People Explain Which Communities May Seem Nice From The Outside But Are Incredibly Toxic
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Don't you hate it when you get deceived by something pretty?

Like... "fooled you."

Those are the thoughts you get when you grab a rose and a bee jumps out and stings you.

Every group or community has its bees.

Or the more you learn about said groups you realize it's one big beehive.

Nothing is ever really the same from the outside in.

Redditordragon_barf_junctionwanted to know how we can avoid the toxicity of others by making a list. They asked:

"What community seems really nice from the outside, but is actually really toxic?"

Every group has soulless people among them. It's all in the numbers.

Not so Chill

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"Minecraft community, especially twitter. Minecraft is like the chillest game ever but the people who are into Minecraft youtube stuff are a whole new level of deranged."



"Crunchy mums/hippie mums/gentle parenting groups. They seem lovely, but it typically winds up being a judgemental pissing contest over who is the best parent in the world."


"As a gentle parenting and somewhat crunchy mom I can't fit into these groups either. Inevitably there's a crunchy mom who believes sunshine and vitamin c cure covid, or a hippy mom who wants to organize a protest at chic-fi-la, but most of them just talk trash about everybody that's different from them."

"ALL Christians are bad (I'm an atheist and I know plenty of lovely Christians). I don't get why people have to be so black and white like that. I will say that I can't deal with moms being sh*tty to their kids by either yelling or being manipulative assholes so I will leave a group if that behavior is being condoned. Guess that's where my judgment comes in... verbal, mental or physical abuse are not my things."


The Scene

"Cosplay and it's not even close!"


I love making cosplays and wearing them, but last time I went to a convention, I realized I'd just become too old for the 'cosplay scene.'"

"I literally don't care that X broke up with Y so Z and W got into a fight because they sided with different people but Z and W had a matching cosplay planned and now V has taken W's place in making the cosplay and X made a group chat to mock V's cosplays and... like Jesus, it never stops. I just want to dress up as Jinx and take pictures. Leave me out of your teenage drama."



"Body positive community has some surprisingly negative people. My friend who at some point lost a lot of weight and got into exercising realized she was no longer welcome there. Not because she tried to tell other people to lose weight or started sharing dieting tips, but because her experience with obesity and her body did not match the preferred narrative."


Yeah Right

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"Any workplace that describes itself as 'like a family.'"


"What they really mean is the Manson family."


That workplace one is a golden rule of life.

No Solutions


"Chemistry enthusiasts. It's all reaction videos involving highly toxic substances."


"It boils down to being a pretty caustic community. Not sure if there is a solution before it implodes."


Be Well

"The yoga/wellness scene. the pandemic was actually kinda handy at showing you which yoga teachers to stay the hell away from. The big things are of course, the anti-scientific views on medicine, but it’s also a breeding ground for cult leaders and grifters."


"I agree! It’s so unfortunate because I love yoga, but so many instructors (in the western world I suppose) are awful. My least favorite is when I feel like I’m being given a stern lecture on vulnerability lmao."



"NoFap community."


"If the community stayed true to their original purpose, to quit porn, it wouldn't be toxic at all. But I'd say there are a lot of extremist people there, like people who say masturbation is evil and you must be fully abstinent unless you get a one night stand with a 10/10 because you did X number of days, or just plain conspiracies about the whole world view. The problem is this kind of posts never get removed."



"The Kpop community? They be like heeeyyyy come enjoy this and the next minute tear you apart because you didn’t pick their favorite member."


"Yess! especially the whole locals things. when people that aren't into Kpop find a song that they like, people will tear them apart for listening to Kpop, telling them to name all the members of a group (obvi not talking about those weird thirst traps made by TikTokers)."



Super Mario Mate GIFGiphy

"For whatever God forsaken reason, Paper Mario. I have gotten more death threats from Paper Mario fans than any other Fandom. I posted about it maybe three times, max. About how I liked the games, specifically."


"Mario fandom is freaking intense. Critikal made a video about huge fight in YouTube comments that started with which Mario song is better."


Not everybody is a good person, even when it looks like they are.

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