People Share Their Best 'F**k This, I Quit' Experiences

People Share Their Best 'F**k This, I Quit' Experiences
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Everybody needs a job. And we all want careers.

But sometimes there is just no amount of coin in the world that can keep in a place any longer than a few shifts.

Almost everyone has had that one blip or three on the career map when you realized... "I gotta get out of here!"

Sometimes places of employment are just too toxic or ridiculous to deal with.

Redditor Sketch99wanted to hear all the best stories about exiting stage left. They asked:

"What was your "F**k this, I quit" moment?"

The DMV. I didn't even make it through the interview. I was waiting for my turn to be interviewed when I took a quick look around the madness and I got up and ran. To the bar. As they called my name to be spoken with.

Grieve Fast

Roses Funeral GIF by Un si grand soleilGiphy

“I’m sorry for your loss. So, what time does the funeral end? We could really use you today on registers. Maybe until closing (9p) if you could.” ~ stupid-corn


"Had a negative performance review after working for a company for a month with little to no training. Walked in the next morning to one of the managers saying I basically was a warm body to cover for this one girl who was pregnant and I likely wouldn't be there after her maternity leave was done."

"Looked him in the eye, nodded, grabbed my stuff and left. Was on a busy delivery day where contractors were lined up around the block to collect their materials for their construction jobs. Didn't look back, didn't regret the decision. Freaking a**holes." ~ jakebreakshow

People were pissed!!

"I worked at a pretty major electronics company as an engineer. I put in for 2 weeks of vacation for the birth of my child. My boss didn't approve my vacation saying 'I only give 1 week vacation for anyone ever.' I lost my cool a bit but had no choice because I had to have insurance and I was set to receive a bonus in 2 months. In that moment, I knew I was done with that place."

"Fast forward 2 months, and -3 manufacturing engineers that had already quit. No body received their bonus on the date which it was supposed to be issued. People were pissed!!!! It became a huge deal and everyone was aware that they were avoiding the mass exodus that was going to occur as soon as the bonus hit. 1.5 months later, the check clears.

"I was one of 7 engineers that quit the day the bonus hit the bank. We all went to lunch lol."

"Edit: thanks for all the upvotes. I will say there was a silver lining. My baby was born over the Christmas break. I took my week of vacation but got almost 2 weeks off. It was awesome to be there, and I enjoy seeing my baby every day." ~ cerberus3234

I'm not Cinderella...

"I was in high school and worked at a ghetto a** indoor amusement park thing and we were forced to clock out before we did our closing duties and then when we were finished hours after we had to wait for the owner to critique our closing duties and tell us if we needed to re-do something or we were allowed to leave."

"It was past midnight at this point and after going over my closing duties the owner told me to scrub the floors on my hands and knees with a brush. I said f**k you and left. Few weeks later both owners were arrested for embezzlement and the place was resold I guess." ~ poopfupa


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"Dealership. Worked there for a few days as a service tech."

"Realized the culture was more about making money and no one actually cared about anything else. Quit and tried another Dealer. Same thing. Quit both in 2-3 days. Fixing heavy stuff now for more money but might say f**k it and go back to cars at a small shop to be happy. Never take your car to a dealer. Just all commission and ways to rip you off."


When you gotta go... you gotta. Just run and don't look back.

I'm not Free!!

Bye Bye Goodbye GIF by Mickey MouseGiphy

"When the 3 volunteer weekends i worked turned into work EVERY weekend after being told it is strictly volunteer. I quit on the spot." ~ TehGuard

"3 days in sleep deprived stupor"

"I worked in a bakery for a while. They scheduled me for 3a.m. to 7 p.m. for 14 days in a row. 9th day in I fell asleep at the counter and got yelled at. Walked out, but I was so tired I couldn't walk home. Roommate picked me up, I fell asleep in the car on the way home and stayed asleep for 9 hours. Roommate checked on me, brought me a pillow and blanket."

"When I woke up and came inside after the 9 hours I realized I had lost 3 days in sleep deprived stupor. While I was asleep in the car my boss and store owner had decided that trying to break into my apartment and harass my roommate was the right thing to do." ~ Buhrdt

'you aren’t coming back, are you?'

"I worked weekends on a dementia unit at an assisted living in grad school. My job was doing activities on the floor. There were two people who did bathrooms, changing, lunch, etc. They were always on their phones. I’d get asked by visitors to take residents to the bathroom (which I was not trained for). One day one of the residents fell and it was chaos."

"I was so tired of being the only one actually doing anything that I finished my shift and left a voicemail quitting. When I said goodbye to the residents that evening, one looked and me and said 'you aren’t coming back, are you?' Gut wrenching. It was the most exhausting work I ever did because there was no off moment." ~ juliefryy

Chuck It!

"I was working in a cafe by the beach over the summer, since the cafe was on a pier it was only open at the weekend. They had a real issue with the shelf life of produce such as fresh milk, cream etc. So they would freeze everything on Sunday then de-freeze the next week. They never kept track of what had been frozen so they kept breaking the cold chain all the time."

"I didn’t like that and kept track all the time to not poison anyone but I knew the manager didn’t care. One day, a customer ordered a slice of carrot cake and when I went to look for it I found it all mouldy so of course I chucked it in the bin. The manager ordered me to get it back and scrape the mould and serve it anyway. I was out the door 5 minutes later." ~ Meanwhile-in-Paris

I'm Out

See Ya Adele GIF by E!Giphy

"After my company merged I learned my counterpart made twice what I did with less experience, lower degree, and in a lower cost of living area. Nothing at all against him; but I asked to get my pay increased, didn't get it. So I left." ~ effigyoma

Project manager...

"I worked at a large construction firm as a Project manager and at one point I made some decisions that influenced our profits by a couple percent My then manager decided he thought it would be fun if he claimed he made those decisions, and started telling higher managers what 'he' had done."

"When I heard, I confronted him but he tried to evade the conversation. Later on, somebody quit his job so there was only me as Project manager in this certain branch, he asked if I could take over some extra projects and stuff I didn't refuse, but had to think about it."

"He then told our managers that I would be taking all projects I emailed him and all managers that I quit and gave a short explanation as of why. F**k you Dirk."


The Breakdown

"I'd been super stressed in my old PR job and it ended in burnout. My boss was a nice guy, but way too relaxed for the job so in the end most of the work landed on my desk. Eventually I had a breakdown, started therapy and after a few months I returned to work. We talked a lot, wanted to chance things, even my coworkers came forward and said they had problems with the workload as well."

"I thought my boss finally got it. A few days later he randomly asked when I will be my old self again and said he didn't really understand why I (and my coworkers) had been so stressed in the first place. The next day I handed him my letter of resignation. It was the best feeling (and decision) ever."


“get wins”

"Gave a director an award for a project I designed and deployed. She was privately gracious but then added it to her LinkedIn. Company blog, news release, etc. no mention of the developers or team that worked for 6 months on the project. My VP/boss brought it up and said essentially the best way for you to be promoted to director is to 'get wins' like her. Corporate politics would be funny if they didn’t screw people out of large amounts of money."


I'm not Free

Exit Strategy Bai GIFGiphy

"When the 3 volunteer weekends i worked turned into work EVERY weekend after being told it is strictly volunteer. I quit on the spot."


Vacation Please

"The job I was working at gave 2 paid days off per year, and 5 sick days. We were not allowed to take unpaid days off. (They had previously found that another employee took 30 unpaid days off and said no one else was allowed to do that anymore.) I was 2 years into this job when I won a free vacation to another country."

"I only needed 4 days off work, since the one day was a stat holiday, but they declined it. I tried everything but they didn’t budge. Other co-workers wrote letters and tried to help me out, still no. So I quit and had the best free vacation of my life."


"Where's the candy jar?"

"Lawyers complaining to me that the jar of candy they requested be put out was too tempting and they couldn't control themselves, so now they wanted me to take it away. Cool. Next day 'Where's the candy jar?' I put it back. Next day my boss comes by saying 'the lawyers are complaining about the candy jar...' I gave notice that afternoon."



"Spent 30 minutes of my orientation for a new job at a pharmaceutical company being told the company policy is casual Friday but that doesn't apply to accounting. She (supervisor) demands complete compliance from anyone working in accounting. I got up and noped out of there and never looked back. Super unhealthy work environment and it only took me 30 minutes to discover."'



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"Was making $15 hr and new hires are starting at $16 and somehow they wouldn’t pay me $16 even though I was with them for 3 years. I then asked if I could apply for a different position in a different department and potentially getting paid more. I was just told they would ask the other manager but I never heard back. I quit Wednesday."


Nothing Matters

"When I worked in the car industry and our bonuses were tied to the stores customer reviews. Doesn’t matter how hard you worked it only took one person with bad credit who couldn’t get approved to leave a bad survey/review and there goes your money."


No thanks...

"Worked at a pharmacy for around 3 weeks where I was told that I wasn’t allowed to stand still at all, I had to be doing something EVEN if I were just pretending to do work. They had me working 6 days a week including weekends. Even with all that, what made me quit was when the manager (who sat at home and watched the cameras instead of helping) asked me why I went to the bathroom 3 times in my 8 hour shift, and accused me of smoking because of it. Quit on the spot."


Too many places are not worth the misery.

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