell of bananas makes me gag. I will not eat anything with banana in it. And before you ask, yes, that even includes banana bread."


"I felt this way for years. Bananas were the only thing I absolutely detested based on flavor alone—and then at like 19 a switch flipped and I didn’t mind them anymore. I still find banana to be an extremely distinctive flavor, though—I never mistake it for anything else. My point is, I get you."


Sometimes a nice, easy cheese sandwich is all you need.

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