Good food doesn't have to break the bank or take days to prepare.

There are meals we can whip up quickly and be satisfied.

People from other lands and cultures are better at this.

Americans have the microwave dinner.

Other places actually cook.

Let's listen...

Redditor JohnsonMathi17 wanted to know what to put on the menu for the day-to-day.They asked:

"Hey Non-American Redditors, what are some fast and easy dishes that are common in your country when families are too busy to cook?"

I'm always up for a some new flavors. So tell me what I can whip up.


Hungry Food GIF by pikaoleGiphy

"Rice cooker meals. Throw your rice, some chicken or pork, veggies, seasonings and stock into the rice cooker and wait for it to finish. Most any rice cooker can cook meat and veggies at the same time with the rice, just gotta watch your portions."


'petto al limone'

"Italy here. you can find lots of different types of frozen pasta and pizzas at the grocery store. A fresh and fast dosh that I cook often in 'petto al limone' (lemon chicken breast). You take some sliced chicken breast, you cover it with a thin layer of flour, the put it into a pan with some olive oil and while it's cooking squeeze a bit of lemon juice on the chicken."

"Or, I don't know if it's known/popular here, 'uova al pomodoro' (tomato eggs). Take a pan and drizzle a bit of olive oil in it (we put it everywhere). When it's hot add tomato sauce and maybe a bit of water. After a bit ad your eggs and let them cook. your dish is done."


Holes & Tibs

"It's called Injera. I'm American, but mom is Ethiopian and you make it in advance. It's basically flat pita bread that's soft and has a lot of holes. Tastes freaking great too."


"I was in my late 20s when I was 1st introduced to Ethiopian food when I lived in the DC area. My brother worked with some Ethiopian chaps who kept asking him why he never ate their food....and they introduced him to their favorite local Ethiopian restaurant. He in turn took me there... the rest was history. I could eat Tibs and Injera at least once a week."



"In Italy we make 'freselle.' It’s a kind of dry-hard bread that you wet with water to make it soft, then you put a salad on top of the bread. The salad is made with diced tomatoes, tuna, onions and olive oil. Very quick and easy dish, eaten in the summer!"


"Still say the only good thing about Tuscan bread is that no one wants to eat it, so you always have plenty left over for Ribollita (which is fantastic)."


The Thing

pasta cooking GIFGiphy

"Pasta with Thing. Also Pyttipanna (it's small bits of potatoes, onions, and mystery meat that you buy frozen in big bags and heat up in a pan. Often with fried eggs and pickled red beets. It's really good.)"


"Ah, in the US that is called a hash. Most frequently seen with corned (ie salted, boiled, and for this application inexpensive, finely ground) beef."


How have I never had most of these things?

Patty Fry

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"Also pretty fast:"

"Rösti. You grate potatoes (raw) and onions, mix them with egg (or without depending on the type of potato), add some parsley, salt, and maybe pepper. Then you fry little pattys in a pan with lots of oil."



"Shakshuka. I like mine spicy so I usually add a hot pepper of some sorts. You can add tomato paste if you want more tomato flavor. Honestly this is a basics recipe. Once you've got this down, feel free to experiment! Also you can finish it off in the oven if you prefer your eggs baked, but it does take longer. Really good with a piece of bread or pita."


Good Taste

"Putanesca. It's a pasta sauce made out of anchovies, olives, onions and tomato paste (there are variations)."


"Gotta love the etymology of that dish. 'In the style of a sl*t.' As in, it tastes like it took all day to cook, but was actually so easy to make the wife could spend all day entertaining gentlemen callers and then whip out a delicious meal before the husband got home."


5 Minutes

"I like to eat salads when I don't want to cook: lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, tuna (or salmon, mozzarella, canned beans, hard boiled eggs you choose) and the you add salt, olive oil, pepper and vinegar if you want. You can make it in 5 minutes and you don't even need to cook (except for the eggs) though it might be a problem if you have children who don't eat vegetables. A few others are pasta (as someone else suggested) and omelette."


simple and delicious...

hummus GIF by Leon DeniseGiphy

"Hummus and a pita pocket. simple and delicious. I mean at that point I think it's a snack not a meal. But in the same sense that a hot dog can be either or."


Now I'm super hungry. Great.

What would you add to this list, readers? Let us know in the comments below.

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