People Describe The Biggest Sore Loser They Ever Encountered
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Competitive types have the drive to will themselves to victory in competitive situations.

While that passion for the game of any sort is an admirable trait, their reaction to losing can be intimidating and even downright terrifying.

Those who are defeated and erupt in a fiery rage are the ones to look out for and avoid at all costs.

When Redditor ihave1 asked "What was the worst display of a sore loser you witnessed?," readers recalled horrific experiences that wound up with them covered in bruises – and in some cases – broken bones.

Physical Violence

The rage was real with these very sore losers.

Reason For The Stop Sign On Sweaters

"In a high school hockey game back in the late 90's, there was a kid who made an opposing player look really bad with how he got deked. The guy scored, the play was over and he was headed to his teams bench for congrats when the guy he just schooled cross-checked him from behind, paralyzing him from the neck down. Kids who play high school hockey on the North Shore of Chicago STILL have stop signs sewn onto the backs of their sweaters because of this incident."


Spelling Bee Trauma

"I was this really small 8 yo with glasses that loved to read. It was time for the annual spelling bee and was sure I would win. So in my school you had to go through your class first and I won. Then against the winners of the other classes in your year and I won also. Then we had the contest with winners from other grades and I won. Got a bag of candy, my name in the notice board at the school entrance and a cute diploma. So far so good."

"My mom worked so she was always over 30 mins late to pick me up. She didnt want me in public trasportation and my school didnt have school bus service. I never minded because used the time to finish homework but this meant being almost alone as almost everyone had left by then. I was sitting in the steps in the parking lot, when this giant 15 yo came up to me, angry that I had defeated his sister. He punched my face, pulled my hair, broke my glasses, kicked me several times dragged me along the sidewalk. I was screaming and crying. At that moment a police car making rounds caught him. As I had a broken nose, two broken ribs, he was charged."

"I transferred schools but never liked speliing bees after that."


Violent Finals

"I was hanging out with a friend at a local tournament for tekken 7 , and we watched the finals as one guy who hadn't lost a single round got his a** kicked by his opponent in both games to win, the loser looked like a volcano ready to erupt. The guy stands up out of his chair and decks the winner in the face , which causes everyone else to try and hold him back from punching the other dudes face into the floor. Cops showed up and he got arrested for assault, possession of a firearm and some cocaine he had in his car."


Acting Out

These losers really knew how to make a scene.

Gone Too FORE!

"I've seen too many on the golf course. This high school kid broke and threw all his clubs in the lake on 18 after he messed that hole up. His parents made him go back at night and fish them all out (spring time in FL...gator bait), made him pay to fix them, then made him buy the clubs from them (patents). That kid never do much as look cross eyed at his clubs again. Lesson learned."

"I've also seen guys throw a driver into a tree, then get more clubs stuck trying to get it out. Funny sh*t."


Getting Really Madden

"My roommate in college was a classmate of mine at my high school."

"He was good at Madden. REAL good. I would probably lose by 50 points at times. But, Madden's mechanics are super simple to the point where I figured out my type of playcalling to potentially get close to, if not beating him."

"I played him one day after classes, and he chose to be the same team he always was, and I changed it up to a team with some solid wide receivers (I believe at the time it was the Rams). I hit a few slant route plays, and I went up 7-0."

"I intercepted his pass after that drive, and did the same play, scoring another touchdown. 14-0."

"A fumble on his part, followed by the same play by me. 21-0."

"Not even a minute left in the first quarter, and he takes the controller and slams it on the ground, sparks shooting up, the controller going in pieces."

"We never played again."


The Ruckus Over 9-Year-Olds Playing Baseball

"My son was on a travel baseball team, and we were okay, but closer to mediocre. They'd win about half of their games."

"A new team entered their tournament, and since they were new, they could self classify. They self classified as single A (the worst division in Indiana youth sports), even though most of their players were AA or AAA."

"Pool play they won both games in the 3rd inning. Run ruled both 20something to 0. Their team and fans were singing songs, and dancing around like they won the world series, and our team (and the other team) just rolled our eyes knowing that they'd get forcibly moved up after this anyway."

"We got last place on Saturday, so we drew them in the tournament Sunday. Our boys didn't even want to go. The coach talked them into playing anyway, and apparently gave the best speech of all time. That team came out overconfident, but our boys were out for blood. 0-0 first inning, 1-1 second inning, their pitcher struggled and we wound up having our first ever team homerun, a grand slam, putting us up 5-1. Our pitcher played the game of his life. Final score... 7-1. The other teams in the tournament were watching and cheering for our boys (only one field, so they played as soon as we were done). It was like a scene out of the Mighty Ducks or Little Giants."

"Their fans, on the other hand, did not react so well. They proceed to corner the ump, screaming at him for 'fixing the game!' (He had just graduated from our local HS and was umping for college money), and admittedly there were some close calls, but you don't lose 7-1 to a significantly inferior opponent because of an ump. It just got worse from there though. One of their parents threw a punch at the ump, and it was on. The kid fought hard, but there were like 6-8 of them on him, and it turned into a giant riot as parents from other teams jumped in to break it up. Ultimately the police showed up, a bunch of people went to jail, and the tournament went on (we got absolutely destroyed in the finals lol)"

"All of this over a bunch of 9 year old kids playing baseball."


Bad Sportsmanship

Having too much pride was their downfall.

Denial Of Losing

"One of the top chess players Hikaru Nakumara frequently accuses people that beat him of cheating. He doesn't lose too frequently because he is very good, but when he does it's a sh*t show. And he also is very hypocritical about draws and timeouts."


God's Gift

"My little cousin thinks hes the greatest at everything he touches. He challenged me to some madden. Well I've been playing madden since before he was born. We play and I pick a team with a relatively even overall to his. I start beating him. He says my team was better."

"So we restart and I pick a team with a significantly lower overall than his team. I start smashing him. He gets mad. Quits the game, throws MY controller and starts crying actual tears. Runs up stairs to our aunt."

"Your not gods gift to this earth despite what everyone leads you to believe. And there is nothing your better at than me other than being a miserable little sh*t."


Pretending To Lose

"It was me. This story still makes me cringe."

"I was about 8 and on a family holiday. There was a pool table at the place we were staying and I thought I was pretty hot sh*t for an 8 year old. There were three girls there about my age from one family. One girl had a hand deformity and only had a couple of fingers on one hand and I assumed she wouldn't be as good as me."

"She asked if I wanted to play and I agreed. It was obvious she was gunna win really early on an I was so embarressed about being smug. She had to go to the toilet and when she was gone I started putting my own balls into the pockets, making a big song and dance about pretending I was doing it behind her back, while also making sure her friends saw me."

"They asked me what I was doing and I told them I felt bad about her losing so I was letting her win. I must have thought I was some genius manipulator or something but they saw right through me and walked off. I didn't make any friends on that holiday..."



"With almost eight seconds remaining, the Pistons walked off the court during a time out, without shaking the Bulls' hands and congratulating them after the Bulls won the series. This after the Pistons had beat the Bulls for three straight years."


This wasn't a competition, but I was in rehearsals with a dancer at a theme park show who seemed to be at war with himself.

We were dancing gazelles in one scene, and we all wore these plastic helmets covered in velcro to secure the mask perched on top of our heads that had long antlers.

This dude was a perfectionist, but even the most trained dancer out of all of us struggled to get used to dancing with a top-heavy headpiece. But he wanted to prove to everyone he could absolutely nail the choreography on his first try. He didn't. No one could.

The gazelle head kept sliding off the velcro helmet while he was dancing, and at one point he got so frustrated, he ripped off the thousand-dollar headpiece and smashed it to the ground.

While his rage was unsettling to watch, some of us struggled to stifle our giggling, because he looked so ridiculous having a tantrum with the helmet on his head and looking like an angry crash test dummy.

Like I said before, this was not a game, but he certainly was not winning that day.

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