People Explain Which Ingredients Absolutely Ruin A Dish For Them
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What's considered delicious for some are considered disgusting for others.

Black licorice, anyone? That's a hard pass for me.

While certain foods are easy to reject, things get complicated when something that does not agree with your palate is an ingredient.

It takes just one element in a dish to completely ruin it for some people.

Curious to hear about the different tastes people have, Redditor aliensockmonkey asked:

"What ingredient spoils a food dish for you?"

These are the spices of life for foodies, but not all of them.


"Not for me, but my mom hates rosemary with a living passion. Just a slight bit and she goes, 'Nope, you can have it.'"



"I am one of the unlucky few that cannot eat Cilantro because to me it tastes the way that a dead fish tank smells. People won't believe me (my parents, my fiancee when we first started dating) and try to slip it into dishes to show me I'm just being picky but I can always tell because it just tastes awful to me. I wish it didn't. Apparently, it's a genetic thing like when people can smell asparagus in their pee."


Sweet "Garbage"

"Not nessicarily food but stevia leaf or most artificial sweetener, I can always tell when they add that garbage."


Chicken Skin

"Non crispy chicken skin."


"Yes. Crispy skin is a must, even if it requires the chicken to be a bit overcooked."


No To Natto

"Natto, it's fermented soy beans. I had it in curry, and the smell overpowered the curry."


"My body literally didn't let me swallow it. I tried, but it was like things got bypassed and my digestive system was like, 'You've made a lot of bad food decisions, but not like this. Never like this. We are not dying this way.'"


Fungus Among Us

"I don't care for the earthy smell of truffles. I know they're fancy and gourmet but if the dish has them (or truffle oil) I ask for them to not be added."


While these seeds are used in plenty of different foods, not everyone embraces their flavor.

Anise Seed

"Why do these sugar cookies taste like licorice?"

"I added anise seed"

"WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT???!?!?!?!?!"


Fennel Seed

"Fennel seed for me. I can track it like a damn bloodhound."


This may not be an ingredient, per se, but they do cause "contamination," according to these Redditors.

What Bananas Do

"Okay, so not exactly the answer to the question BUT… if you pack a lunch and put a banana in the bag, it contaminates EVERYTHING with banana taste. I like bananas, but they spoil anything they're packed with. I can immediately tell if something was packed in the same bag or container as a banana. Think those cheezits are going to taste crunchily, cheesely, fantastic in your lunch…WRONG - if a banana is housed in the same bag! Introducing banana cheezits."


Minty Chocolate

"I feel the exact same way about mint chocolates if they're mixed with other chocolates. Throw a peppermint Patty into a bowl of Reese's and you're getting Peppermint Reese's. Terrible."


Not The Good Kind


"(Edit: I mean the BAD type of mold, the type that makes you sick, not the mold on cheese. I should've cleared this up earlier)"

– Thaibandit7541

These undesirables got a special mention.

The Rest Of The Bird

"Giblets in turkey bread stuffing."

– millerb55

Keep 'Em Off My Enchilada

"Water chestnuts. People who put them in enchiladas are evil, pure evil."

– hollsq

Those Flower Buds

"Clove. It's way too harsh and overpowers everything."

– YukiHase

I was at a dinner party where one of the pasta salads I helped myself plenty to had tons of black olives.

I should have known better that black olives would be one of the key ingredients in a pasta salad, but I was so enchanted by the fusilli tossed with the feta cheese and hungrily went for it.

I detest olives in general. That night, I spent a lot of time "wiping my mouth" but I was actually spitting out the olive bits into my dinner napkin.

Classy, me.

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