A Viral Meme Of Ice-T With A Tiny Head Finally Got Back To Him And He Just Responded

A Viral Meme Of Ice-T With A Tiny Head Finally Got Back To Him And He Just Responded
(Barbara Nitke/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Twitter user @drewtoothpaste tagged Ice-T with a meme depicting the rapper with a tiny head.

The silly photo-shopped image of the actor—most likely on a Law and Order: Special Victims Unit set where he plays Odafin Tutuola – circulated its way around the internet tickling everyone's fancy.

"how do u do it @FINALLEVEL my head is too big... need to get it smaller," read the accompanying tweet.

how do u do it @FINALLEVEL my head is too big... need to get it smallerpic.twitter.com/z96dXzf5LOtwitter.com

It would only be a matter of time before the meme found its way to the man himself. How would he respond?

Finally, we got our answer.

The rapper had one comment about the meme:

"The internet is CRAZY! Lol."

The internet is CRAZY! Loltwitter.com

And the Twitter-verse validated his claim with their response to his response...with even more tiny head memes.

Say Ice T 3x. He will appearpic.twitter.com/lEvbL41j3otwitter.com


I'm done.pic.twitter.com/J9rF0OCZsxtwitter.com



That got you looking like 2nd shift pic.twitter.com/o3UNxw6eAbtwitter.com

Lol! Tom Brady for realtwitter.com


Others commented on the absurdity of the internet.

Oh my God i quit the internet pic.twitter.com/62gCgRgtI0twitter.com

This is messed up in 10 languages loltwitter.com

The internet is the Last Frontier!!twitter.com

The 60-year-old rapper and actor is known for his deadpan and blunt social engagements online. He calls it like he sees it, and people are amused by his candid responses similar to another popular Twitter personality.

The Daily Dot featured an example of Ice-T's interactions with his over-a-million followers on Twitter.

When the rapper posted a conditional request to followers on August 19, 2018, that read, "NOTICE: Please don't Tweet @ me if you're just gonna Delete your comment when I simply Reply…," he was compared to social media satirist @dril.

ice t is driltwitter.com

The rapper had an innocent query after the comparison.

No diss .. Please explain to me what's Dril?twitter.com

Fans explained that Ice-T's comparison to the quirky and anonymous @dril was nothing but a compliment.

hes twitter personality known for his deadpan joke delivery that hinges on absurdist imagery. people are juxtaposing this with your earnest delivery and so its a compliment that passively, youre an amusing persontwitter.com

people look at the earnestness of your posts, and how nonchalant you are, and it can have a tone where the reader might read more into the tweet than what you may have meant in the moment. whereas with dril, its way more absurd, but your deliveries and nonchalance are similartwitter.com

This is driltwitter.com

They call it dril- it's where kids get corn cobbed and get extremely onlinetwitter.com

It is, no shit, the greatest compliment anyone can pay to anyone else here on this terrible websitetwitter.com

this should helptwitter.com

Of course, fans lost it.


all of twitter has been leading up to this momenttwitter.com

ice t you are cooltwitter.com

Yes, Ice-T, the internet IS crazy, indeed.

H/T - DailyDot, Twitter

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