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Things Poor People Loved Until The Rich Ruined Them For Everyone

Reddit user degreeofvariation asked: 'What was loved by poor people until rich people ruined it?'

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They say money can't buy happiness, but it seems it can make a lot of other people miserable.

Whether it's the housing crisis or the high cost of living, people are pointing at the 1% to accuse them of ruining things for the 99% in a multitude of ways.

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The Things That One Person Ruined For Everyone Else

Reddit user KeanKho asked: 'What was ruined for everyone by one single person?'

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There's an old saying which says "a team is only as strong as their weakest link."

However, if the team loses a game or competition, in most cases their loss can't be blamed solely on whomever that unlucky individual is.

As it's the team's job to work together and lift up their struggling teammates.

In other cases, however, one individual can be blamed for the misfortune or bad luck of one or more people.

As it was their poor judgment or bad decisions that put them and everyone else in the unfair, unfortunate situations they now find themselves in.

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Couple sitting on park bench with their backs to us
Charlie Foster/Unsplash

Finding the perfect romantic partner that lasts beyond the first couple of dates can seem like catching lightning in a bottle.

While many love connections are made online, taking things to the next level and meeting the prospective significant other in person can wind up being a completely different experience.

Sometimes it's hit or miss.

Let's focus on the misses.

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Lonely person in an alley.
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One bad decision can have detrimental consequences.

Sometimes, we might be oblivious to the cataclysmic decision we made.

Other times, however, we know we may have done something against our better judgment, but don't think it will matter in the grand scheme of things.

Only to realize we were wrong much too late.

The only thing that can rival experiencing your life being ruined in the blink of an eye, is witnessing others do so, and being absolutely helpless in the situation.

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Who doesn't love a great television show?

Truly great storytelling has come from that little home entertainment box.

But there is something to be said about staying too long at the party.

Too many fabulous shows have had their legacies tainted by not bowing out sooner.

Staying on the air too long tends to lead to ludicrous plots that ruin everything.

And so many shows have tanked by ludicrous plot twists that just ruin everything.

Maddie and David shagging on 'Moonlighting.'

Bobby Ewing's death a dream on 'Dallas.'

All of 'ER' after Clooney's departure.

The list of grievances is endless.

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