The Reasons Why Multiple Employees Quit Their Jobs All At Once

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I've always dreamed about exiting a crappy job.

I want to do it Angela Bassett 'Waiting to Exhale' style.

There is nothing worse than being undervalued when you know you've given 110%.

But so many bosses and corporations just don't care.

This is why so many places in shock over the loss of personnel thanks to the pandemic.

People refuse to be treated like crap.

Hopefully, a lesson can be learned from this.

Treat people like people, and they'll work hard.

Otherwise, they'll leave... and they all may leave at once.

Redditor PegBundysBonBons wanted to hear about any job mass exodus people have been involved in. So they asked ex-employees:

"What happened at your work which caused multiple people to all quit at once?"

I once worked at a restaurant where one night the entire back of the house staff just peaced out.

Needless to say, the rest of the shift did not go very smoothly.


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"They decided after 6 years it was time to do a drug test. Even lost the CEO in that great idea."


No Show

"The boss went off on a tirade on me for something that wasn’t my fault and I got him to scream 'people like you are expendable pieces in this company and I can replace you tomorrow if I wanted to.'"

"80% of the engineers quit the next day. Simply didn’t show up. Including me."

"From what I know, the entire project folded because my now ex boss couldn’t find people to replace us because no one wanted to do the kind of work he was looking for at the salary he was paying."


Hours Down

"I had worked at a grocery store for about 3 years before moving from Courtesy Clerk (basically bagger + custodian) to Helper Clerk (stocker). The grocery department wanted to save costs on personnel, but couldn't fire anyone or lay anyone off due to the union."

"So they started cutting back hours and literally told us 'when someone quits, everyone else will get more hours.'"

"We were supposed to be 40-hour employees and they had us at 32 hours. 2 people quit and we were down to 24 hours. A third person quit, down to 16 hours. I don't know what their plan was, but they didn't give us more hours as people left."


Bye Felicia...

"Word slipped out that the whole accounting department was being replaced so they all resigned all at once."


"My mom's company did that. Decided to outsource all the accounting staff, then was surprised that all the accountants quit, even the ones they wanted to keep on to help transition the books. She was one of the ones they asked to stay, and she refused lol."


Deep Cuts

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"We just had a company wide (except the Directors of course) pay cut of 20% AND a 4 day work week instead of 5. Everyone one including myself are currently looking for work and they will lose their work force oh so quickly."


Don't mess with people's $$$!!


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"Promised a bonus at the end of the year. Told everyone they will not be giving out bonuses due to the low company performance."

"Company had a successful year. (Boss was in the middle of building a multi million dollar home, brother in law manager just bought a nice home that year)."

"I quit on the spot. Many others quit soon after."


You're canceled!!

"Canceled all raises and bonuses for everyone except the CEO, his wife (financial and HR), and his son (utterly useless IT) in a year where we have record profits and brought in almost double the clients on top of announcing they aren't looking to hire more people when we were already overwhelmed."

"Good part about it was when the majority of us quit they lost almost every single client shortly afterwards to their competitors and the company is now defunct."



"We stopped providing free coffee, and we're so cheap that we sold our coffee maker. This was in Seattle, so a couple of people bought their own coffee makers to put in their cubes. That tripped the breakers several times so it was very disruptive since our computers would shut down. Management then said no coffee allowed in the office at all. We lost four very good engineers."



"Tattoo shop owner (who lived in another state) hired some a-hole to come ‘revamp’ the shop. I had been managing for three years at this point, and he just expected me to teach him how to do my job so he could replace me."

"That guy had no clue how to run a shop. Plus the owner had been embezzling money for her drug habit and had blamed the longest-standing artist at the shop for lost revenue."

"Accused him of stealing. I did the books. No one was stealing. She was nuts."

"Anyway, all the artists and I mutinied and left at the same time. F**ked them over good. With that idiot at the helm the shop didn’t last a year after we all left."


Gross Behavior

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"They laid off half the company with no warning. This included a gentleman who was less than a year from retirement and had been there for 35+ years. The company was shocked when half the remaining people abandoned ship shortly thereafter."


Some of these companies will never learn.

Do you have any similar experiences? Let us know in the comments below.

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