Pizza Place Employees Break Down The Weirdest Pizzas They've Ever Had To Make

Pizza Place Employees Break Down The Weirdest Pizzas They've Ever Had To Make
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Who doesn't love a delicious slice of pizza?

It's quite funny, you have to admit, to hear how passionate—even angry—people get over pizza toppings, particularly about pineapple on pizza.

If that bothers you, then you haven't really lived, have you?

You've never been, for instance, a pizza shop employee tasked with making an absurd concoction to the detriment of your sanity.

We heard all about people's strange pizzas (and the even stranger tastes that spawned them) after Redditor HiddenLayer5 asked the online community:

"Pizzeria workers, what's the most disgusting or ridiculous pizza someone has ordered?"

"Some lady..."

"Some lady didn't like the cheese turning brown as it cooked in the oven so she wanted her freshly made pizza microwave cooked instead so the cheese would still be the same color."


That crust must have been so soggy. Revolting. Can we not?

"But I was game."

"Almost 18 years ago, a guy wanted a pizza with every. Single. topping. I assured him it was a terrible idea. He said a friend lost a bet. It was a "gourmet" pizza place (Round Table) and salad bar toppings could be used as pizza toppings. But I was game. Many toppings had to be cooked separately, and placed on the pizza, to ensure health and safety. The pie had to weigh a solid 10 pounds (about 4 kg). It wouldn't fit in a standard box, so we had to franken-box it.

I worked at that place for several years and considered myself the custom order queen (I really enjoyed inventing off-menu items with customers) but that one was truly memorable."


You had me at "Franken Box." Of course that had to be the only way to make this monstrosity work!

"We used to trade pizza..."

"Worked at Little Caesars for a while. We used to trade pizza for tacos with our neighbor. They ordered an anchovy, pineapple, and jalapeño pizza. We didn't get a lot of anchovy orders so we loaded it with all of the anchovies and a ton of pineapple and jalapeños. It was this soggy mess and they loved it. Asked us to make it again the next time we traded. That pizza probably weighed 10 pounds."


The idea of a soggy pizza is horrifying to me. I need the texture of a nice, firm crust!

"Had a guy..."

"Had a guy that wanted triple black olives on thin crust. Worked at Domino's where thin crust is supposed to be cut into squares, but this guy wanted it cut into regular slices. We ended up making it three times because force of habit you just cut it into squares.

No one was eating those mistakenly made pizzas just straight into the trash."


Triple black olives sounds like... a bit much. The flavor would likely be overpowering (and I love olives).

"Someone legit called..."

"Worked at a pizza place where we offered delivery through a local third party that charged $10 for delivery. Worked at a higher-end pizza place so pizzas were kinda expensive but delicious.

Someone legit called one day and said "I'm allergic to gluten, garlic, and onions, and I'm vegan. What can I get?" I soooo badly wanted to say water and ice. But told her literally everything is made with at least one of those ingredients.

She ended up ordering 2 gluten-free pizzas with Daiya vegan cheese. No sauce no toppings no nothing. They looked so bad coming out the oven and since she wanted it delivered it cost her $57."


She paid $57 for THAT? People have truly lost their minds. I would never. My standards must be too high or something.

"Any time..."

"Any time someone asks for anchovies on the pizza. And not the grossest but probably the weirdest pizza I've ever made was just alfredo sauce, extra cheese, and cashews. It was so weird making just a cashew pizza."



Cashews on a pizza?

Is this not a hate crime?

"I had to deliver pizza to a bunch of Italian American guys at Lamarque Ford in Mandeville, Louisiana. They would order so much garlic on the pizza that I had to open all four windows in my car because it was just too overpowering."


So what you're saying right now is that there is such a thing as too much garlic.

"The cut section..."

"One time a dude ordered a small sausage pizza with no cheese. The cut section sent it back after it came out the oven thinking it was a mistake, and they wouldn't take it back until I showed them the ticket."


I can understand the incredulity! Makes total sense to me.

"I worked at a movie theater where we made/sold pizzas. We had a regular for a bit, came in several times for a month or two, and asked if we could make a vegan pizza. We didn't have much to help him out, but we made wraps and things too. He settled on a pizza with no cheese, a bit of tomato sauce to cook in the oven with the dough. Then we added fresh (and cold) tomato/lettuce on top.

Saddest thing was that our dough came in balls, sized up to a large already (the only size we sold). He would end up paying for a full large pizza every time we made it for him, and then would only eat 2 slices."


This sounds so... wasteful.


"When I worked..."

"When I worked at Pizza Hut years ago we had a guy that regularly ordered a cheese lover's pizza with double extra cheese. As I recall it was something like 7-8 layers of cheese and required two trips through the oven. The man loved his cheese."


Well, I'm disgusted.

I would say pizza sort of needs cheese to be a pizza so some of these stories disturb me. But I'm pretty sure there are some worse pizzas out there.

Have some stories of your own? Have you eaten or known someone who ordered a truly revolting pizza? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments below!

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