People Explain What Ruined Something They Once Loved
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Why do we always have to mess with a good thing?

If something isn't broken, don't fix it.

I know, I sound one hundred years old.

I get technology and life move forward and evolution in all areas is key, but some changes are not always for the better.

Redditor MikiTheOnlyOne wanted everyone to vent about the joys in life that have been stolen. They asked:

"What was ruined that was once so good?"

Things really have changed. I miss my IPod. Yes, my IPod. It was perfect.

I miss the Music

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"I was 20 when MTV came on the air. So many good music videos at that time. The channel lost some of its soul when it decreased the amount of music videos and increased the amount of reality shows."


No Discussion

"Jump the Shark. Loved that website. Just opinions on when a show began to suck, which I can talk about for hours (I didn't know about Reddit yet). Then TV Guide bought it in 2006 and destroyed it. Every show you clicked on would just cause a search on TV Guide's website about articles pertaining to the show and the phrase 'jump the shark.' No discussion, no anything."


ads on the way...

"Streaming services. I remember the days when Netflix was king & there were only a few who also shared the industry. Now it seems like there's a new streaming service every week."


"My prediction is they will start ads in the future too. It'll end up just like the tv of old. Streaming services will be like tv channels full of ads and you'll flick between them."


"For a long time Netflix was anything old and Hulu for the current season of anything. That was reasonable. Now everything is split up."


The algorithms...



"YouTube has become so bad in the last years. I saw a youtuber who got demonetized because he showed how to install Windows 11 on 'unsupported' hardware and that apparently is harmful and dangerous."


"Their algorithms killed a lot of small/indy creators."



"The quality of appliances."


"And furniture, and clothing, and homes, and every other consumer good."


The quality decline in appliances and furniture are no joke. Thanks IKEA.

Bad Bones

Ramzy Bedia Reaction GIF by France tv Giphy

"My body lol."


"First thing to my mind was 'My back!', but body will also do. Getting older sucks but hey, it beats the alternative."


My Favorite

"My husband and I have a favorite vegan restaurant (I only point out its vegan because there are like 3 within an hour of us, thats it). We’ve been probably a dozen times over the last year and there was always a wait, business was always booming."

"But they were just bought out by somebody new and that person changed literally everything! The menu, the recipes, the wait staff, all of it. And it now sucks. It was amazing before! Why would you buy something that is working for everyone and then change everything about it?'"


Pixel issues

"Mobile games. Most of them are ridden with adds and paywalls. If you want a good free mobile game, I suggest anything by rusty lake."


"A portable console with touch screen and high pixel screen? It's the dream come true. But then a flabby-bird clone made by an intern in a single afternoon and loaded with ads until pus leaks out your phone turns out to be much better in terms of cash flow."


pizza memories...

"Pizza Hut. 90s Pizza Hut was the best as a kid. Especially when we got PS1 demo discs."


"I worked in Pizza Hut in the 1980's. We would make our dough fresh every morning, and the pan pizzas twice a day (the dough was only good for 6-8 hours). We would prep the vegetables every day, and cut up the garlic bread daily. There was nothing that was as good as a fresh pan pizza whose dough had just risen and then baked."



"Concerts. I used to be able to see a band for $20-$30 a ticket. Now they're all over $100."


"You can blame it on Ticketmaster and all the fees that costs more than the actual ticket."


I miss the good ole days. But alas, we move forward.

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