People Confess Which Ingredient Absolutely Ruins A Meal For Them
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Regular readers know I can't get enough of watching Reddit argue about food.

No matter what else is going on in the world, we can almost always count on the passionate love/hate for a food to unite the people.

In a way, pineapple on pizza is kind of a hero...

Reddit user CertifiedAnus asked:

"What single ingredient spoils an entire food dish for you if it’s included?"

Infused With Death

"Warm something up with radish, which is good raw, and it will infuse the food with the taste of death."- RenegadeMare

"Cooked radish is one of the worst things ever."

"I once made roasted radishes as a roasted potatoes substitute."

"That was a big nope."

"Worse than doing cauliflower substitutes."- [Reddit]

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Coconut Eggs?

"When whoever you're with makes breakfast using coconut oil."

"Coconut flavored eggs, or bacon anyone?"- c1nut

"Shortly after I got married, my wife, who is nooooooot skilled in the kitchen, wanted to surprise me and make breakfast."

"I woke up and she started cooking. I took a bite of the eggs and froze, fork in my mouth, eyes bugged out… just… frozen."

"She’s looking at me, big smiles, asking 'how is it?!?!' All excited but self conscious."

"She had READ somewhere about putting some milk into scrambled eggs, so she decided to try it."

"Unfortunately, she used whatever milk we had, which was coconut vanilla flavored almond milk… in the scrambled eggs."

"It was one of the most disgusting things I ever forced myself to smile and cringingly eat. But I did.,"

"Coconut vanilla almond eggs. Lol"- Hot_X7

Soap Plant!

"Coriander! Cilantro? I'm Aussie so we just call it Coriander."- 0ChillPterodactyl

"Oh definitely cilantro, disgusting soap plant."
"I'll say it again SOAPPLANT."- Queenof-brokenhearts

"Fucking cilantro."- Platypus_life_

Please Stop


"Might be a white person thing, but at every single family gathering I’ve went to there was some kind of dessert that would’ve been great if jello wasn’t added."

"Can we please stop adding jello?"

"They always f*cking add the jello."

"Not even the good kind either, always the worst flavors."

"What the f*ck is a 'jello salad'?"

Why does a 'jello salad' exist in the first place?? Nobody ever touched the jello salad."

"That never stops them from making it though."

"Year after year family gatherings were tainted with my disgust for jello salad."

"I stopped going to family gatherings a few years back. I couldn’t take the unbearable encounters with the cursed dessert any longer."- juulululia

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Tasting Beige

"Miracle Whip."

" 'Sandwich kicking flavor' my a**."

More like sweet-ish and bland."

"Like tasting beige."- 14braincells

Stringy Water


"Never in my life have I had a craving for crunchy, stringy water."- Hrekires

Christmas Medicine


"It gives food a medicinal taste."- toothbelt

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10 Years of Trauma


"My wife once asked me if I liked Avocado shortly after we were married."

"Sure, I guess I do."

"So it soon became part of of dinners."

"A lot. Too much."

"SOOO much that even sprinkled with lemon juice, it soon became unbearable."

"To this day- 10 years later, I can't do anything with Avocado in it."- 35242

A Peeling Sticker Sound

"Blue Cheese."

"Especially because it comes pretty regularly on top of stuff I didn't ask for it on."

"On salads, on sandwiches, on steaks, with chicken wings...ugh."

"I had a leather jacket in that got moldy because of humidity in the back of the closet. It got so moldy that it stuck to the wall, and made a 'peeling sticker' sound when I peeled it off the wall."

"Blue cheese smells like that did."- NecroJoe

It Just Spreads


"The devils grape."- johngannon8

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Bread Doesn't Make Everything Better

"Wheat anything (gluten)."-snarcasm68

So Bitter!

"Star anise is terrible! "

"I have a hard time with dill too."_

Let The Flavors Speak For Themselves

"Any condiment besides mayo in the context of chicken strips, chicken sandwiches, and french fries."- AsrielzardYT

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Avoid Food Which Makes You Cry.


"Specifically if they are chopped up."

"I don’t wanna be munching on my rice and feel something slimy slide across my tongue."

"But i will eat onion rings any day."- Funny_Maybe126

"Raw onion."

"It just over powers a dish if you use too much."

"Green onion is fine, but any other, and all I'm gonna taste is the onion if it's not a very minimal amount."- moderndaygypsy13

Quite The Combo

"Boiled eggs and wasabi."

"I'm not eating that sh*t no."- Issa_Queen11

Grind It Up...

"Pepper corn."

"My friends and I used to have an awful roommate."

"One friend was our main cook and he would constantly take over the cooking."

"I hated it."

"One day he wanted to cook us a dish."

"Our cook friend kept telling him EVERYTHING he's putting in the dish we can't or won't eat."

"He brushes her off insisting we just need it 'cooked right'."

"So he made us some steak,, I cant eat beef I get stomach problems, with under cooked onions, friends hate the crunch, and loaded each steak with pepper corn."

"The angry suprised Pikachu face he had when I scrapped all the kernels off and maybe nibbled on the steak."

"We warned him."

"It also tasted bad."- LemonyMercury

Sunburnt Grapes...

"Raisins should only ever be used in certain cake or cookie recipes."

"Keep raisins out of everything else."- PunchBeard

Alright, you've heard the hard limits on these Redditors menus, but now we want to know what ingredient you hate.

We've all got one, don't be shy about it. What totally turns you off when it touches your tongue?