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The idea that all attention is good attention is one that toddlers AND media folk love.

Making something memorable, which is often the aim of advertisers, doesn't always mean making it awesome. Sometimes awesomely annoying is enough as far as they're concerned.

We, the people, disagree.

Reddit user Ragna_Blade asked:

"Has an ad ever annoyed you enough to never buy that product? If so which one?"

I'm not gonna name names (mostly because Reddit will) but advertisers, pay attention. It turns out being annoying will only get you so far... and by "so far" I mean backwards.

It'll get you backwards.

Nobody likes being screamed at and annoyed into buying things.

Forget It, Fi

"Most recently google fi, but pretty much any unskippable ad is a guaranteed way to get me to never use a product."

- RusstyDog

"I will never buy a pixel or Google-Fi plan. Their incessant, long, and unskippable ads cannot be successful."

- ThePhiff



"That sh*t is in my nightmares at this point."

- AdmiralStarNight

"Hello Google Fi, a phone plan that CAN'T"

- Ph6r60h

"I just got irrationally angry."

- Mumblerumble


Earning A Vengeance Rating

"Raid shadow legends."

"Every f*cking time I hear about it, it cements the fact I will never play it."

- -M_A_Y_0-

"When a game has to be pushed that much, I figure odds are it's because it isn't good enough to attract a fanbase organically."

- CarbonIceDragon

"I feel so depressed every time a YouTuber launches into their 3 minute Raid Shadow Legends ad read."

- JeromesDream

"I downloaded it specifically just to give it a 1 star rating. Didn't even play it. F those ads."

- stickacupcakeinmyeye


It's Called Leaning In

"I get that the Liberty Mutual spokesman, Doug ,is supposed to be silly and off-putting, but holy sh*t is he off-putting!"

"The emu is bad but Doug is insufferable."

- 5-On-A-Toboggan

"Liberty, liberty… lib-er-Ty."

- s56820i

"I always had them on as background noise and never really gave them a second thought - then I actually watched one and realized, 'Wow, Doug is SUPER annoying.' "

- PAKMan1988

"Now that I think of it, ALL of Liberty's ad campaigns were annoying!"

- [Reddit]

"Still like Liberty Biberty bit, though. That one has me laughing just thinking about it."

- Pacer_44

"So I have the commercial free Hulu, my friend doesn't, and we were watching American Dad at his house."

"The Liberty Mutual ads came on Every. 3. Minutes. (It felt like) I hate that a-hole and his dumb ass emu at this point."

- twisted_nipples82



“ 'Students with ADHD save 10 hours studying with this chrome extension. BUT NO. BY ALL MEANS. SKIP THE AD. SAVE A FEW SECONDS.' "

"If you condescend me there is no f*cking way I’m buying your product, ADHD or not."

- cactibob

"Same - I have adhd and since they wanna be such a know-it-all about it they should know I don’t have the attention span for this bullshit."

- ado_adonis

"Worst Part Is That Statistic Is Likely False!"

- AstaTheBakasta

"I have ADHD and that ad was so smug that it made me lose interest in the video it was playing during."

- CDewfus


Screaming Us INTO A Headache


- MrTeeWrecks

"Oh god I just had flashbacks."

"It was so incessant and so LOUD. I didn't have a headache before the ad, but you screamed me into one and I'm sure as hell not buying your product to treat it."

- [Reddit]

"Wait. Was it a real product?!"

"I always assumed it was a joke because no real product would be advertised that annoyingly."

- paulwhite959


Predatory Advertising

"While we're here, not really a product but US Army commercials trying to appeal to young kids."

"They're all ads promising adventure and a way out of debt - like they recognize the student loan crisis but are trying to capitalize off it."

"The worst ones are the commercials that make it seem like a videogame. It's not a videogame, you're signing a 4 year contract to possibly be shipped overseas to kill people you've never met."

"Those commercials are predatory. They're trying to fool young people to fight a rich man's war."

- Sam-Miller

"Or to be killed by these strangers."

"Honestly, you don’t become bullet-proof in boot camp, and real bullets are…real bullets."

- OldBob10

"Agreed. The ads are very well done and are borderline Call of Duty lookalikes."

- 12VElectronics

"I strongly believe recruiters should be banned from high schools. The only person a kid should be talking to if they're thinking about joining, is a veteran."

"But then no one would join."

- TheMeanGreenGoblin


Pillow Problems

"My Pillow Guys commercials have always been bad, but the new ones really turned me off."

"His new commercials are a joke."

"He's claiming that he's a victim of cancel culture. Dude, you tried to get the former president to overturn the election!"

- TheDeadGunslinger

"How anyone thought a guy who took 5 years (!) to chop up some memory foam and shove it in a bag as a pillow had enough marbles to advise any politician at all, ever, is beyond me."

- UnknownQTY

"I'll never forget that time Trump brought him to the White House to pitch his sh*t from the White House podium during a presidential address or whatever it was."

"Why was there a pillow commercial in the middle of a Presidential speech?! It's not a YouTube ad, dude, and if it was at least it would probably be skippable."

"One of the cringiest things I can recall ever seeing on TV."

- User_492006

"I don’t have cable so I only get a handful of channels."

"My Pillow runs ads on literally every commercial break in the evenings. I am not exaggerating."

"I refuse to buy his products."

- chicagotodetroit


No Family Talks About Poop Like This

"Charmin. Those f*ckin' bears, I swear."

- DenverDudeXLI

"It's literally like:"



"No family talks like this. Especially about poop or the caress of anything against their anus."

- Hurricaden


No Cars, No Kids, Where's The Charity?

"Kars for kids... Hope they all die."

- coolguy1793B

"Whenever someone mentions wanting to donate a used a car I make a point to explain that the 1877kars4kids charity is just funding a cult."

- Dave9387

"When I was younger, I heard that commercial all the time."

"I was unfortunately one of those kids that needed a car and had no emotional or financial support from my parents, they were really abusive."

"I tried reaching out to the company and had a really hard time getting someone on the phone. Once I did, they said they didn’t 'just give out free cars.' "

"I obviously understood that, no need to be so rude about it."


"I asked what the qualifications or process were to apply for one of the donated vehicles. I felt I might qualify because of my situation. WOW was I wrong. lol"

"The lady vaguely and very carefully explained that they only TAKE donations of cars. They do not PROVIDE cars. There are, in fact, no cars for kids, adults, or anyone else."

"I never understood why they were advertising themselves as a charity. Every time I hear the commercial now, I scoff at it."

"Not sure what cult it is but is seems like some sort of scam or tax write off scheme."

- dirtyredheadhippie

"Did some research and found out in the fine print it explains that the cars will be sold for profit to benefit an Orthodox Jewish organization."

"That organization has ties to homophobia, mistreatment of young girls, anti-education stances, etc. So that's nice."

- [Reddit]

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I'm Telling Google

"I searched ONE TIME for Spartan Races and got absolutely inundated with those commercials on YouTube afterwards."

"It was so annoying that it got to the point where I actually spent time and figured out how to tell Google I'm not interested (it's somewhere in the advert settings)."

"I will never, ever, ever run one now."

- mr_etymologist

Jimmy Fallon No GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Giphy

Drastically Tone Deaf

"The State Farm ones where it's different customers giving the company rep free steaks or pizza or whatever as a thank-you for the *winkwink* 'special discount' that is just their normal rate."

"Like we should be falling over ourselves to give more money to this corporation in gratitude for the honor of being gouged by the insurance industry?"

"That is just drastically tone deaf."

- FrankyDonkeyBrain

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Ok GIF by Saturday Night Live Giphy

Like Clockwork

"Honestly, I largely avoid Procter & Gamble products because of how insulting their cleaning product ads are."

"It’s like clockwork: kid/husband spills or breaks sh*t, is clueless as to how it should be tidied up. Mom/wife steps in with a playfully emasculating grin and does the cleanup."

"It’s beyond stupid, and reinforces exhausted stereotypes."

- CampVictorian

Sponge Bob Reaction GIF by MOODMAN Giphy


"I have never eaten at Quiznos solely because I've hated all of their ads."

"From the spongmonkeys to the one featuring a chef so obsessed with Quiznos he neglects everything else - there's one I can't find where he walks past his bird cage where we see his dead bird at the bottom, presumably having been there for a while, like wtf?! - I've never liked a single one."

"But the very first Quiznos ad I saw sealed it for me; this guy has a Quiznos sandwich prepared, and when he turns his back to get something, his dog grabs the sandwich."

"The guy chases after the dog, pulls the sandwich out of its mouth, and eats it anyway. I get that they're trying to say 'It's so good, I'll even eat it out of a dog's mouth,' but I was so disgusted by it."

- PAKMan1988

Cbs No GIF by HULU Giphy

"Military Grade"

"Literally any VPN advertisement."

"They all promise you 'military grade' protection and privacy, while "military grade" means that there is https before a website, and "privacy" means that there's one additional company having all your data."

"If they at least admitted that the main purpose of VPN's is to do illegal activities (watching content that is banned in your own country)... but no."

"It's just pandering to people who don't know what they're doing, but get off on anything that sounds like it involves guns and explosions or whatever."

- StawberryIchigo

Game Time GIF by Hollyoaks Giphy

So Tightly Controlled

"I listen to a lot of podcasts, and ads in general make me less likely to buy the product or service advertised, because break up the flow of the content and they immediately get me thinking 'What's the catch/grift here?' "

"Especially when the hosts personally endorse the product/service they've almost certainly been given gratis/at reduced price."

"But a major red flag for me is when the ad copy is so tightly controlled by the sponsor that I hear the exact same script being read out by my favorite podcasters like they've all suddenly become pod people."

"Looking at you, re-skinned Candy Crush– I mean, Best Fiends! Yeah, Best Fiends."

- captainthomas

Laverne Cox Abc GIF by Emmys Giphy

Loud Jellyfish


"I wouldn’t have bought it anyway, but the fact that the commercial always came on at 120db higher than the show I was watching (and because they were advertising blatant bull) made sure that I wanted to burn all of them to the ground."

"Also advertising using real jellyfish is gross."

- busyB_83

Disney Pixar Ocean GIF by Disney Giphy

On Repeat

"The ones they repeat over and over and over again."

"Last year it was Academy. This years winner is Disarrono Velvet Cream & Target."

"Ho ho no! You can add any plaque psoriasis and diabetic medication."

"And, for decades now it's a certain CGI gecko who can't decide if it's British or Australian, but who's company obviously has WAY more money than they should."

"Honestly sometimes I feel positively harassed by repeat advertisements. I wish they were regulated like in Britain."

- spacednlost

Exhausting Mariah Carey GIF by Apple TV Giphy

So it's my turn to go now, huh?

When I was younger, the 877-Cash-Now commercials drove me bananas, but recently a much worse campaign has wormed its way into my brain. Not because it's annoying, but because it makes me incredulously angry.

Has anyone else seen that "Recharge yourself with dairy" ad featuring the student trying to stretch their 2 page essay into 3?

She's sitting there going "in conclusion, with the conclusive summary whereabouts..." just BS-ing her way through things. The struggle is real.

But then she takes a sip of milk and suddenly has language skills!

That's not how milk works.

Most people are kind of lactose intolerant, so this should be illegal on the grounds of ... like ... inciting a digestive riot? I don't know. It seems aggressive.

But even if you're not lactose intolerant - who is sitting around going "wow I really need a pick me up, let me chug some milk!" ????

Nobody, that's who!

No student is using MILK to power their way through a late-night BS sesh, let's be real. Get that girl a Cuban coffee and stop trying to trick stressed-out students into gastrointestinal distress!

They're already dealing with enough!

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