A Toronto-based company posted a gender discriminating job ad on LinkedIn. This woman had the perfect response.

Please note that the Position requires filling in the responsibilities of a receptionist, so female candidates are preferred.

To Whom it May Concern:

Im writing this letter in response to the available Content Writer & SEO Specialist position you posted on LinkedIn. Attached is my resume.

(Click to enlarge.)

Im currently working at a feminist pop culture website called The Mary Sue, which has been fine so far, but it challenges me a bit too much. Its a wonderful company to work for, but due to it being a mostly-female work environment, were expected to do work that women shouldnt really be doing. Ive been asked to do things like edit other peoples work and contribute story ideas, and its all been a little taxing. So when I saw the part in your post where you mention that the Position requires filling in the responsibilities of a receptionist, so female candidates are preferred, it was clear to me that yours was a company for which I wanted to work.

Im also including a photo of myself (see above). After all, whenever Ive seen job postings like this on Craigslist, for example, theyve always requested photos of the female assistants theyre seeking out. I hope my photo is up to your standards.

I have to say, however, that I was a bit confused by some of the other requirements. You want the woman you hire to write website content and be able to converse with clients about what they need? I mean, far be it for me to question your judgement, but isnt that mens work? I mean, Ive seen Mad Men. Men are the ones who handle the accounts (unless theyre for lady things like lipstick or panty hose), and women do the secretarial stuff. And Peggy Olsen is an anomaly, and shes never gonna get married. I dont care how it ended with her and Stan, so

I have to wonderdid you have a woman write the job posting? Did she maybe not know what she was doing? Because it seems like Vestra Inet is a company that knows the difference between womens jobs and mens jobs. I have to imagine that whichever woman you entrusted to type this up got something wrong.

In any case, I look forward to speaking with you soon about this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to hopefully answering Vestras phones, and getting your coffee.


Teresa Jusino

P.S. you know this is sarcasm, right? Im just clarifying, because your job posting was so stupid you might have missed it, so Im telling you now. This is sarcasm. And your job posting is asinine.


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