People Confess Which Professions Attract The Absolute Worst Kinds Of People

Everybody needs a job.

But some colleagues can be an issue.

And some careers and jobs bring about those that have work ethic issues.

So what do we do?

We make it work, of course.

We pray and hope everyone will do their best.

Redditor Glaurung1536 wanted to discuss the people we all work with, so they asked:

"Which profession attracts the worst kinds of people?"

Some jobs are the worst. So maybe it's not always the people.

Bad Influence

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"Ok so not really a profession but… there is a certain subset of musicians who are also wannabe influencers… particular people who are very on twitter. so back-stabby and clout hungry."


The Worst

"I’m a casino dealer. People losing money brings out the worst qualities in them. Especially when I deal high limit games. Plus the pit boss/supervisors won’t throw a person out who is literally spending thousands. Doesn’t matter what they do or say. The casino doesn’t want to lose those kinds of patrons."

"They’re catered to. They can be so awful to the dealers. The job has made me look at humanity in a completely different light lol."

"Pro relationship tip: Bring a date to the casino and see how they treat the dealer if they’re losing. You’ll see what kind of person they really are. I have about 10 years of experience in the industry."


Crazy Eyes

"Stockbrokers. I have some friends who are stockbrokers. I love them, but man, they are some bullsh*t artists. And not like, 'Oh, they're a good salesman, and could sell you anything,' No, it's like they make sh*t up as they go along and try to sound confident in what they say."


"I have met a couple people who were successful, lifelong stockbrokers. To be a successful, lifelong stockbroker, you actually have to like what you do. They all had crazy eyes. Each and every one."


Drive On


"Tow truck drivers. At least 80% of all the tow truck drivers I've met have been felons, and about 98% have been shady d**kheads."


Tow truck drivers are definitely gruff.


argentina deal with it GIFGiphy

"Bouncers. I swear those people are always looking to create trouble so they can exercise their right to kick a**."


"Former bouncer in my youth, and I can 100% confirm that most of the drama we were in was caused by the two biggest guys that just wanted to f**k with people and brag about it while we were having our after-shift drinks."


Lifeless Humans



"Absolutely lifeless humans. Audio-visual bottom feeders with a camera, searching for scraps and the next payment. Not only does their profession provide something that is arguably valueless, but the means to produce it is abominable. Predatory mannequins that need removal."


Sell. Sell. Sell.

"Pyramid scheme. Property agents."


"I have had a few friends that have become realtors later in life. The ones that stayed with it, it totally changed who they are. After a few years they are hardly recognizable as the same people. Vein, shallow, and 100% of the time they are in character and trying to sell."


Big Impacts

"I thought I wanted to be an architect… but then I met a bunch of architects. And architecture students. And architecture professors. And they were pretty much all A-holes. It was weird. I mean… how could it be so consistent? But there ya have it."


"I used to teach in a program that often fed students into the world of architecture."

"Every semester I would orchestrate one charette where I would bring in architects to critique student work. No matter how much coaching I did (to both visiting architects and students) students would feel crushed by the feedback. There were almost always tears."

"I often hear back from students that it was the most impactful part of our work together."


Hands Up

Super Troopers Police GIFGiphy

"Law enforcement - double-edged sword, because it attracts the best and the worst."

"The best in people who want to help, protect, and do good. The WORST in people who want to exact authority over people. Power-hungry a**holes who are insecure and have short fuses and low tolerance for defiance. If you can't handle someone defying you without losing your sh*t, you shouldn't be a cop."


So many jobs full of questionable people.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.

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