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What's on the menu? What are the specials? What's popular? What's your favorite item?Tell me everything.

Back when I was in hospitality, these are part of the litany of questions I would get from visitors to our country. It became a bit irritating. I should've made a sign with "Regular FAQs."

I didn't have a lot of answers, due to the fact that I find American food pretty run of the mill. I'm going have to be schooled on what is considered extra yummy only in the states.

Although I must admit, the shoe definitely swaps feet when I travel. Tell me everything. The rest of the world is far more compelling with their menus.

Redditor u/Well_shi__-_- wanted to discuss what menu items we all need to discuss by asking:

What common foods in your country are considered delicacies by foreigners?

The closest "delicacy" for America I can come up with is pizza. Right? But only in NYC. And bagels, but only in NYC. Maybe alligator in Florida? And oranges, but only in Florida. Were very centralized here aren't we?

Berry Way

Thanks Strawberry GIF by DriscollsBerry Giphy

"Goji berries. We put that stuff in our soups and many people pick that out when they drink the soup."

- eienblue


"(good) Olive oil."

- sonsistem

"Weirdly enough, Costco's house brand, Kirkland, is supposed to be some of the best, non-adulterated olive oil available in the States. I would look for a source on this, but I'm stoned."

- hedronist

"Kirkland California Extra Virgin Olive Oil is white label Cobram Estates, which is the California grown product of the Australian olive oil company, Boundary Bend. They have an unimpeachable reputation for quality and win many awards!"

- MomSaysNo

baby fish

"It was supposed to be caviar, but now it's also unaffordable for us. cries in Russian."

- Alco_Warrior

"I used to eat caviar all the time as a cheap snack growing up moderately poor (Romanian). I was stunned to find out it's a delicacy."

- AntarcticanJam

"I was thinking caviar in Iran, but I don't know if it's true still. A lot of sturgeon species in Eurasia are endangered from overfishing and habitat destruction."

- AllOfMyVotes

In the Forest

"Hmm, forest berries perhaps. I live in Finland. We have a lot of forests, so lot of berries such as blueberries and lingonberries. Everyman's Rights mean that you can just go and pick as much as you can find. It's kinda one of those things where if you live near any forested area, and are willing to spent time there come late summer, you'll probably have enough to last until next year in your freezer."

"We have so much berries that people from poorer countries (Thailand is a common one for some reason) are hired to pick them up, because doing berrypicking enough to actually profit monetarily is heavy work. And apparently the pay isn't worth it for most Finns. At the same time, forest berries are considered a superfood around the world, very healthy and trendy. Dunno about actual delicacy status, but definitely a difference in how we think about them."

- MryyLeathert

The Little Lamb

baby lamb GIF by The Dodo Giphy

"I worked for a charity in Iraq for a year and we'd buy a dozen lamb chops for the equivalent of $5. That's like $60 to buy in the US and it's worse quality."

- eodtec1985

Ok, now that is what I call a menu. And I actually had a few of these items on my list when I heard the question. Only in Italy can you find true oil. And caviar? Guess I'm flying to Russia. Knock, knock Vlad. LOL


spam GIF Giphy

"Hawaii has somehow turned spam into a sought after food, especially by visitors from Japan."

- ebolajones


"I would add mushrooms for Finland. Especially porcinis (herkkutatti), chanterelles (kantarelli) and C. tubaeformis (suppilovahvero) are incredible food mushrooms which are sought after e.g. in Italy. We can just go pick them in the forest thanks to our "jokamiehenoikeus", every man's right, which allows anyone to pick mushrooms and berries etc. on public land such as state-owned forests."

- Resumme

When in Mexico...

"Avocados here in Mexico, pretty common and cheap."

- wandering_spaceman

"I spent 3 months in your wonderful country 10 years ago and I still am disappointed when I eat an avocado or a mango here. "It´s just not like the ones in Mexico."

- Anakron_Stargazer

"Yea I always thought papaya was disgusting and tasted like pee warm beer until I ate one in Mexico. I can never get that real taste out of my mind."

- Amockdfw89

Spain Eats

"Jamón Serrano, here in Spain is really common and you can find very good product for a very affordable price."

- another_bored_man

"We are going to Madrid this fall and my husband has already informed me that he plans to eat his weight in Jamón Iberico. We used to get slivers of it from a Spanish importer near our old house for crazy money."

- Duckduckandgoose

Truth Hurts

british crown GIF Giphy

"Englishman here, been scrolling for sooooo long to find my country..."

"Maybe some stereotypes are true."

- endgame00

Spam? Just, no. And I will say, I think the English are in the same boat as the good ole US of A. Empty food treasures. I've been to London... the supermarket sandwiches were good and you can drink in the streets. I guess you make up where you can.

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